Doug Number 2…..


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Regular readers will remember when we first met Doug #2 he was all in pieces.  His new life had been laid out on the table and he just sitting there waiting for the right time for it to begin!

He sat there sulking for so long I had to take him in hand one afternoon and start looking at those lovely pins – his lovely legs that is 😊

Now, he was forever complaining about his thoughts not being recognised.  He had wanted me to begin at the top – with his head.  It’s a bit big and a little complicated I said, so for me the legs were the way to go.  That all very well,  he said, I really don’t have a leg to stand on as far as you’re concerned.


Of course you do – it is really lovely and soft and furry and look it has such a great colour coordinated foot pad that took quite a bit of fiddling to get right.

But that’s the problem, he retorted, I’ve no idea if it’s my left or my right one – AND – it’s so big.

That’s because one day soon (well sometime in the future) you are going to be a big boy – If you stand still you won’t keep falling over!

It’s over two weeks since I last saw Doug – he was so pleased when I told him he could now stand on his own two feet.

Oh they are lovely and soft and fluffy and – BIG.

Oops there he goes again.  Maybe I did make him two left feet after all 🙂 🙂




Made me feel like their number 1 customer…..



How do you feel about shopping?  Not the everyday type like grocery which is bad enough but clothes shopping and the dreaded gift shopping.  It’s funny but at one time I could spend all day in the big shopping centres browsing, popping in and out of different places, trying on, coffee drinking or just walking the different levels window shopping.  That’s a thing of the past – these days if I don’t have something in mind I have to psych myself up just to walk out to the car.

As a bye the bye I use all sorts of things as bookmarks and on finding a little envelope stuck in the pages of an old book the other day was instantly reminded of a very different shopping experience I had a couple a couple of years ago.

Doing the usual wandering past some of the more upmarket shops in a nearby centre that had almost tripled in size I stopped and looked in the window of this one wondering if they had anything I could get for the birthday gift I was looking for.  Wondering but thinking – no, it would be well out of my price range.  Anyway in I go, just for a look I tell myself.

A very young looking (almost child like) well dressed assistant approached asking if I was looking for anything special or would I just like to browse.  I pottered about looking at handbags and wallets and scarves and all sorts of things when she asked in a roundabout way who I was shopping for. I said a 21yr old granddaughter to which she replied, ‘Oh I might have just the thing’. Oops thinks I, after having seen the prices on other goods, how am I going to get out of this.

The assistant returned with a box which did contain ‘just the right thing’  A very modern looking circular pendant and chain that could be worn in a couple of ways.  As I waited for it to be ‘wrapped’ another assistant asked if I’d like to sit down and maybe have a glass of water.  Well, this is a first I think and make myself comfortable on the small couch.   There was no need for me to get up to go to the register because a mobile register came to me – Yes a hand held eftpos machine took care of my credit card right there on the couch 🙂

The girls left for a while and then presented me with a very posh looking ‘shop’ bag containing the very smartly gift wrapped package and this glossy little envelope like packet.

I walked out of the shop feeling quite refreshed, pleased I had actually secured the gift that had stressed me out so much.  Driving home I mentally asked myself why I’d bought it there.  Was it the ‘special treatment’ I’d received, or was it the fact I’d allowed a certain figure for my gift and with the sale on that day it came to less than $5 more than that figure??   Oh that every shop/store had such good personal service and treated their customers that way – the way they used to do many years ago.

I’d been assured the receipt was in the bag, yet when I was looking for the till roll all I could find was that little envelope (which I had thought was just for advertising puposes, a bit like a business card). Guess what was tucked inside – a very neatly folded till roll receipt.

How good was that – how discreet was that 😊

Age is but a number….


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I’m not sure where I’m going with this post so it might come out a bit higgledy piggledy with confused thoughts going this way and that.

In one of the books I started to read last week (Missing Presumed, Susie Steiner, published in 2016) the main character aged 39 is described as ‘on the cusp of her forties’

When you first meet her this is how she’s thinking about herself

“She can feel herself gliding into that invisible phase of womanhood, alongside those pushing prams or pulling shopping wheelies.  She is drawn to the wider fittings in Clarks, has begun to have knee trouble and is disturbed to find that clipping her toenails leaves her vaguely out of breath.  She wonders what other indignities ageing will throw at her.”

I got a bit riled up when I read that (and I was only on page 6!)  She’s supposed to be a well educated woman holding down a good job in the police force yet the author is painting a picture of a – well I don’t know what. A self doubting troubled person afraid of what she thinks are signs of ageing.  I mean to say – wide feet, wonky knees and big bellies are not signs of growing older – they are found in a great number of the population. Young and Old!

Why does anyone do this – make assumptions that growing older will make us invisible to the rest of the population as well as bring with it a whole lot of troubles and woes or as in this particular author’s words ‘indignities’ ,

I’m just wondering how other readers feel – am I the only one bothered by this negative attitude to the changes that may happen, is it only older generations who object to this way of thinking, do others object to being portrayed in this way, do younger ones actually think that growing old/er will be a terrible thing to do?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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First pick of the season…..



When I went to see B the other week I took along a few (very few) flowers from the garden.  B had ‘donated’ some tiny narcissi bulbs to my garden last year before she moved (her house was going to be razed and the block cleared by the new owner and he had given her carte blanche to take what she wanted) so I had been waiting to see if they’d take after being transplanted.

They were showing buds – but it was too early to pick them at that time – so imagine the surprise I had the other day when I noticed the little yellow blooms just ‘popping out’ of their paper like cases.

Another look yesterday had that first ‘spray’ in flower and in another bed the first of the little ‘paper white’ jonquils were out.  Even though it’s fun at the time of the year to wander the garden and see if anything new is showing up I like my creature comforts (warmth being one of them) so often bring these early blooms into the house to be appreciated inside.  That’s where my kitchen window sill comes in handy –  most of the time it’s usually fairly cool there so the blooms will last longer than if they were in the heated living room. There was just one flower in the clump of winter Iris (Iris unguicularis – The Algerian Iris) also donated by B from her enormous garden.  So that came in to join the others on the window sill 🙂  

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Window Dressing post –  These are my first picks of the season – some winter wonders to brighten up the house.  Hopefully as the season progresses there be more lovely flowers to pick and bring indoors. Enjoy 🙂

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Pick a day, any day….




Years ago there was a little game played in business circles called Telephone YoYo.  I’d call another practice and ask to speak to someone- not available ‘I’ll ask them to call you’ – they’d call back – ‘sorry Cathy’s not available to take your call.  And so it would go.  The yoyo string would roll up to them and down to me …..backwards and forwards and so on 🙂

I had a strong sense of going back in time the other day – I met a very old acquaintance from those days walking down Main Street in Croydon (a near by suburb) and she suggested catching up over coffee ‘one day soon’.   Mobile phones to the ready – no one in the street – we decided to check our calendars to tee up a day

I mentioned in another post about retirement being a busy time – what about this day – sorry not free, what about this one – no can’t do that one – backwards and forwards it went –  we couldn’t find a mutually free day for about 3 weeks

Determined not to let it get the better of us I asked what are you doing now?  Going home she said.  I’ve got time to spare, I said and look where we are standing.  Right outside one of the many coffee shops that line this little suburban shopping strip 🙂

The yoyo string was slack, it had stopped moving.

The coffee was great, there was lots of laughing and catching up.

And we have picked a day

one available to both of us – for our next coffee catchup 🙂


Pick me, pick me first ……



 It’s Monday morning, there’s another pile of books on a table and you’d think I had nothing of importance to do because I’m sitting here, cup of coffee in hand, deep in thought, musing over which I should begin to read first 🙂

I’ve mentioned a couple of times how I’m trying to work my way alphabetically through titles and authors.  So far so good – after a look around for suggestions I drafted a couple of lists of sorts on Goodreads which worked well for a while until I got sidetracked by thinking about state based books.  You know, read a couple from each Australian state and territory over the 12 months and how about have them written by Australian authors.  So another look around the net for inspiration and another list was born. 🙂 🙂

Of course there is a catch to all this – I don’t buy books these days so they have to be available at the library or happen to come into my hands some other way for Free!

Even with all that I’d probably have been finished if we hadn’t been away all of April – on a cruise ship.  I had lots on my iPad- none of which were on my lists :(. There was also what the cruise line calls a paperback exchange but which I call a drop and swap cupboard, You read the book/s you brought along but don’t want to take home with you, You drop it off for someone else to read, You swap it for another book in the cupboard. And you leave that behind as well.  I’ll admit to making some adjustments to my lists when I got home- swapped some authors names and titles to fit.  Not cheating – i did actually read the books, just not the ones I’d had in mind at the beginning of the year 🙂

So how am I doing with this little challenge I’ve set myself?

Well, if I stick to my lists I have 4 titles and 9 authors whose books I have planned to read – oh and 6 state based ones as well. Of those 19 left to read 4 are on the table in front of me and my big decision of the day is :-

Which one do I pick first?


Looks familiar…



It’s a Saturday afternoon in July, grey skies and too cool temps to sit outside so I’m wasting time flitting round the net from one place to another and this little scene catches my eye.

Gosh that looks familiar, I say to myself.  Doesn’t that look good.

Sun Sand Surf and a Book.

Where oh where have I seen something like it before?

Oh yes, I know.

Think back 12 months, to mornings spent at Rose Bay in Bowen.

Our annual 6 weeks of Winter away from home 🙂

And why aren’t we up there in Far North Queensland  again this year?

‘Cose we were away in April and there’s another trip coming up in November and I can’t have everything!

Dare I say it – Roll on next Winter lol

Close the door……Fun Friday


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I thought I’d have a bit of fun with my reading this year and ‘sort of’ set myself some little challenges.  A-Z authors and titles – different genres – that sort of thing.  Now there are some letters of the alphabet that have you wondering why on earth they are there -U, X & Z springs to mind lol  Planned lists are all well and good but it’s got to the stage now where I’m going along the library shelves just looking and that’s how I came across my letter U book.  Sounds interesting says I and popped it in the pile.  Wasn’t until I got home I realised it was a YA (young adult) on the main shelf – all part of my plan (different genre) without having to think about it 🙂

This is the book blurb:

When their ski coach pulls up at a cafe, new girl Bobby and rebel Smitty stay behind.  They hardly know each other, but that changes when they see the others coming back.  Something has happened to them- something bad.  Soon only a pair of double doors stands between those on the bus and their ex- friends outside!

When I read that this is what popped into my mind

A couple of chapters in and I’m in fits of laughter- not sure if what I think is funny is meant to be – BUT – I couldn’t have picked a better song to go with it if I tried 🙂

Friday is the day for fun – right?  – this week this was a must 🙂

Open the door…….Wednesday Wonders.


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I love Webcams, especially those with a live feed.

Like them or loathe them I always think they open a door   – a door to the world.

Yes, you have to use your eyes and ears when you go through but where would you be without these cameras bringing all the wonders of the world to you 🙂

If you had all the time in the world plus the inclination you could selectively browse this site dedicated to webcams from all over the world – think of all the stickybeaking you could do looking through a worldwide list of publicly available webcams.

It’s not like I sit here needing to watch all the time- here’s an example of why.  It’s winter here and on a good year (read cold ) if I wanted to I could drive 90 minutes up the road to our closest and smallest ski resort in Victoria at Lake Mountain and play in the snow.  Feasible but Highly Unlikely:) Instead with a flick of the wrist or should that be a click of the mouse on this link and I can see all that white stuff without leaving home. Lake Mountain  

Mind you I’m more likely to be looking at cruise ships lol.

One company operates a range of cameras that hone in on the ships when they are leaving harbour.  Great for cruisers missing their sea days or for others looking for friends and rellies onboard giving a ‘sail away’ wave as their ships sail off on an adventure.  USA Winter cruises to the Caribbean leave from here however these cameras (plus other ports on a drop down menu) are live 24hrs.  Fort Lauderdale and Port Everglades.  

And depending on the time of the day at this time of the year it’s possible to see ships in the Alaskan ports – Cruise ships in Juneau Harbour

So where is this going you ask?

Hang on a mo’ and I’ll tell you 🙂

If you’ve been reading the well known Queensland blogger Rhonda Jean Hetzel’s blog (Down to Earth) you’ll know she has been enjoying another Alaskan webcam. She posted about brown bears, about seeing the Brown bears again at Brooks Falls.

Naturally curiosity got the better of me and through the door I went. Perhaps you’d like to come too.

One river + bears looking for salmon = fun.

Both for me and hopefully for you lol

Oh, and here are my photos from the time we saw a little (wild) bear trying to fish at a salmon gate near the Mendalhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska.  We were on a bridge quite a way away – A lot of zooming of the camera went on!

He looked and looked but nothing was there – so had a little wander downstream.
Then he came round to the other side and looked and looked but found nothing but a noisy tourist – not me ! (who was reprimanded by the Park ranger!)

He was disturbed so wandered off into the nearby grassland

Afternoon stroll – Seen in Cesme



So we were out for an afternoon stroll in the beautiful streets of Cesme- one of the Turkish ports on our 2014 Black Sea cruise – and we see a crowd of people gathered near the castle laughing and taking photographs of something.

There’s ‘a man walking his lion’ up there someone said as they passed us by. ‘ You must go and see them’.

What, a lion, there in the street?  Surely not.

Oh it’s ok – it won’t hurt you!

Meet Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasa (1713 – 1790) and his pet Lion

A very grand looking Ottoman sea captain, known to have been bought as a slave by a Turkish merchant, he had a long and chequered miltary career of battles lost and won.

Still in command of Turkish troops (aged 85) during the Russo -Turkish war of 1787- 1792 he was awarded the title of Grand Vizier (the highest office in the land below the Sultan) in January 1790

Honestly, it’s amazing, you never know who you will meet when you are far away from home and set out for a little stroll on a sunny afternoon.

The monument was designed by Haluk Tezonar and erected in 1974

Previous post about CesmeÇeşme

An Afternoon with B….



B has been a friend since the very early 1970s – right from when we were New Chums and hadn’t long been in Australia.  The Golfer and her husband met through a shared interest (not golf) B and I also had a common interest – CRAFT

Now even though our children are about the same age she’s a bit older than me – not quite what you’d call a generation – possibly a much older very young at heart sister.  And that’s how I’ve always viewed her – some one who I could talk to about anything.

As friends often do there were times when we saw each other quite frequently and others when because of circumstances hardly ever for maybe a year or two.  We’ve shared all three of life’s ‘gathering’ – Births, Deaths and Marriages. – Some Christmas’ and Big Birthdays as well.

Retirement changed things for both of us – so much to do and so little time to do it lol. We thought being a Working Woman was a busy time – retirement is not much different- just a different set of appointments :).    B moved last year (downsized by choice) and I hadn’t been to her new place for quite a few months so it was time for a catch up in real time.

Right, long story cut short.  I teed up a time last week – come in the afternoon she’d said.  It’s much more relaxing.  Such a big hug when I arrived, tears when I produced the very little posy of flowers from my winter garden.  Nothing was blooming in her new garden.  Tea was drunk in tiny china cups and dainty pastries eaten.  We laughed about ageing, new replacement eyes, new replacement ears (cataract ops and hearing aids lol) Forgetfulness as well – when she moved I’d written her new house phone number down on a scrap of paper as you do and couldn’t find it so looked online.  Decided I’d not lose it again if I added it to my mobile contacts and discovered it there already 🙂

But this isn’t B – it used to be wait while the kettle boils then make your own coffee to suit and help yourself to cake from a tin on the side.  She’d talk about her latest projects or her Probus group or how her indoor bowls was going (Victorian State representative no less!). When I asked she said all was well with the new place, the garden was a problem but she’d sort it come the spring.  Then the phone rang and she made no move to answer it.

Awkward moment – it seems that as well as her brother and two of his good friends whom she’d known for many years dying within a week of each other it turns out over the past few months several friends in her age group had become unwell and died suddenly – and the news had come by phone.  I was lucky to get through the other day because she ignores it most of the time.

It’s the little things getting her down more than the phone issue.  Don’t laugh but no sunny aspect to her garden being the main one.  Maybe if I act differently, she said, life will change.  Then the sensible side of her emerged and she told me about the appointment she has coming up with a grief counsellor next week.

We did promise each other we would go out of our way to spend afternoons together far more frequently from now on.

Just one of those afternoons……



Sunday Afternoon- Bruce Bingham

It was one of those afternoons.

One where we had nothing arranged or even a desire to arrange anything.

What to do – what shall I do ?

i could start pinning Doug together.    As you pin you have to tuck the long fur inside the two pieces so it doesn’t get caught up in the seam.  A bit time consuming but a necessary evil needed to be done  before I begin to sew the pieces together.

I could knit – except I’m ‘between garments’ (meaning I’ve finished everything I had on the go so have nothing on my needles) and if I cast on something else I’ll just carry on with it and not get round to Doug.

I thought I might read – that’s always good to pass the time away.  After all it was a cold winters Sunday afternoon and an hour on the couch with Kiera and a book would be good.  I’d had loads of fun during the first six month of this year and read books like crazy.  So I updated my ‘Books read in 2017page (see up on the header) and then looked over what I’ve got sitting here.  A couple from my Alphabet challenge and one a ‘pick a book – any book’ off the shelf.

Nope didn’t fancy any of them – I do have another on the go so best I finish it. It’s about a strange (in a nice way) family so I might get a post out of it.

And it looks like Doug’s big legs won in the end. I had some news yesterday that means I’m going to be seeing a lot more of Doug in the next few weeks.  I’ll tell you about it another time 🙂

And how about you- what did you do this past Sunday afternoon?

Putting it all together…..


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Looking at the piles of craft ‘stuff’ that came out of the box the other day I wondered what had induced me to buy/gather/collect it and all the other stuff than came and went before it.   Did I actually have something in mind, was it a bargain or did I want to be like the quilters with their philosophy of who has the most fabric wins?

Surprisingly,  when I think about it, over the years a lot of it did get used!

 I used pieces of wool blanketing I had left over from embroidered baby blankets to make needlecases.

 Some of the felt would have been for those along with tapestry wool. This was my sample made many years ago – it crops up in some photos occasionally- blanketing, piece of card and silk fabric joined and secured with blanket stitch.  Felt attached with wool strung round the spine and tied in a bow at the base.

A craft stall favourite that sold well at a time when I was hard up 🙂

Most of the items I’ve made have been given away except for a couple that hang beside the bed.  Memories of a different time and place and struggles taking place at that time.

There was a time when I needed order and structure in my life and believe it or not this book on the left provided just that.  Bargello work involved thinking – counting – quiet times. I had the canvas, the threads and unhappy days filled with quiet plus a 20yr old pattern book. An old rustic photo frame was used for the small sample I made – it’s there as a reminder that given time and patience all will come good in the end 🙂

This tattered piece of paper began my hunt for silks satins and damask materials – it also provided me with a learning experience I’ve never forgotten.  Silk Ribbon Work!!

It began the day I saw a course advertised in the window of a craft shop, just a simple floral bouquet of roses.  So needing something to cheer me up and take my mind away from whatever, I signed up straight away.  Blow the cost I said!

This bouquet of roses on damask was my first attempt at something so fine and delicate.

Now up to then my craft had always been ‘chunky’ – no 3 or 4 ply baby wools always double knit/8 ply, as little plain stocking stitch as I could get away with, lots of aran knitting and fair isle that didn’t really show any uneven knitting – wool embroidery because nobody seemed to notice uneven stitches – get the picture?  Dainty was not me 🙂


I discovered self doubt disappeared  – that given help and encouragement along with the friendship developed among the group anything was possible.

See – proof positive Catherine was capable.

 She also went on to make more – hence my need for pieces of silk satins and damask 🙂



Is it decluttering or giving up on unfulfilled ideas?


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Recently I read an online article about decluttering that suggested that you might actually be giving up unfulfilled dreams

It might seem that way to some but the other day I wondered if in my case it should be termed ‘giving up on unfulfilled ideas’

I have a small wicker chest that sits in the back bedroom, it became mine by default a long time ago after one of the girls moved out and left it behind.  This is going to be my Geriatric Glory Box I said, and promptly began to fill it with stuff I knew (thought) I’d be doing when I finally finished working and couldn’t afford it.  Example – Aida cloth for xstitch is not cheap so I’d buy it plus threads of all colours when they were on special.  Another idea was buying craft kits when they were discounted, often with a theme – at one time I was taken with country gardens and all things flowery.  I was sure I’d enjoy sewing them in later years.


As you can see being right next to the door (with the computer and all the associated ‘stuff’ The Golfer hoards) it tends to get used as a dumping ground. And things drop down the back!  I tried to move it the other day – Sorry not going to happen it seemed to say. Full to the brim looks like I’m going to have to empty it.  I discovered lots of things in there I’d forgotten about.  I knew there were embroidery hoops quilting hoops and tapestry frames in there but what did I have in mind when I bought all those small round plastic frames?

Piles of silk and damask, loads of different coloured felt, various forms of canvas and large, medium and really small pieces of the previously mentioned Aida cloth 🙂

Plus some unrelated bits and pieces – so that’s where my cat genetics book went to – and those paper patterns as well as the tiny bits of aida cloth just right for cards – and three Santa Hats ???

I did bag up some bits for the op shop – several xstitch kits being in the mix.

Just some of my unfulfilled ideas 🙂

How about yours – do all your ideas become fulfilled ?

Here comes another one….

There is nothing most little children like better than something cuddly and warm – and there is nothing Gt Grandmas like better than to be able to give those little ones something cuddly and warm.

So with that in mind I went rummaging through the cupboard in the hope I’d find some books and papers from a few years ago.  Insert triumphant look here when I emerged clutching this.


A long time ago I used to ‘dabble’ in the art of  teddy making.  That was back in the 1990s and early 2000s.  Everyone I knew at the time was at it, friends were churning them out quickly so I thought ‘can’t be that hard can it?   Oh my goodness – I was so stressed at every stage of making my first one – but I was   The fact my friends were sewing them on a machine and I was hand sewing didn’t deter me.  I enjoyed seeing them evolve from a piece of fur to something like Doug (in the picture below.  20 inches from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.  Almost like a new born babe 🙂 )

Doug now resides at our house – his 21yr old owner is busy with her life and can’t care for him 🙂

So here I am again about to tackle another one.  Fur – check!  Pattern check!


90 minutes later – because it’s not quite as simple as it looks – Doug 2 is cut out and ready to go.

Looks like my knitting will be going on the back burner for a while 🙂


Doug is a bear designed by Wendy Bergamin who Bears no more but Beads

The pattern was made available in a copy of Dolls, Bears and Collectables.

An explanation……

Regarding the last two posts

i need to tell you all we aren’t actually in Vancouver at the moment.

The photographs are from our 2010 visit.

Several people (in comments and emails) had mentioned not having seen the sculpture so I thought Id explain where it was and how to get there.

I seem to have misled some of you – Sorry 🙂

Up the road a bit and over the bridge….



If you’re looking for Vanier Park that’s where you’ll find it 🙂

Make your way out of downtown Vancouver all the way up on the right hand side of Burrard Street.  Over Burrard Bridge resplendent with busts of Captain George Vancouver and Sir Harry Burrard – Neale and there it is – down there right beside the river (English Bay).  We usually stay in a hotel on Burrard Street and I’d say it’s about a 10/15 minute walk but to give you a better idea of where it I’ve taken a screenshot (courtesy of Mr G)

Click the photos to enlarge

There are several museums and other places of interest there plus lots of walking tracks and space for people to enjoy themselves.

For a long time I would take loads and loads of photos when we were away and then realised I was ‘missing the moment’, so eased up and began to look at things with my eyes rather than through the camera – which means there arent huge numbers of photos to share – but hey, the memories are there inside my head instead 🙂

Anyways here are a couple from a window in the Maritime Museum.  The beach is I think part of Kitsilano and if you take the right hand walking track you’ll come to the big sculpture I showed in my last post


What I do/did like about this area – surprise – surprise 🙂 – is/are all the benches available to sit on and enjoy the fresh air looking at or wondering about the big high rise ciity buildings right there in front of your eyes.


Talking of Windows……..



Looking through travel photos with the aim of reducing them, I  found this.

Gate to the Northwest Passage

Vanier Park  Vancouver

Created by Alan Chung Hung as a symbolic image providing an awareness and celebration of Captain George Vancouver’s voyages and achievements

I’ve been lucky enough to walk Vanier Park several times

Its a very striking sculpture, I don’t know what you think but unfortunately each time I’ve  seen it it just looks to me like:-

One very large window frame minus glass 🙂

Look through any window……..


On a dry sunny winter’s day it stood there waiting
Waiting to be cut down
The last of the season
Not in its prime but still looking good

Once inside,  this little late bloomer, last one of the season, opened its heart
Sitting there on the window sill
Patiently waiting, waiting to be admired
From the inside and the outside of the window pane

Yes all the winter pruning has been done

Now to wait until spring when the roses return 🙂



What’s in a word…..


So what does one do on a glorious sunny dry winter day?  I feel guilty saying these are the winter days I enjoy because dry means no rain and no rain is not good for Melbourne (or come to think of it anywhere else in Australia) Anyway it was so good to be sitting outside on the deck enjoying the warmth provided by our clear outside blinds instead of sitting inside trying to keep warm by the fire.

There was the Finishing up/ Making up / Sewing up of a cardigan to be done plus starting another and this was the opportune time to do it.  One more for the charity box 🙂

As I sat there knitting I kept having a funny feeling something wasn’t the same yet couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then it dawned on me I could see curtains moving in the flats at the back – don’t remember seeing that before. Then I remembered we’d cut a little tree down (a Wattle / Acacia) that had beautiful yellow balls of fluff late in the winter yet grew all straggly and split during a very windy storm earlier in the year and the owners of the flats had lopped some branches off the big gum tree.  Senior Moment 🙂





From the deck – sunny day









Now about that word – did you know today – the 2nd Saturday in June –  is World Wide Knit in Public Day?

Knitters young and old are encouraged to take their craft out of their homes, display it to the world and encourage others to learn the skill.

I didn’t exactly fill the brief properly – I took my knitting outside – but not actually in Public though.  However seeing as how my back deck might not be quite as private as it was previously perhaps my effort of neither public nor private could be be called

Knitting in Semi Seclusion 🙂 🙂

A way with Words…..

A fair while ago, in fact many many years ago, one of my cousin’s wives (yes he had more than one) did part time modelling and was involved with an advertising agency.

I met up with him at my aunt’s house one day and after asking how Helen was he said – ‘Oh she deeply involved in the promotion of a new perfume’

Anyway not long after that I was in the city browsing round Myers ( one of our large department stores) making my way out to the front entrance when who do I see but Helen.

I’m not sure about overseas department syores but here in Australia cosmetics are placed right there as you walk in.  Bright lights, shiny counters, along with well dressed, manicured, immaculately made up with hair in place youngish girls at the ready to advise which of their company’s products is Just Right For You.

No, Helen wasn’t one of them – she was ‘deeply involved in the promotion of a new perfume’ – walking the floor, perfume bottle in hand, spruiking this ‘fabulous new line’ by offering sprays on the wrist (which is what they did in those days.  Nowadays they wave little bits of card in front of you)

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and ‘my big girl’ mentions her daughter had found a very much needed part time job – in Costco.  (Very much needed to help to pay for her newfound desire to be a pilot)  Jokingly I asked what department she would be in.

‘After training she will be the Assistant to the Cashier on the tills’  was the reply.

I’ve made The Golfer promise (if she’s working anytime we shop there) not to tease and harass our little checkout chick about making sure things are lined up properly so the cashier can scan them quickly 🙂

Technically Challenging Change….

WINDOWS 10 Grr !!





I’m sure I’ll get over it in time – however Thank Goodness I have an iPad 😊

( For the record- this past couple of weeks have been testing.  All did not go well with the ‘self’ installation – The Golfer had to resort to calling in a grandson’s young friend (who is in ‘the techy business’) – problem solved.  I hope!! )