Haven’t left town…….yet :)

Just popped in to say Hello and let you know I’m still in the land of the living

I’m not sure where the past three months went to

but they came and went in what seemed like a blink of the eye.

Days were a mixture – hot, cold, wet dry

It was the strangest Summer for years here in Melbourne

There were connecting days and reconnecting days

Reconnections made with 2 ‘very old’ friends I’d lost touch with and an out of the blue connection with a very distant family member.  Lots of connecting chatting to look forward to this year.

Days were a mix of emotions – we have cried buckets of tears

Sad ones as well as happy ones.

There was the death of The Golfer’s Aunt Dorothy (in Canada) seen here on her 90th birthday three years ago –  and the birth of our first Gt Grandchild Bentley (in Brisbane) seen here with his beautiful mum on one of his first days here on earth.

Anyway we’re off on a ‘big boat’ tomorrow.  Pacific Ocean here we come!

There’s a Big Smile on my face – you all know how much I love

‘Life on the Ocean Wave’ 🙂

Bye for now – See you in May


Best wishes to you all……..


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Just a little note to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Yes I’ts been a while – I’ve been going through one of my ‘want to be on  my own’ spells, avoiding contact with people and places.  All will be right soon – as my mother used to say “Leave her alone and she’ll get over it the same way as she got into it’ 🙂

One thing I have not shied away from is getting together with some members of the choir for performances in a local shopping centre.  While most shoppers walked on by some little groups gathered to listen and then moved on as the carols finished.  There weren’t a lot of us available but seemingly the sound traveled far and wide along the shops, it was quite funny to see heads coming out of doorways to listen and then dart back inside again as well as noticing people looking on from up above.




Melbourne is due for a very hot Christmas Day (35c/95f) so the Golfer and I will be heading to the beach.  It’s a picnic for us this year, all the family are involved in different activities and we will see them another  time.  I do hope you all enjoy this Holiday Weekend with family or not – it’s the spirit of that special day that counts.

I will be back again in the New Year.  Maybe not until the beginning of February but could be before then, you never know, we’ll just see how I feel.  Looking forward to catching up with all of you then.

Bye for now

Cathy xx


Weeks come and weeks go…….


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Various posts are popping up in blogland featuring coffee cake and chats.  Entitled ‘If we were having coffee together’ they are imaginary (virtual) chatty conversations where the blogger often reveals what’s going on in their world.  With that in mind all I can say is if we were having coffee together I’d be saying ‘Oh what a week it has been’.

After my rejoicing in the sunny hot day we had last week the weather sort of went downhill from there.  Two scorchers turned up – higher temps than even I enjoy.  Heat humidity pouring rain and an evening event in the city don’t go together. As we arrived at the Tennis Centre early Monday evening the heavens opened up again, oh, the squeals and cries from the ‘girls’ leaving the car park, trying to handle umbrellas with posh long frocks lifted high so they didn’t trail in the puddles. Yes, it was year 12 graduation night for a granddaughter’s school- another one is now out into the big wide world.  The years are going by so quickly and of the eleven grandchildren we now only have two youngsters at school.


BTW – I’m not that short –  A had enormously high heeled shoes on lol

That last set of thunderstorms brought a strange phenomenon to Melbourne – all over the city people were suffering asthma attacks, so severe in some cases it caused several deaths,  I wondered why I felt wheezy all that evening when I’d had no symptoms for a couple of years or more and then the next day learned it was called thunderstorm asthma – you can read about it http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2016/11/what-is-thunderstorm-asthma-and-why-is-it-worst-in-melbourne/ here. and http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/thunderstorm-asthma-three-people-critical-8500-treated-in-melbourne-hospitals-20161124-gswkdb.html here

If we were having coffee I could tell you the weather changed again – back to winter!  cold and wet – cold enough to turn the heater on early in the day and return a wool blanket, back on to the bed.  One night I woke and wondered why I felt so cold –  5c/41f had me cuddled up to The Golfer, who thought his luck had changed 🙂

Mind you that hasn’t taken the fun out of this week.

If we were having coffee I’d let you know I have read no books, done no knitting nor visited any blogs but The Golfer did take me out to the pictures the other day – we went to see The Founder.  The ‘story’ of how Ray Kroc developed an initial idea from two Mcdonald brothers and turned it into the world wide chain McDonald’s or Macca’s as it is known here in Australia.  I’m not usually one to read reviews – I like something I see or I don’t – but this film had left a ‘bad taste’ in my mouth so I did look at some yesterday to see if anyone else felt the same way as me and surprisingly the person who wrote this one did – The Founder review by Jason Di Rosso


You’d also find out that two choir gigs in one day gives the lungs and the voice box a much needed workout.  It’s fun singing for (and with) much older seniors – so many of them might be incapacitated in one way or another but most seem to love music… It’s not unusual for ones who say little to be singing along and knowing all the words.  Not just the WW1 stuff but varied songs and styles.  They can get  quite emotional as well – one gent sat and crooned along to ‘Unchained Melody‘  then promptly dissolved in tears at the end.

Then, there are groups labelled as ‘over 50s’ who ask us to sing for them.  Often they ask for a song list containing more modern songs but this is always the final number.  Stirring and rousing and so so good to sing – ‘The Holy City’   ‘My’ Sing Australia choir (which I don’t think I’ve mentioned before) isn’t quite as large in numbers as this one but we strive to be just as good.

Find out about Coffee Share here – or Join in here https://parttimemonsterblog.com/2016/11/26/weekendcoffeeshare-recovery/

I always enjoy the first one……


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Oh yes, we had the first one of the season yesterday

It was 8 months since the last one

Oh it was delicious

Not loved by all – definitely enjoyed by me!

The North Wind did blow but we didn’t get snow

It wasn’t strong- just gentle which meant:-

We got a beautiful warm sunny day where the temperature went up to 30c / 86f

As I said – the first one for quite a while

Oh joy – my bones are feeling warm again 🙂


Next in line – Yarn Along…


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What happens when a friend is clearing out her knitting patterns, offers a stack to look through and this happy looking lad jumps out at you.  And knowing you have just the right thing tucked away in your very slowly decreasing but thankfully not increasing (at the moment) stash of 8ply – well the only thing that could happen is that you spring into action 🙂


With luck Winter has been and gone – I sent my final box of knitted goodies off last week – that means the charity will have things on their shelves ready to distribute when they begin their work in earnest next April – so that also means I’m looking at new ideas/styles to keep me occupied over the next few months.  This is a fairly easy four row pattern to knit, similar to a Fishermans Rib. The sleeves knit up very quickly so I’m on to the back now. More stitches means more time consuming but I’m thinking  if the neckline is easy to fit I may end up doing some more of these cozy shawl neck sweaters.


I was ‘between books’ for a while, then several turned up.  I have Johanna Nicholls – ‘The Lace Balcony’ – available but because it is rather lengthy think I’ll leave it for the long hot days of summer (when they actually arrive).  These two arrived from the library on the same day.  Kate Morton’s ‘The Lake House‘ and Kate Grenville’s ‘The Lieutenant“‘ so it looks like I’m spoilt for choice now 🙂


Ginny’s Yarn Along takes place each Wednesday  You’ll find other knitters and readers over there  Why don’t you pop over and have a look – and maybe join in one week

Supermoon where are you??



Over the next few days there will be loads of photos of the supermoo. This is what I saw because of cloud cover lol

. You need to click to enlarge.

Musical Monday….


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It’s surprising how different the words to a song – the tune – the melody – can sound when sung by various arists.

Take this one – I love you because…..

Writen by Leon Payne


Here is the original sung by Leon Payne

This is Jim Reeves version

And Al Martino’s 

And here it is sung by the one and only Elvis Presley

Listen and see what you think – which do you prefer?

There are days………Sunday Selections


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There are days that are made for sitting and knitting
(relaxing and reading and eating) 🙂


imageThere are days that are great for washing and just right for visiting
(resident Magpie just popped in to say Hello)



Some are for ‘doing’ – like plant those tomatoes


While there are others that say slow down,
admire the lovely green grass – smell the beautiful roses

(which doesn’t happen without the rain so no more complaining !)


imageThen there are times when all those days meld into one as they did recently
On these days Kiera just looks at me and in her own special way says:-

‘This is the life – You wouldn’t be dead for quids!’


Sunday Selections – There are Days aka One Perfect Day

River at Drifting through Life is the keeper of Sunday Selections.  The rules are really simple – just post some photos new or old, link to River in your post and then pop over to River’s and let her know.  And if possible visit some of the other contributors.

Friday Fun…..


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You all know that one of my likes is to be near water

Can be a river, a lake or an ocean.  The jury is out on rain though 🙂

 Theres something about water that seems to clear my head
and make me feel good.

At the moment we’re in the middle of sorting out another cruise
so for Fun on this Friday

I’m going to share some ‘Watery Jokes’ with you.

The Magician and his Parrot

A magician on a cruise liner had a parrot who’d seen all the magician’s tricks a zillion times, having figured out long ago the magic behind the magician’s disappearing acts.

The parrot got bored, his owner was growing stale and not developing any new tricks that the parrot couldn’t figure out.

One night in the middle of the magician’s performance, the ship hit an iceberg.
Everyone drowned except the magician and the parrot.

The magician managed to swim to a piece of wreckage and climb aboard collapsing immediately from exhaustion.
Soon afterward, the parrot flew over, perched on the edge of the makeshift raft and stared at the magician.

For a whole day the magician was unconscious and all this time the parrot didn’t take his eyes off him.
Eventually the magician started to stir.

Looking up, he saw the parrot still eyeing him intently, not even blinking.

Another hour goes by, and finally the parrot squawks, . . .’Alright, I give up. What did you do with the ship?’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Pirate and the Seaman

A seaman meets a pirate in a bar.
The pirate has a peg-leg, a hook and an eye patch.
‘How’d you end up with a peg-leg?’ asks the sailor.
‘I was swept overboard in a storm’ says the pirate.   ‘A shark bit off me whole leg’
‘Wow! ‘said the seaman.
‘What about the hook?’
‘We were boarding an enemy ship, battling the other sailors with swords  One of them cut me’ said the pirate
‘Incredible!’ remarked the seaman.
‘And the eye patch?’
The pirate replied ‘A seagull dropping fell in me eye’
‘You lost your eye to a seagull dropping’ the sailor asked incredulously

Nah’ said the pirate . . ‘It was me first day with the hook’

You know what they say-
Smile and the world smiles with you

I’m hoping I gave you something that made you smile today 🙂


WWW Wednesday (November 9)


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 A while ago I would occasionally take part in WWW Wednesday when it was hosted by MizB, now Sam looks after it over at Taking on a World of Words. Recently some bloggers asked about books I’d read so I thought this might be a good time to take part again 🙂

Anyone can do it – take part that is – just answer these 3 questions
What are you currently reading ?
What did you recently finish reading ?
What do you think you’ll read next ?

My current read is – The Sunnyvale Girls By Fiona Palmer

Have just started and don’t think it will take me long to read, this is what these days is called ‘rural lit or chook lit‘ set in Western Australia.

Three generations of Stewart women share a deep connection to their family farm, but a secret from the past threatens to tear them apart.

Widowed matriarch Maggie remembers a time when the Italian prisoners of war came to work on their land, changing her heart and her home forever. Single mum Toni has been tied to the place for as long as she can recall, although farming was never her dream. And Flick is as passionate about the farm as a young girl could be, despite the limited opportunities for love.


I recently finished – In cold Daylight by Pauline Rowson

Fire fighter Jack Bartholomew dies whilst trying to put out a fire in a derelict building. Was it an accident or arson? Marine Artist Adam Greene doesn’t know, only that he has lost his closest friend.

But Adam knows there is no turning back; he has to get to the truth no matter what the cost, even if it means his life.

Mmm – that’s just what the tale is about – how Adam Greene goes about finding the true facts concerning his friends death.  A very quick and easy to read book – not very long chapters – the book actually looks longer than it is.  But, oh there were so many twists and turns even I was beginning to lose my patience.  It was an interesting way to pass a couple of cold days – having lived several years of my life in Portsmouth I recognised landmarks he mentioned – would I recommend it?  Maybe, if there’s nothing else to read on your book shelf.


My next read will be – I’m not really sure

Still continuing with my Aussie Authors quest I have The Lace Balcony by Johanna Nicholls sitting here – it’s on loan from a friend (as were the two above)is a fairly lengthy early Australian historical novel (over 500 pages/50 chapters) and with a ‘no hurry, just return whenever’ directive I think I might leave it until the long hot summer days arrive 🙂

Vianna Francis, known in the colony as ‘The Sydney Venus’, is a notorious young mistress in keeping to a former gentleman convict, who uses her to entice wealthy men to his gaming tables.

And then these here are on order at the library and may come in soon

What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriarty
The Lake House – Kate Morton
The Lieutenant – Kate Grenville

So it could be one of them

Now that I’ve stopped talking🙂
Maybe you’d like to tell me what ‘you’ have read or are reading at the moment
Or pop over to Sam’s and see what others are reading

Spare parts dept…


, ,

There’s going to be another division of the spare parts dept in our household opening soon.

The trial period is over and the verdict is – I’ll take one (or even two) !!

As I said I have had one on trial for the past week and discovered my neighbours to the left of us have a couple of budgies and more birds spend time in our trees and bushes than I realised.  It’s amazing what a difference a little thing stuck behind your ear can make 🙂

Yes, after having the eyes renewed a couple of years ago it’s now time to bring the ears in line.  No need to shout, it’s the pesky high sounds that I’m losing – a nice lady at Australian Hearing called it High Frequency Hearing Loss.  She’s been monitoring this very slow decline in both ears for a few years now and suggested a trial run of a loan tailored to my requirements so I could actually see hear the difference.

So come the New Year (because I can get a better health benefit payout) I shall be the proud new owner of two tiny little things that will mean I make less mistakes in thinking I heard something when it was actually something else that was said 🙂

How I get on with this remains to be seen because mentioning it to friends has brought forth lots of horror stories about things whistling in the dark (as well as in the ear), hearing being worse than before and ‘Uncle Joe” still not being able to hear at the pub so I’m taking them all with a grain of salt.

Over the past few years my sisters have both had new hips – several friends acquired new knees – many friends have had new stes of teeth – yet nobody has admitted to having new ears.  What is about deafness (no matter have slight) that we are loathe to admit to?

How will I cope with these new appliances?  I don’t know. We shall see what happens when the time comes. 🙂

How do you view ageing and the decline of body parts?

Everything old is new again – a trip to the spare parts dept!

Does it bother you or are you glad there are ‘things’ out there to lessen the burden

What thoughts are roaming round your head this Monday?


Windows windows everywhere….



A few years ago (2010) while visiting The Golfer’s extended family in Nova Scotia we along with some friends took ourselves off to Newfoundland for a couple of weeks.  We spent a few days in St John’s where of course we were totally enamored with the painted houses that line streets of the older part of town. Rows upon rows of them!




(click photos to enlarge)

I was ‘told’ they were known as ‘Jellybean Houses’ painted the same colour as the original owners boats so they could recognise them when they got back into port – not sure about that one 🙂

This selection was taken on a very cloudy day so the colours don’t stand out all that well but as well as noticing all the different colours my eyes were also drawn to the amount of windows I could see. Rows upon rows of them!!

Non of them outstanding to look at, mostly serviceable condsidering the weather they experience,  But oh so many of them  lol

Some were completely different to their neighbours,  looking as though the front of the house had been remodeled – then there were others that were probably a different style to each other from ‘birth’.




And those steep streets down to the harbour were lined with them as well.  Dormer windows galore.   Yes that’s a ship down the bottom.  Wouldn’t want to try walking that way when the paths were icy.


This corner house on Gower Street really did catch my eye.  Prime position, windows on both sides, providing lots of light and the ability to see down and across the street.  Dormer windows using the attic space here also.


And just for fun (or for a purpose) do you see the clever use of space this owner came up with.  A corner window cut right into the corner of the house 🙂


(click photos to enlarge)

Browsing the moving pictures site (as you do)  I came across this video
A drive along Gower Street
interesting in that it highlights architecture old and new
the changing face of an area

And what do we see about half way along?

Well, I’ll let you look and see for yourselves – sit back and enjoy the ride.

A Lingering Look at Windows posts can be found at The Day After

A blog hosted by Dawn Miller – this is what she says about the meme:-

A Lingering Look at Windows posts monthly on the first Thursday of the month. I invite everyone to post when and as many times as you would like. Tag this post and/or leave your link in the comments. For more information about this challenge please see A Lingering Windows Title Page for 2016


Yes! I did it…. Yarn Along…..


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What happens when a pattern catches your eye but needs to be reworked to take a change in ply and a slight change of various components into consideration?


Take some pretty pink 8ply I found in my stash – try to reproduce a pretty 4ply pattern along with some minor alterations – and what do you get?  Why you have the (almost) great disaster of last week?

Which you can read about HERE



Patience returned and along with encouragement persuaded me to persevere and sort it out 🙂  Of course they were aided and abetted by desire – the desire to start a new book when I finished. lol



Ginny from Small Things has a weekly meme called Yarn Along which I used to take part in.  Sort of a ‘show and tell’ featuring the knitting and reading you’ve been doing recently.  Do pop over and see what others have been up to.

This week – I’m Back – and I’m showing and I’m telling 🙂

As you can see I did ‘sort out’ the pretty pink baby cardigan/jacket – and my reading for the rest of this week is In Cold Daylight by a ‘new to me’ author Pauline Trowson.  Which is very apt considering how cold it still is first thing in the morning.

Not like this in my day ……………



Years ago when i was a ‘teenager’ we lived in a small village in Nottinghamshire.  My father was stationed at the airforce camp so I wasn’t classed as a local but via the school bus, church and youth club I did get to know some of the youngsters.  Saturday was the day (because nobody went out on school nights except to the youth club on Wednesday evening) I’d meet some of them in a cafe on the High Street.  Not a greasy spoon type but not posh either.  It’s one deciding factor as a meeting place where my generation was concerned was that it had a juke box 🙂

Not that far from where I live now there is a nice little coffee shop.  It’s a lovely place to meet with friends – there’s an assortment of seating indoors and out in the garden.  Inside you’ll find little round bistro type tables and chairs, comfy couches with low tables for your food and drink ( ideal for little kids) there are wooden benches and solid tables that cater for ‘groups’ as well as along one wall there are upholstered benches with tables that suit some of the larger sized ladies because they can ‘spread out’.  And because it’s at Montrose, set in the foothills of The Dandenongs there is a wood burning heater that feels so good and welcoming when it’s cold and chilly outside in the winter (or a spring that has been feeling like winter)

Now as well as coffees and teas of all shapes and sizes catering for all needs and wants they have snacky type goods (cakes pastries sandwiches) – things you can enjoy with those teas and coffees BUT their claim to fame are the handmade chocolates the little company has specialised in for years.  In fact they describe their coffees shops as ‘cafe style chocolate shops’   And along with your order you are offered one of their delights – ooh yummy.


So as I said it’s a great place to meet up with friends – not so much for ladies who lunch but those who enjoy good company along with a few laughs.  Manners are adhered to – small sips from the cup, small nibbles taken of food and especially no elbows on the table. 🙂


Some days we have company – more than can sit at our little table so they have to spread out onto one of the large wooden ones. Yes,  we let some of the old fellas come along – they enjoy their own company, happy and relaxed talking of shared times gone by!  Usually about ‘when we were young lads’ – mainly all things air force with flying thingies thrown in for good measure.  They don’t always stay in the past, sometimes up to date topics arise.  Aches pains pensions – oh and what’s going to win the Melbourne Cup (which will be run next week) Not sure about the manners part – look at all that slouching and elbows on the table.  Some mothers would not be happy if they saw that LOL


One of my friends mentioned this ‘us and them’ look that day and said her parents would not have been happy at us (ladies) being excluded as it wasn’t like that in their day.  It might have looked that way but it certainly didn’t feel that way.  Oh and that group in the background isn’t me and my ladies but another lot of ‘mature age coffee drinkers’lol

That need to meet and communicate with other like company seems to be relevant no matter what age (or sex) we are.

What are you musing about on this Monday

The animals went in two by two……Sunday Selections


The animals went in two by two – Hoorah Hoorah

The animals went in two by two – Hoorah Hoorah

The animals went in two by two – The Elephant and the Kangaroo

And they all went into the ark – For to get out of the rain!

It certainly wasn’t raining the day we went for a walk at Lilydale Lake so I’m not sure why most of the animals we saw were going by two by two 🙂






We did pass one independent large ball of fluff lead in mouth who seemed intent on taking himself for a walk!


There was another individual enjoying the sunny dry weather – a very bedragled Heron.  Having just come out of the lake ( if you look hard – or better still enlarge the photo – you can just see him near the round tussock of grass) he was doing his best to dry off in the sunshine
















Then of course we came to the ‘old fellas’ who sail boats, perhaps I should give them their correct title – Members of the Lilydale Radio Yacht Club.  They are there having fun on Tuesday and Saturday mornings ‘playing’ with their very expensive toys.  Most of their boats were out of the water when we walked past but I’m sure you get the idea 🙂






And just as a record of distance here’s the half way marker

2.5 kms from go to whoa !!  Not a huge distance but enough when there is no shade from the sun


River at Drifting through Life is the keeper of Sunday Selections.  No real rules – post some photos, old or new – link back to River.  And please find time to visit other participants or better still join us 🙂

Did I write that?


The home of Words for Wednesday is with Elephant’s Child.  Please visit her – Elephant’s child

This weeks words are:- Noble, Shine, Expressive, Charm, Odd, Biggest  Can be used in any order.

Wednesday October 26, 2016

She’d gone along with her older sister that day – an open day at an animal refuge.

She had taken a shine to him as soon as she walked into the enclosure.

She had looked at the dog with those large expressive eyes – please take me home they seemed to say. If only, she had thought.

Later her sister pointed it out to her. An absolute bargain, her sister had said.

A bit odd shaped but so full of charm. In good condition, so many rooms and a lovely big garden. It would be the answer to all your problems.

By the end of the day she had agreed to buy the odd shaped house that had been on the market for over a year. The biggest decision she had made in her life.

Such a noble deed, her sister had said.

It would solve the dilemma of her unit lease prematurely coming to an end plus an ageing mother who needed more care. Being single meant mother could live with her.

She just looked at the sister and smiled. Noble indeed – she thought

Yes, she thought inwardly, she would bring mother to live with her but as soon as she was able she would also bring the beautiful noble looking golden retriever with the large expressive eyes to live with and share with her the biggest back garden in the street.

Did I really say that…..


, , ,

We are very lucky in that the area where I live has quite a few swimming pools within a half hour drive.  I have a full olympic size one just five minutes from home and a slightly smaller one in the larger leisure centre complex about ten minutes away.

As well as use of the gym and fitness rooms my membership at the leisure centre gives me the option of a warm water exercise/recouperation pool; whereas at the local pool that’s just what you get – big long indoor pool, plus outdoor medium size and children pools – at a much cheaper cost then the leisure centre.  Guess I’m greedy in that I utilise both of them.

One day last week I decided late morning to get the togs and towels out and go close to home – the early morning ‘oldies’ and the preschool swimming classes would be finished so there be plenty of parking close to the building.  An absolute necessity on a day of pouring rain – nothing worse than getting wet before you have to.  Of course in the summer time it’s trees we look for – nothing worse than driving home in an overcooked car lol

In I go through the revolving door and stopped dead in my tracks

Lanes sectioned off, kids everywhere, and the noise was deafening.  I looked at a lifeguard standing near the door and made a face before muttering ‘ Oh that’s just not fair, I was so looking forward to a peaceful swim’

Then asked why there were no buses outside to warn me I’d have company.

Term four she said, our busiest for school swimming lessons. (For those that don’t know, that’s the spring leading up to summer term) The buses drop one grade, turn around, go back to the school to pick up the next grade by which time this lot will have had their lessons and be ready to go back to school where another grade will be ready to board – and so on.  I suppose our kids were lucky in that living so close they just walked there and back each week.

Thinking about it later I felt quite guilty – swimming lessons are a very important part of our schools curriculum.

So with a bit of digging around I discovered that as early as 1916 learn to swim classes were introduced by the Victorian Education Department, then the Herald ‘learn to swim campaign’ began in 1929  image

I’m sure our kids still have their original 25metre and life saving certificates.  As well as learning to swim learning to help others in need is also taught.

Now this handy dandy website tells me the current population of Australia is about 24 million – plus lots of other interesting facts and figures.


And in the year June 2016/ July 2017 there were 280 deaths by drowning in Australian waterways.  All these statistics and more are in this really easy to read very enlightening report.  (Swimming pools refer to backyard pools)







In a fit of pique I moaned about all the school kids at the pool – I still can’t believe I did that.

Guess I’ll have to leave them to it – and get to pool early morning.

Say about  8 am 🙂

Did I do that ?…


, , , ,

So I’m trying to use up  more of the ‘stash’ – you know, all the stuff you gather over time because it looks good and you know just what you are going to do with it.  Given time to come up with an idea that is 🙂

Pretty pink wool needs a pretty pattern to show it off and Catherine has loads of pretty patterns.  She also has loads of plain simple easy to knit patterns.  It’s usually easy to take one of the plain simple ones and with a bit of time and multiplication meld the two together

One back knit, one front knit and one sleeve – which for some reason I decide to sew together -my reasoning being it will enable me to get a better idea of the sizing because when you are playing around some times what the book says, what you actually do and then what actually happens can be very different things.

With several things on the go at one time I chose to work on something else over the weekend and come back to the pretty pink baby cardigan this morning.  Just one  problem, I did a bit of a clear up and the whereabouts of the piece of paper with all my calculations on is nowhere to be found

Note I said piece of paper and not the exercise book I usually use for this sort of thing.

It is not the easiest thing in the world to count stitches on lacy patterns especially when they are joined together so after much cursing and swearing  muttering, out cames the fine scissors and I set to work to take the pieces apart.

Patience is a virtue – one I obviously don’t have – especially when it comes to locating the wool used to sew seams together; made worse by the fact some seams joined pieces with holes near the edge.

Result – yes you guessed correctly.  Catherine ‘snipped/cut’ the wrong strand and had holes where there weren’t supposed to be holes.

Now to count cast ons,  rework the pretty pattern of one front, then get on and knit the other front and sleeve.  Oh and write my ‘workings out’ in my notebook – and perhaps next time (if there is a next time) add another stitch to each end to provide a wider selvedge.



I’m thinking that to save me all this hassle from now on I’m going to jot those figures and thoughts down in my iPad notes as well as my handwritten notebook.

What do you think?  Double or nothing sound like the way to go?

You want me to do what???


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Looking at her antics today there are times when I think our Kiera has an attitude problem. Here’s what happened.

As you can see below wet and wild was what we woke to this morning.  Now we shouldn’t grumble because the weather man did tell us more was coming but there are times when, well, there are times when he doesn’t quite get it right.  Hence the surprise when he does lol


After breakfast I looked out over the back garden and it didn’t seem to be too bad.  The sun had broken through but the rain was still coming down.

I must explain to you that those two pens you can see there are from when I used to breed Burmese kittens – as they were house raised once they were running around I needed safe places for them to spend time outside  So some days I’d pop a litter in them along with their ‘mum’ to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine then bring them back indoors later in the day.

We now use one as a ‘shed’ and Kiera (as well as in the past previous feline friends now departed) has the use of one further down the garden  If I’m going out, rather than leave her indoors all the time or trust whe doesn’t wander from the deck whilst I’m away, pop her in there and I know she’s safe. A room with a view full of home comforts, several comfy beds plus a big box bed for if it’s windy, litter tray food water and even power (for electric blankets) so she really can’t grumble can she?!


Would you like to see our little madam’s reaction to the suggestion she spend a little time outside.  Now I’m not a mind reader but this looks to me like she’s saying:-

You want me to do what?  You want me to go where?


Thank you very much for asking but I’d rather stay here!


Now clear off while I get some shut eye 🙂


It’s nearly lunchtime and the rain continues to fall.  In an on again – off again pattern.  Blue skies for a while then dark ones for a while.  What will be will be seems the order of the day I suppose 🙂

How’s your Saturday going?