I’ll just be a little while……….


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I won’t be reading or commenting for a while

I’ll just be a little while

Have a few things to do

Mostly involving suitcases, airplanes, hotel rooms, cruise ships 😊

My Gt Gt Grandma Jane Gatherer (of Scottish descent so known as Jean) might have said

I’lll just be a wee while……..

Have fun – and play nicely while I’m away 😊😊

~ ~ ~ ~

And for tomorrow’s  Musical Monday – Ella Fitzgerald sings On A Slow Boat to China

Technically we ‘are’ going to China – sort of –

however our slow boat is not going to but coming back from lol

(Oh, and as I’ll be having a little break when we get back my wee while may be longer than you think)



Is it just me?..


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I use WordPress for my blog and I’m having trouble commenting on blogspot/blogger blogs

Some bloggers have a name/url spot in a drop down menu which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

If there is an Open ID spot on a menu I try that but some reason my WordPress Open ID doesn’t work

Some bloggers are google+ people which can also be a problem – for me.

Most times I have to resort to using my old google id from my old Still Waters blog which usually works but then if anyone follows through on that they then have to click on again to get to the new blog.

I occasionally put a direct link to the wordpress blog in my comments but some bloggers don’t like that, won’t use it or just think of it as advertising.

Some times I write a comment click to publish and it just disappears into thin air

I’m not blaming anyone – I just would like to be able to comment on other blogs!

(because people think I’m not visting/reading – when I am. I just can’t tell them that I am 😊😊)

Is anyone else having a problem – or is it just me??

Fun Friday with a difference…



Fun Friday is usually made up of silly funny jokey things designed to help forget the worries of the week

This week is slightly different – I’m dedicating this Fun Friday to Fats Domino.

These songs might be old (and a bit crackly in places) but they were ones from my teenage years

Ones I listened to and sang along to – Ones I danced to ….singing along 😊

Jiving to ‘I’m Walking’…….slow dancing aka creeping to ‘Blueberry Hill’, where we found our thrill 😊

Fun Fun Fun – Musical Fun.

These are just a few of his hits

Enjoy your Fun Friday by listening to one of them 😊❤️


Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)


Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme with words or pictures prompts given   Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them

This month (October) Cindi is providing the prompts
And this is how I used them this week

~ ~ ~ ~

Tom and Tim 7 – The time is right.

‘Heard about your loss, come visit us some time. Lots of tales to tell you about the family’. Tom looked at the envelope and then once again at the card. I know the service can be bad at times, he thought, but the mystery still remains on how on earth it could have taken seven years for a letter to come from England.

Tom conceded seven years had been a long time to be haunted by pain and memories. Emotions that would swing like a pendulum between outward happiness and inward depression – his counsellor had advised him to try keeping a diary to record those sad invisible thoughts and feelings and that was the turning point. There was no need to silently rant and scream out in the paddocks, now he was able to voice those thoughts on paper.

He acknowledged that his life was about to begin again – it was the arrival of that card from his distant cousin plus the follow up letters to each other that did it. Plus of course the change of attitude in his brother Tim which meant he was about to leave the family property and fly away to meet the ones who according to his mother, ‘had money and rather than sharing, decided to stay behind. Fat lot of good it did them though!’

The photo of a ruined house that had come with one of those letters had intrigued him. His architectural training told him nothing like that had ever been built in his little town or even the nearby city yet it was vaguely familiar.

Looks like a tingler doesn’t it, was Tim’s reaction to the photo. You know, a tingling up your spine place. Haunted house, ghosts and other creepy crawlies hanging around that make you scream in the night.  Would make a great film set.

Tom had imagined small birds making nests inside the ruined buildings, flying in and out of the non existent windows like invisible tour guides there to usher visiting migrating cousins from room to room relating the history as they flew about.

And as if reading (or maybe misreading) Tom’s mind, Tim in his own special way continued to muse out loud about the photo and his movie idea. Remember that poem dad used to recite about some bird banging on the window, with all those windows and doors you could call it The Raven; sounds like a good name.  Have loads of spooky props, wax the wooden floor so one of the stars goes head over heels in an effort to get out as fast as they can. Should be a ripper!

Picking up his suitcase Tom took one last look at the photo. His brother Tim had taken over the running of the property, his distant cousin was waiting in ‘the old country’, the clocks pendulum would continue to swing back and forth as his life took another turn.

Oh the tales he would have to tell on his return. That’s where my diary is going to come in handy was his last thought as he let Tim usher him out to the waiting car.

Previous episodes – 123 – 456

Everything old is new again…….


When I wandered round the park the other day I walked along for a short while with someone I call a ‘nodding acquantance’. Sometimes when we see each other we just nod and  keep on walking others we exchange a few words.  Don’t think we’ve ever introduced ourselves to each other, maybe we’ll get round to it this summer 😊

Anyway further on a bit there was a group of women gathered together listening intently to a very fit looking young woman girl  child!  Exercise mats at the ready!

Oh thats where they are , said my nodding acquantance.  She then went on to tell me about her friend who’d raved about the boot camp she joined where they did really simple exercises.  So…as you do….we stood and had a stickybeak at what they did.

Gosh, she said, that just looks like old fashioned physical jerks – what’s the betting it gets more advanced as the weeks go by.

Watching the group I kept thinking there was something familiar about the routine then later that afternoon I had a rummage around in one of our bookshelves and found my old old copy of – this!

Yes XBX – the female companion to the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 5BX (five basic exercises) plan for their servicemen.

Ten exercises designed to work every part of the body – a set number of repeats to be done in a certain time.  Gradually becoming more difficult.

What was funny was, as we turned away to walk in different directions, we looked at each other, laughed and spontaneously started to sing – ‘ Bend and Stretch, Reach for the Stars’ lol

Ready Mr Music please 😊😊

By the way this is an old 1980s recording of the Australian version of Romper Room.

Putting a Spring in your step…..


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There have been times recently as we’ve moved from season to season I’ve felt like a bit of a fraud.  I’ve been gaily gloating mentioning our warmer temperatures to other bloggers and what does fickle Miss Spring do – well she decides she’s going to back off for a day or two (or should I say night or two……. Blankets removed have been replaced!)

For putting up with the return of some rather cool nights we have been ‘rewarded’ with some rather nice days just right for early morning walking and seeing these bursts of colour along the way has certainly put a spring in my step.

These days Gazanias come in a variety of colours however I love the sunny look of the yellow which I tend to think is the original.  And doesn’t it look grand making itself comfortable on both sides of this fence.

At one time I had some of the supposedly easy to grow Osteospermum in my garden  Not sure where it went to because it’s not to be found anywhere out there. Maybe it wandered away just like this cool looking plant seems to be doing.

I have to admit I don’t know the name of this little creeper – it looked like a minature Covolvulus but there was no one around to ask.  It certainly looked happy to sprawl in and around that corner of the fence near the letter box.

And back home I see a self sown Erigeron has once again taken over a corner spot of our old garage.  I cut it right back at the end of Autumn and each year it grows back bigger and this year seems to have taken over half the pathway as well.

Patches of Arctotis are beginning to show colour around the garden……making me smile when I see their open flower heads turned up to the sky.  So easy to grow, dig up a piece with even the finest of roots on the end and it takes off in no time.  Takes off alright – it’ll cover a bare patch quick as wink – no wonder years ago a generous friend asked me if i wanted some bits she’d dug up 😊

This is the last of one of my favourite spring flowering bulbs – the Bluebell.  Once the green leaves poke through the ground I’m on the lookout for those stalks topped with droopy heads loaded with those ‘blue bells’.  These and the ubiquitous Daffodils are the only two flowers that remind me of Spring as I was growing up in England.

Now depending on whether you like them or regard them as a pest here’s a bit of Australia for you – up at the park the other day I was entertained by this Noisy Miner as he/she flitted about posing on the lower branch of a gum tree.  (These photos will enlarge with a click)


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Hosted by Michelle at Rambling Woods

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Some days you just have to do nothing……..



Thank you all for your comments and concern over my arthritic fingers

I assure you they don’t look like that all the time

After a quiet couple of days with a book

No computer- No knitting – No craft of any sort

Look what I found yesterday afternoon

Some knuckles 😊

(No I didn’t spend the day in bed – I was making it and noticed them)

(The iPad was sitting there so it was piccie time lol)

Take the good with the bad…..


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You can’t always have everything you want!
That’s something my mother impressed on me from a young age
Oh, and another saying of her was
You have to take the good with the bad

Bowen is (sometimes) our winter home and when I discovered a file of old photos those expressions turned up in my mind as well

Some winter days in Far North Queensland are great
Like this day at Queens Beach Bowen

July 25th 2011

Sunny skies with a hint of cloud reflected in the watery sand
as the gentle low tide waves rolled in and out

Then there are others that are not so great
Like this day – on the same beach

August 4th 2011

Very grey skies with lots of cloud definitely not reflected in the cold looking sand as the waves thundered in and out

As you can see the weather had a mind of its own this trip – I wanted sunny blue skies everyday but didn’t get them
We had to admire the good and accept the bad.

~ ~ ~ ~

A friend admired the recently knitted pink matinee coat (like this one) so that’s gone to new baby who has just moved into a new home in the northern hemisphere.  Like the original it turned out quite nice but it was what I would call a bad knit – just like the blue cowl neck jumper – not to be attempted again.

Anyway not to be deterred it was back to the ‘donated to me stash’ and on to another favourite – this sweet lacy front jumper. Such an easy knit which turns out just right each time yet I was undecided with it being such a bright yellow.  There are some who say…..it’s for a charity, does it matter…… so I’m hoping it will brighten up some little girl’s winter day.  What do you think?

And all was going well – until I woke up yesterday with aching fingers.  Yes, for some reason, after quite a long time in remission my mother’s gift of arthritis was making itself known again. Painful swollen knuckle joints are the pits, I should remind myself of this when I try to do too much.  Consequently I’ve put the needles aside for a day or two ……rubbed in the Comfrey Cream, which usually works ……and picked up a book instead.

All is good – but I’ll accept the bad when I have my friend to keep me company 😊

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Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)



Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme with words or picture prompts given Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them.

This month (October) Cindi is providing the prompts

This is how I used the ones for this week

~ ~ ~ ~

Tom and Tim 6 – Tom makes a decision.

Tim suggested it and for once Tom agreed with him. Friends had also cautiously mentioned it to him. He realised he couldn’t hide from the truth any longer. Now was the time for him to accept the fact that he needed to pluck up the courage and seek some sort of grief counselling.

He blamed it on the dream. He had a vague idea but really couldn’t understand what had caused the recurrence of a dream he’d had years ago.

It was a pleasant dream – definitely not like the nightmares he’d had as a child.

They occurred when his father had continually threatened him with the belt if one of them left a gate open or a tap running. Living on a property dependent on rain, a bore or heavens forbid a truck to deliver their water supply was difficult. He envied his school friends, the children who lived in town, being able to play with a garden hose on a hot day.  Where he lived humans and stock were far more important.

As children the twins had listened to their mother recalling the nightmares she suffered after she discovered they had dug tunnels  near the sand quarry. She suffered from asthma and he could remember her huskily recounting the terrible visions she had seen in her dreams, visions of Tim messing about, being a bit of a clown causing the tunnels to collapse around them both.

After watching a rerun of ‘The Red Balloon’ Tom and Vera decided to make the trip to Paris for their honeymoon. She wanted to experience the sights she’d seen in the film, quite sure she would see children walking the streets holding those famous red and blue balloons. He had been so proud of his ‘vision of loveliness’ conquering her fear of flying. They drove to the airport on a cool misty morning, water dripping off the pine trees that lined the property’s driveway and it had certainly taken a great deal of courage for her to board the aircraft.

The dream first occurred not long after they arrived home.

In it he gazed off into the horizon watching red balloons floating away above a forest of pine trees shrouded in mist. At the time it was a beautiful reminder of that happy event.

He hadn’t experienced it again until this past week – uncannily, it was similar to the picture he saw in the travel section of the paper. The one that had him weeping uncontrollably, unable to hide his tears, when Tim arrived that morning.


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Polar Bears we have met on our travels…


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Even though we are in the throws of ‘gathering things together’ for time away in November lots of little chats have been going on here at home about whether we’ll have a ‘big’ holiday next year (or not) because with the cost of travel being what it is – expensive – we usually try to fit as much in as is possible.  We aren’t that well off and it often takes a fair bit of planning for some things to happen but so far it has been achievable

The other thing discussed is what time of the year shall we travel.

Early in the year outside of Australia is usually cool…..later is warmer.  Early is cheapish….later more expensive   Oh decisions decisions 😊

It’s often the later trips that provide the most entertainment.

Like seeing the Pandas and Polar Bears at San Diego Zoo in October 2000

~ ~ ~ ~

I was talking to a friend about that trip a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned the Polar Bear mother and her cubs in the Frozen Planet series made by David Attenborough. I laughed and said ‘that was on tv just after we got back from seeing more of the same’  All that planning…..and saving …..had allowed us to vist The Golfer’s family in Nova Scotia with side trips to Newfoundland and Alaska during September/October 2010.

We were in Ketchikan Alaska when we came across this big brute.
I can’t remember which store it was in but look at the size of it.  Take it down on ground level and it still would make The Golfer look short.
You wouldn’t stand a chance if he caught you by surprise and you certainly wouldn’t want to shake him by the hand 😊

This one who looked more like a cub than an adult was reclining on the floor of the Grenfell House Museum St Anthony which is up on the far northwesterly tip of Newfoundland.

People were saying how lovely and soft and cozy he looked until they had a proper look at the head.  Even as small as it was by comparison I still thought those teeth were on the large side Lol

Another beauty lives in the Durrell Museum in Twillingate which is in the northeast of the province.  This stance really does give you an idea of being up close and personal with a Polar Bear.  Look at the size of those claws!!

And this is the Frozen Planet episode I referred to. I’m hoping the Summer link works.  If not try the veoh url

 Ep.3 Summer


The polar bears are at the beginning, finishing about 10 mins in and if you don’t want to watch the whole episode do fast forward through to about 10 mins before the end.  There’s a section called Freeze Frame which shows (and explains the ins and outs of) the crew filming – very interesting.

~ ~ ~ ~

Facts and figures


OIf you’re interested YouTube have a section called Polar Bears International
Videos related to polar bears, the Arctic, sea ice, and climate change by Polar Bears International, the world’s leading polar bear conservation group. 

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Ban the Beep…..


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There’s one little sound that seems to have infiltrated most of our world.


I’d like to know what we did wrong to be inflicted with the beep – I’d love to know who invented the beep – ‘cose I’d certainly give them a piece of my mind

Not the bad word beep and not the reversing beep not even the ping beep of a low smoke alarm battery beep but that infernal one thats heard around us more and more these days – the one that seems to be attached to everything electonic.

The Golfer has been party to the beep for a long time now, I resisted for a lot longer whilst smiling at all those around me who were slaves of the beep

Sadly progress wiped the smile off my beepless face – our trusty 25 year old beepless microwave packed up a few years ago and I reluctantly joined the beep society. There is nothing attractive about a microwave that beeps at you – and I have been known to tell it so across the kitchen. Its almost like someone snapping their fingers and expecting you to drop everything and attend to their needs – doesn’t happen in my house lol

It doesn’t seem many Christmas have passed since I fell more and more under its spell – the beep that is – I entered a new phase of my life…….late bloomer that I was ……by becoming the owner of a small mobile phone – yes, up till then if ‘they’ wanted to talk to me ‘they’ had to wait till I was ready to speak to them.

I have since progressed to a bigger (whether it’s better is open to debate) thing that still beeps (in a slightly different key) when ‘they’ decide they really need to ask me something or let me know something, knowing full well my curiosity will get the better of me and I will stop what I’m doing to find out what it’s all about.

Oh dear, and you know what…..another wedge was driven into my desire for a beepless life when the new fridge/freezer was delivered and had the audacity to beep at me when I stood at the open door pondering.

And then not content with just finishing a wash and coming to a standstill – guess what the new washing machine did, yes the beeping thing beeped at me!

I’ve had enough………I’ve decided I’m going out to protest……I’m going to stand outside the electrical stores with a placard……a large one …….one that says Ban the Beep! 😊😊

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Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)



Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme with words or picture prompts given bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them.

This month (October) Cindi is providing the prompts

And here’s how I used the ones for this week

~ ~ ~ ~

Tom and Tim 5 – Tom recalls a tragedy

The town was slowly recovering from the loss of Mr T. He was so well known in the area the local paper had recorded that as well as local residents, family and friends, the amount of workers attending from various stations, cattle yards and the nearby slaughterhouse had caused the funeral home to overflow on to the street and it was the best send off anyone had had for many a year.

Even though it hurt, Tom smiled through his grief as he read the obituaries written about a man who had been like father to him.  Turning the page he noticed the photo of the recent lightning storm and his mind wandered back to that time in his life when he’d gone bush, gone upcountry, leaving his mother in Tim’s care, hoping his brother would be able to cope.

He had witnessed those dramatic scenes of a sky filled with huge great bolts of static electricity when he was all alone filled with melancholy and grief trying to get over the shock of his beautiful Vera’s violent death.

Vera, the love of his life, had worked in the laboratory at the slaughterhouse. It was an accident the authorities reported. Unseasonal storms had flooded the building, associated gales had damaged some electric cabling. As much as he wanted to believe otherwise Tom felt the company’s poor maintenance schedule was to blame, Vera who was electrocuted during the clear up, had previously mentioned tingling sensations in her hands and arms when opening doors.

Out there in the outback each night he’d gone to sleep with the words – ‘as well as murdering animals in my town they murder people – running through his mind’.

He so missed Vera’s laugh, he missed the way she would amuse him with a sneaky kiss, he longed to experience that thrilling sensation of desire lost to him forever.

Calling home one day Tim let slip that mother was ailing mentally, he’d found her out in the drive complaining about ruts deep enough to be called ravines and if Tom didn’t come home to fix them she’d throw herself down them. Then Tim (who had been on the maintenance team at the slaughterhouse) let it be known if Tom didn’t come back soon there’d be another murder in the town.

~ ~ ~ ~

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A Lingering Look at Windows…….and Doors


Have you ever noticed how the shape of windows and doors in churches usually mimic each other?

Like the door at the front side of this wooden Anglican church with lots of small windows on Fogo Island.  Named St John the Evangelist it is in the Town of Fogo, just across the road from Peg’s B & B.  Closed unfortunately so unable to look inside. (September 2013)

Then there is the door flanked by two slim windows and topped by a much larger one on the front entrance to this well known Catholic church  in Tahiti.  Seen on Avenue du Général de Gaulle, the Cathedral Church of Notre Dame is near to the waterfront in Papeete.  (April 2016)

And here in Australia, noted for its twin spires this is St James Catholic Church in Peak Hill.  A small town just off the Newell Highway in New South Wales.  One large impressive window sits above the door with four slim line windows each side of the entrance, similar to those surrounding the side walls. (August 2016)

Each month Dawn at The Day After hosts A Lingering Look at Windows

Her October windows plus others can be found HERE

Sewing up loose ends…..


, ,

Recently there’s been far too many of them lying around- loose ends that is

I could have titled this ‘tidying up’ or even ‘finishing up’ but ‘sewing up’ will do because that’s what actually ended up happening 😊

The loose ends were those hanging off the *WsIP (*works in progress – technical term for unfinished stuff 😊) I finally managed to get off my needles this past week or two.

Do you know that after years of thinking about it I’m positive my parents should have given me Procrastination as my middle name instead of that belonging to my granny in Belfast because lots of ‘gunnas’ get muttered in my house……I’m gunna do this – I’m gunna do that……..trouble is things get put to one side and it takes forever for these gunnas to get done.

Anyway I promised (when I had time) to show a non commenting friend, who regularly reads my mutterings, what I’ve recently put into ‘the knitting box’ ready for next year’s winter charity drive.  She also reminded me (because she forgets half the time when I physically tell her) to make a note of the patterns I’ve used.  Well there’s not a lot to say about the patterns – One is quite old – the other more recent (still in print I think) – they are guidelines only because I don’t always follow them 😊

The little v necked one above is a go to for me – simple to knit with good clear instructions, the eyelet pattern illustated is good for a little girl.  However I made these two below using the directions and sizing but adding a stitch here and there to accommodate the broken rib in the yellow and the fisherman’s rib in the fawn.

This Woolworth’s book from the 1960s is my standby for a couple of other woollies ( no pun intended 😊). The shirt pattern looked easy and as the little boy wearing the knitted shirt was a dead ringer for our first born I bought the book – but never ever knit it for him lol   There must be something about me and collars because when I finally knit it for a nephew the collar wouldn’t sit right so I changed it to a round neck instead.


I had a bit of the fawn left over from the ribbed cardigan so combined it with the orange/green vari yarn to come up with this version.   I tend to think of this style as being boyish so find it looks better in ‘boy’ colours – if there are such things 😊

And as I’m sure you realised, once these were popped in the box it was out with the needles, new balls of wool in hand and we were off and running again.  There’s a rerun of the pink matinee coat (the good bit that is) going on and the blue teddy jumper as well (maybe the clown and koala as well) so I’ve enough to keep me occupied for a while.

~ ~ ~ ~

I seemed to have talked on a bit there so maybe ‘you’d’ like to tell us what’s just come off your needles or maybe what’s still on your needles needing to be finished

Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)



Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme with word or picture prompts given
bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them.

This month (October) Cindi is providing the prompts
And here’s how I used the ones for this week
~ ~ ~ ~

Tom and Tim 4 – Coffee break with Tom

Tom stood by open window of the farmhouse kitchen scanning the trees for any sign of the crows who had been cawing all morning long. He’d seen them perched up there early on when checking the stock destined for the sale yard.

There was one testy old beast he’d noticed, ‘might be best to warn Tim to watch him on loading’ he thought. Don’t want another disaster like the last time’.

That was the time he’d trusted Tim and old Trevor to transport his livestock into town.  Tim swore blind it wasn’t his fault but in the darkness old Trevor managed to get knocked about a bit and had to be carted off to the local hospital.

Thankfully the arm they all worried about was, as Trevor’s littlest grandson gleefully described, unbroken  not broke.

As Tom dropped his cup in the sink he felt the breeze come through the window and heard a rustling in the branches.  ‘There they go again’ he  said out loud, just as a half forgotten memory made its way into his early morning tired and weary brain.  His father had once told him that Crows Ravens and Rooks all belonged to the same ‘family’.   Also South Australia didn’t have crows, they only had ravens – but how true that was he didn’t know.

His father had been a poetry lover, a great reader, visiting the library in town whenever he could leave the property …….before his accident that was.

Then memories of his father reciting a poem called The Raven came flooding back, he could hear the mournful sorrow in his father’s voice as he began to speak the words about a dark night and the bird tapping at the door.  He looked again at the photograph he’d found on internet.  Seemingly linked in some way to that same poem the young girl (for surely that’s what she was) reminded Tom of someone, looking into her eyes he seemed to be able to see right down into her soul and he wondered what she was hiding.

A little while later he quietly put the phone down from speaking to Mrs T; digesting the sad news of old Trever’s sudden death was when it all came rushing back.  The forgotten grim months – years even – of sorrow that sunk deep down into his soul. He knew then whose eyes it was he saw in the photo.

Hearing the sound of the truck making its way up the long drive and knowing the reception he’d receive, he took one last look at the girl who reminded him of his lovely Vera and mentally prepared himself for the ominous task of relaying the sad sad news to his brother Tim.

~ ~ ~ ~
Don’t forget to pop over to Cindi’s blog and see how other bloggers have used the prompts this week – and mabe add your own contribution 😊

Why don’t you come to tea…


, ,

 It happened a few years ago (2013 if I remember rightly) about the time that there were lots of virtual events happening in blogland.  I’d been explaining these to my coffee drinking friend and mentioned an afternoon tea that was being planned.over at Mum’s

 Her response was ‘ that all sounds absolutely lovely
but wouldn’t an ‘actual’ tea party be lovelier?

We could have cakes and little tiny sandwiches with no crusts
And cups of tea and all that
I’ll bring the food – it’ll be fun
You know what, we could have it out in your garden 😊

And that…….is when the fun part started
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As the day got closer my friend kept coming up with different ideas
First of all she wanted Low Tea
served on a low table on the deck


She thought it would be nice to set up a little table down near the garden – Champagne Tea she called it. With strawberries and cream and drinkies just like at the tennis 😊

Champagne Tea in the garden!

Ready for Strawberries and Cream – and Champagne!

The day arrived and I had everything set up
The strawberries and cream were ready to go
The roses in the ‘Blue Bed’ were looking exceptionally good

My dear friend arrived not feeling too well
No food had been prepared so there was a quick change of plan
We popped into the local bakery and Hey presto
Cream Tea  – casual home style

A cream tea (also known as a Devonshire tea, Devon cream tea or Cornish cream tea)is tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam

A quick change of settings – table on the deck to the ready

So we ended up having scones, whipped cream and jam (with butter for me) along with some little chocolate fancies.
And of course the strawberries, cream and champers 😊

Scones, Jam and Cream!

Cream Tea with a friend!

It was such a fun day
We managed to take part in the virtual afternoon tea party
and have a special real life one of our own!

(click photos to enlarge)

Row Row Row your boat….


, ,

Row Row Row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life is but a dream

I’ve been plodding along living my life peacefully this past few weeks.  The days are getting longer, lighter earlier and staying light a bit later each day and even getting a (tiny) bit warmer.  Warm enough some days for open doors and windows and even – not have any heating on 😊

Not warm enough for salads yet – still a bit of stewing going on

All of which means I’m slowly emerging from my winter hibernation, starting to paddle about, leave the house willingly and actually enjoy being out and about.

With the arrival of better weather I’ve returned to choir after a break during those cold wet weeks – night driving in the wet was beginning to worry me so best not to do it.  I missed that weekly sing song so if we ‘winter at home’ again next year I’ll try to tee up with someone and arrange a lift.  No chance this year – locals close to me were either away or crook  Our ‘flu season is still going strong, thousands have been struck down with several unusually young ‘healthy’ deaths.  So I’m not sure if it was due to our ‘flu jabs or good luck the virus didn’t strike either of us.

A trip to the cinema last week to see Victoria and Abdul meant we were finally able to use the balance left on a gift card from last Christmas – the cinema at Chirnside Park has lots of little theatrettes so we thought it might be fun to mix and match…..two visits in the standard but very comfortable $10 seats and two in the more upmarket recliner $15 ones 😊

The Golfer decided on American Made & Dunkirk –  La La Land along with Victoria and Abdul were my choices.    So many ‘fabulous’ reviews for V & A and I’m probably in the minority here but it was a bit so so for me.  A truish story line, beautifully set and wittily acted but it didn’t seem quite right.

Honestly this change in seasons seems to have filled one of my friends with a sense of the ridiculous – she had me in a fit of giggles as she entertained me at lunch the other day.

Some of our supermarkets are having facelifts and installing these carousels to hold the plastic bags.  As one bag is filled the cashier gives it a turn and starts to fill the next one, after a few turns the bags reach the customer who then lifts them off and puts them in their trolley.   It appears the young cashier didn’t quite see the funny side when B asked if she could have a ride on the roundabout.  B is well into her 80s and not quite the slimmest of people!!

And then when she returned from visiting the “ladies’ she asked me how long there’s been a gents urinal over the lavatory pan.  With no idea what she meant I had to go and have a look.  The café had installed one of those water saving sets – a new special hand basin over the cistern unit.  Push the button to flush and the water comes out of the tap draining into the cistern – there’s no plug and it’s a regulated fill amount (same as any cistern) no need for a separate sink unit.  Only drawback I could see was washing your hands with cold water and remembering to put the lid down.  Wouldn’t want to lose a watch or bracelet while leaning over to get to the sink.

And I certainly seemed to be living in a dream the other day.

Put a load of washing on – came back expecting it to be finished – yes I’d put it on but didn’t close the lid (top loader) which meant it got as far as drain and spin then stopped.  Safety feature – doesn’t spin with the lid up.   Senior moment all right 😊

Didn’t help I’d been up to our local supermarket (one without the wiz bang plastic bag carousels) and as the young lad who was serving filled each bag he actually placed them straight into my trolley.  Now that’s never happened before – they get usually filled and put on the shelf beside the till for you to pick up.

When I said Thank You he replied – “I thought you looked rather weary today so decided you’d be my ‘good turn for the day'”  I wasn’t sure if I should be pleased or upset – he really did do me a good turn but did I really look that tired and weary??

So how are you all?
Have you been merrily rowing down the stream of life?

What are you dreaming about today?

Things are moving out there….



While most of Melbourne was engrossed in the game going on at the MCG (Richmond v  Adelaide Aussie Rules Grand Final) I pottered about outside.  Notice the brown stuff on the ground to the right of this photo – it’s the last of the leaves that dropped from the tree that is now covered in soft green new ones.  Wouldn’t you  think it would give me time to rake them up before sprouting new ones 😊

If you look carefully you can see there’s Spring lavender flowering round the washing line – hopefully I’ll be able to use it regularly again soon without having to keep resorting to the little one one the deck.  The little one is great during the Winter when it’s wet but in my mind there’s nothing nicer than washing that’s had a good blow in the fresh air.

And can you see the growth on the rose bushes below the strappy leaves of the Agapanthus – in what I laughingly call the Blue Bed’  – called that because most are a lavender colour 😊   There are some early buds there as well which means it wont be long before I can have roses in the hallway again.

A few years ago I used to feature Flowers in the Hallway on a weekly flower meme which now appears to have been disbanded.  Would you like to see some?

I’d pop lots of different flowers in a vase on that half round table (mainly roses mixed with whatever else was blooming) and depending on where the sun was on those summer days there could be a ‘cool’ or a ‘warm’ appearance to the hallway.  So even though there’s a similar look in these photos I can assure you they were taken over a period of time/weeks.

These are a couple taken later in the day when the sun had moved and the ‘warm’ look arrived lol


Last summer was a rotten season for roses in my garden.  I’m hoping for better things this year, the first Spring flush won’t be long but those big headed full blown ones usually arrive late in the season after the New Year.

(Oh and btw please don’t ask me to name them – name tags on garden plants have a habit of going walkabout 😊😊)

~ ~ ~ ~

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You’ve gotta have friends….


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If there’s one thing I would ‘hate’ to lose it’s that little circle statue that sits on our outdoor table.  It’s been there a long time.
You’ll often see it in photos I feature – mainly because I forget to move it 😊

The little concrete statue is commonly called ‘A Circle of Friends’

This one of mine which represents a circle of women with long dresses and long hair was given to me many years ago in Adelaide.

It gives me a good feeling when I see it there.
Reminding me of the circle of friends who gave it as a parting gift
when I moved back home to Melbourne.

Unfortunately as you can see someone liked it a bit too much and dropped it.
One of the poor ladies lost her head in the tumble
Thankfully,  The Golfer and that really strong glue that comes in two tubes
came to the rescue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meet Catty – who’s not very chatty 😊

Another gift given from a friend who also means a lot to me.
The look on her face (for surely she is a female) makes me smile

The person who gifted her to me
was noisy and boisterous just like the cats she bred
So unlike the gift she gave – a quiet calm concrete cat

Most of the year she sits peacefully on the long cupboard
The one on the deck below the kitchen window.

Come the summer, on some special evenings, they both get moved
The circle may be put under the table or a chair
Catty could be moved further along the cupboard
or hung from one of the beams even

The dip in the middle of my circle of ladies and Catty’s open belly
are just the right size.

Just the right size to sit one of those mozzie coils we use.

The cheapest and most effective way of keeping the little blighters away 😊😊

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Good idea …..or not



Isn’t this the softest squishiest comfiest looking child’s jumper/sweater – I thought so when I started to knit towards the end of last year.

I even mentioned it in a post I wrote last November for one of Ginny’s Yarn Along memes.

Well, I’m beginning to think that might have been the last time I actually handled it.

Until I ‘discovered’ it a few weeks ago – and it really was a discovery because it was bundled up with some other ‘ideas’ put to one side to be worked on during the winter.

Never one to be beaten I did a few rows now and again over the winter months.  I can truthfully tell you it turned out to be not quite as an endearing a knit as I thought it would be.  The four row pattern  was ‘stuffed up’ more times than I’d like to remember and as for that cowl/shawl neckline – best not repeat some of the words that came out of my mouth.  Let’s just say I won’t be knitting this again anytime soon!!


So that’s another one in the box ready for next years cold season.

And for a little bit of fun I’ll show you there’s still a bit of life and devilment left in the old cat named Kiera and here’s what I have to contend with.


The other day when I was sewing up the cable one I brought this one out to record (yes I’m weird like that. I often take photos so I can see how I’ve adapted patterns/designs).  There were other half knit projects in the bag so the table was a little crowded – then my brown shadow arrived.  Annoyed at being ignored that brown paw kept creeping closer and closer only to retreat when I growled at her.

What do you see?….


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This little ‘colour’ photo was tucked into an old envelope amongst some things my mother gave me after my father died.  ‘You have it, she said. Don’t know why he brought it home.   It was the cause of a few ‘fights’ over the years’.

‘What do you see’, she asked me.

‘Looks like a very young Dad posing for the camera with a girl dressed in a Hawaiian grass skirt’, I replied.

‘I see a man with a secret’, was what she said.


It seems Dad spent some time in Hawaii during WW2 and this photo came home with him.  Mum found it, confronted him and he laughed and shrugged his shoulders.  ‘Nothing in it, he said.  All good harmless fun.  She sang, she danced and entertained us’ – us being lots of young men away from home, fighting for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Unfortunately my mother being my mother wouldn’t let it end there.  And over the years made reference to the photo – which for some reason Dad kept in his wallet.  No one knows why.  He’d take it out (just to annoy her, she said) look at it, then put it away.

Now the photo would have to have been taken mid 1940s and Dad died in 1990.  A long time for a bit of teasing to carry on.  If it was teasing 😊

I often wonder what it was that Dad didn’t want to (or maybe couldn’t) share with Mum.

Are there any ‘secrets’ you keep or have kept from your ‘loved ones’ ?
Ones that you are willing to share.

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Not a haystack but…


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So I’m at the table on the back deck putting together my latest charity knit and The Golfer brings out a cup of coffee.   All is well until I go to pick up my wool needle again – oh dear, frantic patting of the b**sum area (come on, don’t tell me you don’t pin sewing needles or safety pins on the front of your chest 😊) – not there.  Not tucked into the blanket cover or even dropped on the floor.  A quick glance in the pin box – can’t see anything but pins and pins lol

Well what do you know, there it is.  it’s a good job I was using one with a gold eye because it certainly took me a little while to see it.  Can YOU see it?  It’s tucked away in the lower right hand corner and the more I moved the pins around the harder it was to fish it out.

And here’s a little glance at what the finished jumper looks like.  It’s taken me an age to finish this relatively easy knit.  

Just a straight up and down front and back with ‘dropped’ sleeves and even though the cables look complicated they are anything but.

I’m in a nosy mood today – tell me what’s going on 😊

Have you read any good books – watched tv – seen any good films/ movies

Are you being crafty at the moment?  Is there anything on your needles – or finished even?