Here today – gone by lunch time…..

Today’s stop is just a short one – Sinop Turkey.  Coffee and wifi at a dock side cafe flanked by old cannons!  We walked up hill and down dale to the old castle ruins and through the Main Street then took refuge here.  Cloudy certainly not cold but very humid.

imageMage I’ll post pictures of the ship and activities when we get home – Tim Roberts is captain at the moment.   Very quiet ship compared to the rest of Holland America’s fleet.

On the road again……..


Yes another day – another port – another coffee shop lol

This time in Trabzon Turkey.  So lovely to be in a small place with not too many people.  Terrace seating beside fountains especially for multiple coffee shops (with free wifi as a bonus). A must for the traveller!

imageAs I said Istanbul was fabulous – then after a sea day we went into Batumi Georgia which was different and now it’s a quiet day here in Trabzon.  The Golfer has a cold so I’ve been plying him with lemon honey and hot water much to the amazement of our steward who’d never heard of that remedy.

We’ve walked miles round the deck – only ‘problem’ is its a very small ship so it takes four circuits to equal a mile!  Round and round and round we go lol. Sailing days are into single figures now, shame as the sun is starting to shine and I’m having fun!

Cool and cloudy but who cares……

Cool cloudy day Istanbul – but who cares!  I’m having coffee in a roof top cafe and that’s the Blue Mosque in the distance.

imageWe went there yesterday but it was closed at the time for Friday prayers so we’ll be making our way across town very soon.  Discovered yesterday it’s not the flattest of cities lol. We kept getting ‘lost’ so saw loads of things the ordinary tourist may have missed – all good fun though!

To work or not to work….


So we pass some of the crew, life jackets donned, just standing around chatting and looking as tho they are doing nothing.


Definitely not so – they are taking their part in a practice alert.  All the action is on another floor but they are all allocated a job and a position and must stay there till the alert is over and ‘stand down’ is signalled.  Practise runs of all sorts of emergencies take place very frequently – thank goodness!


Day in the rain…….


My home for the next couple of weeks :)

imageMy bed will be made for me , the bathroom cleaned twice a day, and it has a great walk in robe where I can hang clothes.   Food, more than you could ever eat in day is there for the taking and as usual The Golfer is happy he doesn’t have to help out with any of it lol






Yesterday we were in Volos and took a two hour drive to see the ‘Meteora Monasteries ‘ – a complex of monasteries near the town of Kalambaka.  I struggle with links on the iPad but they were all built on the top of huge great ‘rocks’.  Maybe you could ask Mr G for information just using Meteora Monasteries  A good day except it was drizzling with very very low cloud so even tho’ we saw the fabulous insides of the buildings this is what we saw of the outsides.

We drove through lots of small settlements on the way – to see that somewhere  up there to the left of those trees was s building on a rock!  There are roads to the top but unfortunately no photography allowed inside so I have no photos of the interiors to share.



Today we are in Thessalonikik – cool cloudy with a chance of rain!  Good job I brought some warmer clothing along as well as the summery stuff lol. I’ll just rug up as we are planning to walk round the little town to see some of the UNESCO recognised monuments.  I’m using the port wifi this morning  – really slow and as we are ‘at sea’ tomorrow Im not sure when I’ll be back.

Sunday morning walk…….


Out and about Sunday morning in the port of Pireaus.  I’m happy to take my obligatory shot of a bench and a fountain.

imageThe old men are also out and about – wonder what part of the world they were putting right?


Fish for sale – fresh from the boat!

imageHope they got a bargain.


The rowing club was open and the girls were out on the water.  No one else was about tho’

image‘Cept for the girl opening up the ice cream stall – I wonder how many little ones will get a go on the merry go round?

imageEven the local police are taking their time this morning!

imageIt’s up this hill to our ‘little’ hotel which I’ll tell you about another day.  It could be a post on its own lol


The next stage of our trip is about to start.  All aboard this afternoon!  Won’t be many posts as access will be limited.  Will talk to you another day.


Time goes by quickly…..

We had our last dinner together in street – in a little village in Cyprus called Kouklia.  In a village square filled with taverns that come alive after dark.




A square with a church – the heart of the village


A square where you watch out for the cars passing by – even when you are eating

image A village that has some resident stray cats – caught desexed then released.  Cats who think nothing of playing in the square after dark.  Cats who do earn their keep ridding  the village of vermin.


Cats who come to say hello – look longingly in the hope to get a tidbit from your plate.  Cats who know their place and move away at the brush of a hand.


Yes it was a fun way to have our last dinner together – a beautiful evening under the stars at Gabriel’s Tavern


The Golfer and I on the left and my lovely little sister Patsy with the very unwell love of her life on the right



In hot water……


The idea of using the sun as a form of energy is old hat these days. We’ve seen  solar panels on the roof change those rays into electricity to be used for all sorts of things – heating water just one of them.

Driving around  Paphos  the other day I saw this weird contraption on a roof top.

imagePassing by I got a better look!

The solar panel and water tank are the hot water system!  After seeing that one I saw them everywhere.


I suppose it works – not sure if I’d want them on my house tho’. Not right – not wrong – just different lol

History for all to See and Enjoy

We tried to pack as much into our time in Athens as we could so I used my camera rather than cart the iPad around – ‘cept for one afternoon when we walked to some ruins near our hotel.

So courtesy of my sister’s internet connection I’d like you to

Enjoy some views of the Temple of Olympian Zeus ruins

with the Acropolis in the background,_Athens



New life – new home

We’re leaving home, my little sister said.  Yes, in a few years time we’re off.

Of course what she meant was that when they retired they were going to put their plan into action.  So for the past five years this is where she has been calling home.


Not sure in the beginning if she and her man would enjoy it – now they love it.


Buying the corner house was a good move – they are not directly overlooked and  have land to extend the view on one side.


Room for extra garden furniture and a little garden. ‘ Always wanted a lemon tree’ she said lol


She also has the benefit of a large utility area and car spot right near her back entrance.


 Yes my little sister Patsy,  is really enjoying her retirement in the warmer climate of Cyprus rather than the rather temperamental one of the UK!


Up in the air again…..

 That’s where we’ll be very late this coming Monday evening :)

This will be a different journey to any other we’ve taken from Melbourne before in that we’re flying out at what to me is the middle of the night!

It’s a bit late now but I’m sort of having second thoughts about this because even after the thousands of miles we’ve flown over the years,  apart from a couple of near midnight flights from Honolulu I’ve never actually begun a ten hour flight that late in the day.

I will have been up since about 7am sorting out all those last minute bits and pieces – cant come home to a dirty house so there will have been a bit of cleaning tidying and clothes washing – making sure my case closes properly – not worrying about Kiera who will have been at her holiday home since the day before – left for the airport about 7pm (drop off car pick up shuttle to departures – check in starts about 9.30pm maybe earlier.  There’s clearing customs and then going through security to airside and then waiting for boarding.  Lets just say there might be some tears or at least sharp words spoken before bedtime! :)

Catherine is usually well into the land of nod at 11.30pm
Which is take off time lol

Abu Dhabi is the first stop, then on to Athens .  That’s another thing I’m up in the air over.  Political events have worsened in that part of the world, Australia will be sending troops to Iraq very very soon.  To get to Athens our carrier flies over Iraq.    There is absolutely no chance of the Malaysia Airlines disaster in Ukraine happening again BUT…………

Talking of political events –  our cruise ports were changed.  The days I thought we were going to spend in Odessa and Sevastapol are no more – at one time the cruise line had us up in the air wondering if the cruise was actually going to be cancelled but now Constanta is as far north as we go and then along the southern shores back to Istanbul.  Shame, as I really was looking forward to them, doubt if I’ll get to that part of Europe again :(

Up in the air I went in the city last Thursday – slippery tiles on the floor of the ladies loo in the Elizabeth Street underpass section of Flinders Street Station means I am now sporting an ankle of many colours.  Luckily the swelling has gone down and there is no pain when I walk – and there I was writing not long ago about being extra careful lol

The ever changing health issues with my brother in law has lots of aspects of our visit with my sister in Cyprus up in the air.  Daily radiation treatment is leaving him fatigued so I can’t forsee any of the ‘remember when’ day trips we had planned between us all months ago.  I’m sure we’ll enjoy it no matter what.

So putting all thoughts of all those ‘what ifs’ out of my mind I’m going to spend the rest of this week practising long forgotten greek words from the time when we looked like this.
Taken in July 1960 – a couple of weeks after I met The Golfer.

Us two 1960
We are going back to the scene of the crime as they say – only we wont be able to recreate this photo because the site of The Roundel Club where it was taken is near the Ledra Palace in Nicosia which is now in the UN buffer zone and out of bounds to all but peacekeeping personnel.

Kalimera – Good morning and Yassou – Hello/Goodbye
I think that  will do for today :)

Which do ‘you’ use – update


Who what when why

Thank you all for your comments and emails on the ‘who do you use’ post - I really appreciate the fact that so many of you joined in the discussion.

Now blogging isn’t the be all and end all of my life, it’s something I enjoy and like lots of things in life if there is an easier way (to enjoy other’s writings) I’ll certainly be in it :)

The basic blog roll on the sidebar seems to be popular – there is a blogger/blogspot  style that updates when a new post appears.  It was the constant checking blogs for updates that used to annoy me.  WordPress has a reader but doesn’t appear to have the (obvious) updating blogroll facility right on the blog page.

The various ‘ feed readers’ seem to appeal to different bloggers. Some offer just blog feeds, others news feeds as well.   Sometimes I need a fresh look at things so after reading all the feedback on that last post I sat down again and looked at the pros and cons of the feed readers I subscribed to.

Oh, you should have heard the chuckles coming from my side of the room when I realised the one I thought didn’t do it for me would actually function better if I used it correctly – so – I decided to persevere with The Old Reader

Thanks again – Bye for now

Which one do ‘you’ use?


, , , , , ,

When Still Waters was over at Blogger I used to list the blogs I read down the sidebar but after a while I’d ‘gathered’ so many I began to use a reader.   That way I didn’t have to keep checking each blog to see if they’d been updated – the reader would do it for you!

When I moved over to WordPress I opened a separate page as a blog roll and listed blogs I enjoyed but didn’t necessarily read on a regular basis – the must reads were on the reader lol

i know lots of us used Google Reader, one click and the published blog feeds were there.  When GR closed I went back to an old account I had at Bloglines, which has a slightly different look about it but works in the same manner.

Then other bloggers started recommending The Old Reader and more recently Bloglovin.  So I opened accounts with them to see how they worked.

The old Still Waters blog is still open and even tho Im not actively posting there i do occasionally pop over.  Things have changed and all the blogs I used to ‘follow’ now come up on Blogger Dashboard which seems to me to be similar in a way to a reader.  And of course WordPress has it’s own reader that allows me to subscribe to blog feeds.

If you want to keep up with things readers are good – on the surface all those I’ve mentioned do the same thing.  But I’m noticing more and more that they aren’t.

The feeds on some are updated instantly – on others they can take up to 24 hrs.

With Bloglines each blog has it’s own little ‘box’ and I can see the past few entries all there together.  They are still accessible after they have been read.

Bloglovin lists blogs on the side but each update for all my subscriptions are posted as they come in one below each other so if I want to catch up with a particular blog I have to scroll down to find each entry or click on the list on the side.

The Old Reader is different again.  It only shows blog updates and yes if a blog has several they are all together but once the updates have been opened and read there is no way of locating ( well that I’ve been able to find ) the blog to reread it.

Blogger Dashboard is daily as they appear – WordPress is the same but has an even worse ( to me ) fault in that even tho’ I’ve subscribed to them they often don’t publish blogs from other platforms in the reader.  They just don’t appear at all – if it wasn’t for the fact I find the updates elsewhere (ie in one of the other readers) I wouldn’t be aware the bloggers had made new entries!

I know I’ve rambled on a bit here – haven’t really been able to organise my thoughts properly but I’d really like to know how others keep up to date with blogs they enjoy reading.

One hundred years ago today……


, , ,

A hundred years ago today (11 September 1914) some Australians fired shots in anger – it was the day the Battle of Bita Paka took place near Rabaul New Guinea, the day Australians first saw action in WW1, the day the first Australians were to die in WW1.

One month earlier on 11 August 1914 a new chum had answered the call and enlisted in what was called the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force. He had arrived in Sydney three years earlier after having served in the Hampshire Regiment of the British army so was well aware of what he was doing.  His regimental number was 194 so it’s safe to say he was near the front of the queue and raring to go.  He was a first cousin of my maternal grandmother.

Today The Golfer and I went to The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance
(photos enlarge with a click)


The band played – colours were paraded



The armed Catafalque Party was there and banners were paraded

Band and Catafalque Party4

Politicians were visible – wreaths were laid

Politicians were thereWreaths were laid

Prayers were said and The Last Post played.

Last Post

 The Catafalque Party left – Soldiers and Sailors had been remembered

Catafalque partyPlaque

The Eternal Flame burned above the new plaque

Eternal Flame plaque wreaths

As we looked back at the Shrine on the hill

Melbourne Shrine

I thought of young James Bannister and wondered how well he would have done in Australia after the war had ended – sadly he never got the chance.
In January 1917 he lost his life on the battlefield in France

Bannister James William

What do you think…..


, , ,


'Our big girl' and me 1963

‘Our big girl’ and me 1963

I had coffee with ‘our big girl’ last week and in amongst all the other chat she mentioned looking at her teenage daughter’s twitter account.   That had me wondering if girls these days ever had problems with their mothers checking up on them.  I suppose it’s no different to what happened years ago when mothers surreptiously read a daughter’s diary that was tucked under a pillow. :)


'Our big girl' and me 2014

‘Our big girl’ and me 2014

With two children over 50 and another heading that way later this month
I’m beginning to feel like a dinosaur chatting like this lol

Thinking and Wondering…….


, ,

think and wonder

Spring arrives here on September 1st – some say that’s a odd date but it’s always been that way.  For many years after we came to Australia in 1972 I would wonder why then and not on the equinox like many other countries, I learnt we have the troops from the time of early settlement in NSW to thank – seemingly they used that easily remembered date to change from their heavy winter uniforms to lighter weight ones to cope with the hot days as well as using March 1st to re-issue the heavy weight ones for the colder season.

However it’s also linked to Meteorological seasons as opposed to Astronomical seasons

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Like lots of ABC viewers I’ve been watching Anzac Girls on a Sunday evening – following the stories of Australian and New Zealand nurses during WW1.

Anzac Girls

My maternal grandfather was a career soldier in the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corp) and spent time in Gallipoli (he was mentioned in dispatches for bravery during the evacuation)

Grandad Thompson and   Gt Uncle Phillip Doyle

He and Gt Uncle Phillip (above left and right) never spoke of what they saw and had to do during that time but I often wonder about it.  Seeing these things dramatised on tv (as opposed to film) never actually brings the events to life to me , it all seems too gung ho, too rosy and cheerful – I realise that’s how fear was covered up but maybe we should just wonder.

Also after watching the very snooty British nurses and their matron and seeing their ‘things must be just so’ attitude I wondered if Grandad drilled that into my mother and why she always said ‘the opening at the end of the pillow slip must face away from the door’.  Obviously my mother must have done a good job on me as well because even now I always turn them so the opening is not visible :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While others are telling of the beautiful display of daffodils they are having in their gardens this spring I’m wondering what happened to mine.  Some of the neighbours have been doing the same thing and wondering as well – lots of long green healthy looking leaves and very few flowers.  Maybe the really wet winter is to blame.  Think we’ll find out in a years time.

Having moved on loads of unnecessary stuff that had been hanging around for a while I did wonder if any of the family could have used it – too late I cried.  It turned out the other day there was something I do still have they could use – my gumboots lol  A call from one of the grandaughters saw me lending them to her for a rafting trip on the Murray River later in the month.  Just bring them home I told her – no way I want them to end up floating all the way downstream to Adelaide!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And now I’m wondering if it’s too early for my ‘Try before you Fly’ Day.  That’s the day I take out the clothes I might take away and try them on.  That’s the day I make up little outfits that look great in the bedroom but not quite so in real life.  That’s the day I try on all the shoes that will good with the outfits and then realise theres no way I can get all those pairs in my case as well as the clothes I need.  Thats the day I realise that my efforts at the gym may not have produced the end result I envisaged.

Well I’d best be off – I thought I might go for a quick walk but even though there are blue skies I am wondering if the build up of clouds out the back is a sign that I should find something else to do instead.




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