Oldies but Goodies


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One 40 year old 10 inch heavy 1/4 inch based fry pan
one 30 year old Margaret Fulton Bessemer Cookware stove top casserole


Then some Old Fashioned ingredients


Result ~ One Old Fashioned Comfort Meal

Perfect for the day the cool change came through
and the temperature dropped dramatically

Just a couple of the Kitchen Cast at Still Waters
Oldies but Goodies

I wouldn’t get rid of them for all the tea in China :)

What else did you look at?


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Once I recovered from the tiring effects of the recent virus I succumbed to and the spells of vertigo lessened (plus the sweats, the shivers and the shakes) I had quiet times on the iPad.  I wasn’t in the mood for blog visiting or answering comments so had a go at adding a Twitter and Facebook page to Still Waters which as I haven’t previously been a user of either media was quite a learning experience!  They are there on the sidebar now so I guess I just need to work at getting some followers :)

My friend Bonnie had sent me this picture of the front of her house on the day she forwarded the funny cartoon about not wanting to make a snowman so as I was travelling the world via webcams (mentioned in this post) I decided to drop in on Nova Scotia courtesy of this set of webcams:-  – http://www.novascotiawebcams.com/en/webcams – and see what else was happening near to where The Golfer’s rellies live.  I do know they had more snow as B tells me that she has to look out the upstairs windows if she wants to see down the street!!


There are two places on our ‘must visit’ list each time we visit NS – they are Peggy’s Cove with it’s lighthouse and Halls Harbour with it’s tides that can see the little fishing boats up alongside the wharf or lying flat on the bottom of the sea bed.  It was only after several years of visiting I finally got to see the harbour with water in it lol


 This is the big roundabout (which they call a traffic circle) in Halifax that has a knack of confusing certain of TG’s cousins so we rarely go that way.  The resort at Ski Martock offers night skiing with trails lit for the purpose (looks like a popular pastime) and the view from the Harbour’s Edge B&B in Yarmouth was definitely chilly for this warm weather sunshine lover.  You can see the same view minus snow here  








So that was my international travel for one of my ‘off’ days – this would have to be one webcam site that has the most amount of information about the areas covered.  Have a look and visit one of the beautiful Canadian provinces.


And of course all those little screen shots will open with a click

Nature Notes – seeing is believing……


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This is a post for Michelle who hosts Nature Notes at Rambling Woods
I’m hoping some of my other readers will find it interesting

 Last week (not this one just gone, the one before) I was a bit under the weather so spent quite a bit of ‘alone’ time pottering around just ‘looking’ at things on the net.  The Golfer and I enjoy webcams – looking at and seeing what is going on (in real time) in other parts of the world so I was viewing some of our favourites when I discovered a ‘new one’.  The company that operates this new webcam also has others located in cruise ship ports – we often turn these on at the weekends to get our cruise fix which keeps us going until the time of our next sailing :)

Anyway this is the one I found:-



A 24/7 live streaming HD-quality Internet video broadcast produced by PTZtv.
Take a virtual field trip on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and join us for some great views of the local wildlife in the State of New Jersey, USA.
You will see many deer — bucks, does, fawns — plus an assortment of squirrels, birds, raccoons, foxes and more.
Whatever your wildlife interests, we hope you find something interesting to watch.

Now these photos are screen shots from my iPad so not exactly the best, however they do give you an idea of what can be seen.  The advertising (a necessary evil) on the side bars is relevant to Australia (blame it on those cookies)  I suppose others would get some relevant to their own country – there is a little spot with the current temperature in the park which can be interesting at times!  Our day time is their night time so when we have been sweltering it has been rather cool there to say the least :)


Oh, and don’t let the times on these s/shots confuse you – the time at the top was our local time and that on the black border the local time in New Jersey; we are 16 hours in front so have to either tune in really early or really late to see daytime vision.

It does give you an idea of how many deer drop by for something to eat – is the young one in the first picture a bit wary of the squirrel? (who seems to want its fair share of the feed) or is it just the way it is standing?

Click on the gallery to enlarge

The camera is one of those ‘wizz bang see in the dark type’ so you are able to see whoever comes to the feeding place during the night.


I have no idea what that little animal is on the ground
But I do know one of my North American readers will :)

If you are interested there is also a F/book page
where readers discuss all the wildlife they have seen on the screen.


It’s possible many of you are already aware of this little spot in a nature reserve where some feed is left for animals to graze on – now I’ve discovered it I’m hoping it’s not going to be one of those ‘time wasters’ we all talk about.  So far it hasn’t been – it has been calming.  A chance to sit with a drink and just be, not do.

Do have a look and see how you feel
You’ll get a better idea watching it in real time than from my s/shots lol


Linking to Nature Notes at Rambling Woods

nature notes logo

Monday Musings….





My lifelong desire has been to be tidy – my ‘house’ has always been a home and I think that’s the problem. Somewhere along the way after our first child was born I think I gave myself permission to be untidy.

If there were toys around during the day it seemed fruitless to clear them up as the kids would only tip them out again. I did get them to help pick up before they tootled off to bed but clearly remember the day they were being obnoxious and I lost my cool and came into the room with the broom – no, not to threaten them with – just to sweep it all into one corner for the night :)

Much to my annoyance it was still there the next morning lol

Ironing seemed to grow like topsy out of the basket and up the wall. Shoes multiplied outside the back door, in the hallway, in bedrooms but never in the boxes provided or on the racks.  I think you get the idea.

Books seemed to say to one another ‘come along to our house, its cosy and comfortable and you’ll have a spot here for life’ I have always thought having books around would enrich their lives and encourage learning so scoured second hand bookshops for ones for them to read; as well as children’s reading books I would bring home all sorts of weird ones about snakes and animals from other continents or volcanoes and natural disasters.  Only problem was there weren’t enough shelves and they spread out over and under the beds and floors.  All stayed here on the bookshelves for years and finally found new homes when I passed them on to other families during some of my had de-cluttering spurts.

So once our children grew up and started to leave home and go their own way in the world I thought things would be better.  Except I didn’t bank on the craft supplies multiplying and spilling out of cupboards and drawers and on to spare beds :(

So it looked like I was the culprit and would have to change my ways.

I seem to have the books under control now – big donations to second hand shops and friends and anyone else who looked interested has cleared the big pile both myself and The Golfer (courtesy of a book discount warehouse) accumulated.   Not a lover of electronic reading the library has become my new best friend – well it always was, except the pile of books by my bedside seemed to deter me from going there.  These days I definitely do read and return though – not returning the books on time means fines and having to pay fines means there is less cash in the kitty for the other thing I love – Travel.

The shoes still seem to be everywhere but on the rack or in the cupboard, the ironing is still – well lets just say that as The Golfer takes charge of his own it is my ironing that is still there – and knitting wool (not craft supplies) still appears to expand in any spot it can (luckily out in the garage)

Seems like for all those years so long ago my children might have been taking their lead from me.  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit – wonder one of my ‘bad’ habits I need to work on first lol

Is it a Goat or a Sheep or a Ram…….


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Is It the Year of the Sheep, Goat, or Ram?

Actually, Chinese people are also not quite sure about that. In Chinese the word 羊 (yáng) is a generic term, and can refer to a sheep (绵羊), goat (山羊), ram/buck (公羊 male sheep or goat), 羚羊 (antelope), etc. There is a lack of clear definition on the zodiac “Goat” in Chinese history.

However, most Chinese people and experts on folklore believe that the Chinese zodiac animal is the Goat, not the Sheep, and they have some evidence to support their idea…
Find out more here

So it seems all three are OK but lets say that The Year of the Goat has just begun.  In Chinese astrology people born in this year are described as serene, calm, gentle and mild mannered.  It is suggested they should get out among nature and commune with the great outdoors. Fresh air, trees, and sunshine will do wonders for their health.

Well, ‘some’ of that could describe the lifestyle of these goats we saw last year when visiting my sister in Cyprus.  Arriving back at her complex just a short distance from the local village we almost bumped into this little herd who were making their way very determinedly across the road.

Looks like jaywalkers ahead!

Looks like jaywalkers ahead!

It seems they are used to the traffic on the road but we drove past very slowly because they were certainly not going to give way to the car lol  Which was great because it gave me a chance to have an up close and personal look at their lovely long brown coat :)

Not going to stop for anyone!

Not going to stop for anyone!

According to my sister they are called Damascus goats, although she had heard the word Shami used as well.  I must say it was quite calming to watch as they made their way across the scrub land behind the complex with the goatherd walking along with them.

The local goatherd and his flock.  Anarita 2014The local goatherd and his flock. Anarita 2014

Brown long haired Damascus goats

Brown long haired Damascus goats

When he stopped and pulled down a branch she said he was picking off juicy bits for some of the young ones.  I stood there for quite a while almost mesmerised as they made their way off to my right – answering his call as they moved off together all of them knowing where they were going.


Out in the Bondhu

Out in the Bondhu

The shadows were getting longer and as I slowly came back from my day dreaming I realised it was time for tea and a little bit of contemplation.     Haloumi cheese from goats milk is delicious – goat meat is a favourite meat of many Cypriots.  Were they milkers or were they being fattened for meat?

Linked to Nature Notes hosted by Michelle of Rambling Woods

A sign of things to come……….



With all the Hot Hot days last week – all I could think of was cold food, cooling drinks and air conditioning :)

Unfortunately a random thought did pass through my mind that it could be in as short a time as 4 months that these words on a sign just an hour from home could be very important to passing motorists :(

Near Lake Mountain Victoria

Near Lake Mountain Victoria

Click here to see more signs at Lesley’s blog aptly named
Signs Signs

The Victoria Ski Season starts on The Queen’s Birthday Weekend
(6 – 8 June 2015)
and even tho’ there may not be snow at that spot it’s possible there will be traffic on that road

I’m sure there are times when thinking is not good for the soul lol


Monday Musings…….


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This time of the year I tend to be a bit quieter than usual
It’s about this time 12 years ago I became an orphan.
It was funny but that was the first thing I thought about when I heard the news of my mother’s death.

February 2003 Mum decided she’d had enough and
in her words spoken the week before she died
‘wanted to see what Dad had been up to since she last saw him’

They’d been apart for nearly 13 years
and this is the little graveyard on the hill where the meeting took place

Mum and my sisters chose wisely all those years beforehand
knowing there was room for the two of them in the plot

Church Graveyard

She also wanted to know what he thought about them placing him on the hill that overlooked the pub.
The white building on the right of the photo is the pub :)

Church graveyard and PubThey were known for enjoying a little drink together now and again.
If the truth be told they enjoyed a little drink far more than now and again :)

Mum Dad Happy Pub

Being Irish they loved to sing and loved to dance
Dad did have quiet seriousness about him at times so
My sisters chose the haunting melody of Crimond for Dad’s funeral.

(Please be patient with this video – it’s one that needs to be listened to – with eyes closed – rather than watched)

 And this rollicking number for Mum’s

After leaving home at 18, I met and married The Golfer
and with him being in the armed forces never ever lived near to them at all.

It was the way things were and I accepted that
Yet, it’s funny
but the older I get the more I miss them

Headstone Mum Dad

(The first two photos look much better when enlarged)

What does Maxine think about Valentine’s Day…


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We all know Maxine, the lady with the ‘attitude’ – I’m sure her outspoken opinions on just about anything and everything, particularly on ageing and men are well known to most of us.

Well, after a ‘fun chat’ with friends at the gym about Valentine’s Day I looked around the internet and discovered Maxine’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day almost mimicked those of some of my friends who are disillusioned with life,  love and commercial holidays.

 Now to begin with who doesn’t love chocolates
And – who needs a holiday to have chocolates :)

Maxine Valentine Chocolates

He Better Remember Day
This is Maxine’s new name for the day when many are hoping the suggestions they’ve been planting for weeks actually materialize.  Also the day when many lovers’ expectations are not met :(

Maxine valentine remember

I wonder what Valentine would think if he could see this??

Saint Valentine is a widely recognized third-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14 and associated since the High Middle Ages with a tradition of courtly love.

Would he be saddened by Maxine’s lack of enthusiasm – who knows what she’s been through to display it so openly.  Would he attempt to reassure her that even though he died because of his belief in marriage this was not a day to be scorned but one to be enjoyed by those in love?

Somehow I don’t think she would be easily swayed.  She has never mentioned the cad who broke her heart – just shown a general contempt of men – and a love of chocolate :)

maxineMaxine romance chocolate


Her dislike of the day has sent to her to try other treats – is this emotional eating or a way of stating her disdain for contrived holidays?

Maxine valentine ice creamMaxine other good things

 Now we begin to see how her opinion of men compares with that of her love of chocolate.

Maxine guy chocolate

Her attitude towards men does make you wonder is/was she a feminist and believes (as many of us older ones who ‘fought the good fight’ do) that women are equal to (if not better than) men – or am I perhaps reading too much into this lol

Maxine with chocolate

She can however see the good side of this commercial holiday that was originally based on love and with her tongue in cheek humour is ever hopeful of receiving a gift.

Maxine valentine something wonderful



Maxine valentine

And here for your enjoyment you can watch Maxine as she ‘sings’ her true feelings about the day.  Do you think that somewhere along the way something happened – was she rejected by a ‘suitor’ ?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How did Valentine’s Day become a holiday?  Try these links and see what think




Want to build a snowman???


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Summer returned to Melbourne this week.  Hot! Hot! Hot!

A phone call early this week to The Golfer’s aunt who lives in Nova Scotia determined it not to be quite so warm where she is.

We have been having o/night lows of about 15c/59f
they have been having o/night lows of about -15c/5f

And just by chance this fun image arrived the other day from a friend who lives quite close to her in the Annapolis Valley.  Right at that particular moment in time they had an awful lot of snow on the ground with a lot more forecast.

Later this month she is leaving to spend a few weeks in Florida and it would seem that right at that particular time as she looked out her window this was what her thoughts were.

I think there are a lot of other people who are thinking that as well :)

snow mowing the lawn

Bench Series – Looking at Life in Black and White


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The other week I posted some benches I had seen in a garden – this month I have some in Black and White or monochrome as others like to say.  I’m not too good at spotting situations where they show up more easily in B/W so here are some I like – even tho’ they might not be the best examples.

This little wooden one was at the foot of the escalators right by a car park exit door – just in the right spot for a weary shopper to collect their bags and thoughts together before leaving.


The rotunda in the big park at Mooroolbark has long benches – just right for families to shelter from the heat – or the drizzle that was coming down this day. 


A little covered area near the pond in Kilsyth – a favourite spot for family gatherings at the weekends. A good spot for picnics – Cool in the summer with shelter on rainy days.


This is ‘My’ bench, the one featured in the header picture above – the nearby shrubs have grown and the bench now has a more mature look about it.  Sitting on it makes you feel as though you really are in the bush and not in a suburban park.


If you pop over to Jude’s blog (Travel Words) you might just see some more in the Bench Series – February Black and White/Monochrome

And if you want to join in the Bench Series she has a list of monthly themes here.  

Look what I’ve done to your screen dear…


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What on earth are you doing there?

Just trying something out!

Will you be long – I’d like to use the big computer!

Just finished – here you go!

What on earth ????

 Look, he says.  It’s great fun.

You can have this on there and that on the other one.


Oh look two Still Waters :)


 How on earth?

But how do I…..

Easy just click/hold your cursor on the tab at the top, drag it to the far edge
of the screen and it will appear on the other one.

Move your cursor over to the left edge and it also will appear on that screen.

What if……

Easy, just drag it back over.


The Golfer does have his reasons for setting this up this way

And yes it is fun – once you get used to it :) :)

BUT I’m sure that at times he does these things to try me lol

Friday Fun – Luck of the Irish


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I’m really thinking it’s about time for me to share a few jokes with you.
You may have seen some of these before
but I’m sure they’ll put a smile on your face today :)


Going somewhere

Billy stops Paddy in Dublin and asks for the quickest way to Cork.
Paddy says, ‘Are you on foot or in the car?’
Billy says, ‘In the car.’
Paddy says, ‘That’s the quickest way.’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Food for thought

Paddy and Mick are walking down the road
Paddy’s got a bag of doughnuts in his hand
Paddy says to Mick, ‘If you can guess how many doughnuts are in my bag,
‘you can have them both’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She knows you know!

Finnegin is talking to his friend Keenan
He says, ‘My wife has a terrible habit of staying up ’til two o’clock in the morning.’
I just can’t break her out of it’
‘What on earth is she doin’ up at that time’ asked Keenan.

Waitin’ for me to come home!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have a drink on me

An angry wife was complaining about her husband Paddy spending all his free time in a bar so one night he took her along with him.
‘What’ll you have?’ he asked.
‘Oh, I don’t know. The same as you I suppose,” she replied.
With that Paddy ordered a couple of Jack Daniel’s and threw his down in one shot.
His wife watched him, then took a sip from her glass and immediately spat it out.
‘Yuck, that’s TERRIBLE!” she spluttered. ‘I don’t know how you can drink this stuff’

‘Well, there you go’ cried Paddy.
‘And you think I’m out enjoying myself every night!’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Not today thank you!

Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and says to the first man he meets, ‘Do you want to go to heaven?’
The man said, ‘That I do Father.’
The priest said, ‘Go stand over there against the wall.’

Then the priest asked the second man, ‘Do you want to go to heaven?’
‘Certainly, Father,’ was the man’s reply.
Go stand over there against the wall,” said the priest.

Then Father Murphy walked up to O’Toole and said, ‘Do you want to go to heaven?’
O’Toole said, ‘No, I don’t Father.’
The priest said, ‘I don’t believe this’
‘You mean to tell me that when you die you don’t want to go to heaven?’

O’Toole said, Oh, when I die, yes.
I thought you were getting a group together to go on a trip right now.’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You know what they say about laughter being infectious.

I read somewhere that the sound of laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle or sneeze.
Well what we need a good old fashion epidemic :)

Look through any window………


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There is a very special look to the upstairs overhanging windows of many old Turkish style houses.  The windows, similar to what we call a bay window were placed that way so the women in the house could look out and see what was going on without actually being seen.   These are some we saw down a little side street during our visit to Nicosia Cyprus last year (2014)

Nicosia 2014

Nicosia 2014





Our Black Sea cruise that followed then took us to Turkey where we saw a splendid collection of restored houses located in Ayranci Street which is in an older part of Istanbul.

Turkish houses Istanbul

Turkish houses Istanbul

One side of Ayranci Street Istanbul

One side of Ayranci Street Istanbul

 When we docked in Kavala (Greece) a very old city that was part of the Ottoman Empire for many years the place I really wanted to visit was the home of Muhammad Ali of Egypt.
A very old house built approx. 1780 complete with an exterior full of overhanging windows which has now been turned into a museum

Kavala 2014

Kavala 2014

The house of Muhammad Ali

The house of Muhammad Ali



The external and internal windows were glazed but the ones inside also had wooden beaded frames covering the openings to allow some privacy when the glazed window was opened.
Click on the gallery to enlarge photos







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Linked to A Lingering Look at Windows – February 2015


Monday Musings…


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Here we are at the beginning of what I call the year proper.
Here’s a little bit of local news
with some links you might be interested in

The regular ABC breakfast and morning radio announcers have returned so all is well with the world as far as I’m concerned :)



Schools opened their doors after the long summer holidays,  Oodles of little 5yrs old are beginning their 13 year educational journey and there are reminders for drivers to remember this and slow down in school zones.


The Australian Open has been and gone – Serena won another title, Djokivic won another title, Murray seemed to choke again (bad court behaviour and blaming his opponent for his loss!!)



Following on from the good effort put in by ‘home boy’ Nick Kyrgios (who reached the quarter finals) Tennis ACT are appealing (online) for more funds to do more upgrades to the recently revamped Canberra Tennis Centre.  There is a lovely photo on the link of youngsters using the same courts as Nick did when he was a junior.

“It’s really about providing the best tournament experience to both the athletes and the spectators,” Tennis ACT CEO Ross Triffitt said.  “We’ve been able to secure some great international events through our contracts with Tennis Australia…… the upgrades are about ensuring that people have the best possible experience, that we keep them coming back and that we can secure these events on an ongoing basis beyond the three years.”


Here in Melbourne a new round of Alzheimer’s drug testing has begun – this time using patients who have been diagnosed as being in the early stages of the disease.  Seeing what it did to my aunt I welcome any advance in dealing with this awful life taker.


Still with ‘seniors’ there was another news report this week suggesting older drivers give up their ‘wheels’ and use public transport – or as they say ‘consider another form of transport’.

Older people should be encouraged to use public transport and other methods of getting around before they have to give up their driver’s licence, research from the Monash University Accident Research Centre has found.


And someone who maybe at 37 yrs could be called a senior in the road racing sport he loves, Cadel Evans after 20 years of international riding is retiring.  He took part in his last race yesterday – The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.  Lots of other seniors rode on Saturday in what was called People’s Ride – it was a sold out event and details are being taken for 2016 registration already!




What’s going on in your part of the world this week?

Friday Fun – read about cruising…


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Here’s a little bit of Friday Fun for you:)

I’m sure it’s not new to most of you that The Golfer and I enjoy cruising.  What could be better than turning up, unpacking and then seeing what the world has to offer with no more hassles except ‘what shall we eat today’ :)

The cruise line we favour (HAL) is owned by Carnival Corporation, as is Carnival Cruise Line, and it is a ship owned by CCL that has been getting lots of publicity all week. Some say cruising is just getting on a ship sailing somewhere and then getting back off again – oh dear no,  This ship is part of a cruise line that is so very different to the one we sail with.

With an Imax cinema, a large water park, a brewery as well as ‘flying bikes’ (a suspended bike track) on board I’m sure it will be tempting for younger adults and those with families.

Vista Water Parksource

Interested and want to know all about it – well you can find out about it in this article published in The Daily Mail:-


Or better still watch this video and see what the company is going to provide for any future customer:-


It’s not really my cup of tea – ‘cept I did like the look of what they are calling Havana staterooms.  Sort of like a balcony/verandah on ground level

Vista Havana Staterooms


Call me an old fuddy duddy but asked if I would sail on her – my answer would be ‘don’t think so’.  Bit too big for my liking (4000 pax), would probably be fun for half a day until the novelty wore off and Oh, just think of all those kids running around.:)

ps. these images are not real life but artists inpressions of how things will be.  The ship will not be launched until May 2016.

Bogging 101 – Feature posting

Through the window glass …………….


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So here we are in Dunedin, another stop on our 2011 New Zealand cruise, ‘you must go and see the railway station’ we were told; it is a must see historic building that was opened in 1906 ans still used (albeit for tourist trains) today.  The exterior is fantastic and there are windows everywhere but the really special treat is inside

all photos enlarge with a click

1First thing I see in the foyer are these lovely archways on the wall that at first I thought were windows but they turned out to be the ticket office unglassed ‘window counters’ along with some benches in front.  Maybe Jude would like this one lol


Still in the foyer I noticed small paned windows in the doors leading outside as well as a balcony with a brightly coloured window on one end.

There in the middle of the balcony was a stain glassed/leadlight window – a window depicting mainly a locomotive (steam engine).  Very difficult to photograph that particular day because the balcony space opposite that would have given a better view was unavailable

Below the engine was the cipher/logo of the New Zealand Railways
with two heraldic lions on either side


 Just a fabulous thing to see – so realistic.
You could almost hear, smell and taste it thundering down the tracks :)


Blogging 101 – Events

This is my contribution to A Lingering Look at Windows – January 2015




Well that was fun, I think…..


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When it comes to Christmas and Birthday gifts we’ve received some strange ones over the years. We still laugh at the years when gardening tools and wheelbarrows were my favourites followed by gift vouchers to the big green shed (B’unnings Australia’s largest hardware and gardening chain) so as one of the givers politely said ‘I could buy my own s….’  This was after I mentioned if anyone was passing stables I wouldn’t mind a trailer load of manure as a gift.

The kids have banded together and gifted stage show tickets and overnight hotel accomodation as well as Best Restaurant vouchers and Gold Class cinema tickets which have all been very well received. A couple of years ago i opened a package that had a IOU in with along the words – ‘when the time is right’. It meant that we’d be given a lot of Euros to use on our Mediterranean holiday – to be purchased and gifted when the exchange rate was right :)

Some theatre tickets for the Neil Diamond concert here in Melbourne this coming October (birthday treat for both of us) got a big tick of approval last Christmas as did a certificate for Afternoon Tea and a tour of the garden out at Coombe Cottage near Coldstream.  Coombe Cottage used to be the home of Dame Nelly Melba and the family have just opened the gardens to the public.

Then there was this  ‘sensible but fun’ gift was given to us recently from one family:




I’m no stranger to frequenting cash and carry type warehouses and buying in bulk but from what I’d read and been told about shopping at this brand new chain that had just opened a few warehouses here in Australia was….this is a different game altogether…… Starting with the trolley.  A giant sized trolley that I could barely see over let along drive  steer.  (Quick photo from the web of someone else whose face  is blurred but you get the picture.)


First of all we had to have our photo taken – it is on our membership card which is flashed shown when you walk into the barn and handed over when you go to pay.  That was an unknown so there was a lot of hair fluffing going on while The Golfer had his taken.  Once that was done we were off and running – well we couldn’t actually run because I was lagging behind trying to drive the chariot in a straight line :)

Did we need an enormous curved tv – no – thats a shame because there seemed to be truck loads of them there all at what seemed like rock bottom prices.  Good if you have the room because they are supersize ones – as is just about everything we saw.  This first visit was more of a look see – I have to say I was a bit dissapointed as things (food products) didn’t seem that much (if at all ) cheaper than my usual place.  We did end up using the trolley but not filled to the brim like some I saw – one person even had two on the go with a rather bedraggled looking ‘husband/partner’ pushing the other with two children penned inside it!

I think it’s a bit like when Aldi opened and there was all that hype and shoppers having to get used to different brands because I saw an awful lot of imported goods on the pallets.  I noticed the customers I saw were mainly what I would call middle aged to younger people, lots of families and not many older shoppers.  In fact in I began to feel like Granny Grey, certainly not out of my depth but a bit out of touch.

There were trolleys loaded with so much food and stuff that even tho’ (as I said earlier) I’ve always bought bulk/ tried to save on cost whenever I could especially as our family grew older and wanted to eat us out of house and home…..



…..I began to wonder what on earth was I doing there contemplating buying up this big when there was only the two of us now??  The other shoppers certainly seemed to be wanting it all and us wanting/needing nothing.

Anyway there was a lot of note taking going on so I can do a bit of price/weight comparison next time I’m in my local and even if we don’t take full advantage there is always someone else I know who will.

And another thing I thought of was even if we don’t actually buy a lot during the year we could always pop in and use the wharehouse as a keep fit centre – I’m sure it’s big enough to get in a couple of kms just walking round and round he displays LOL

As we were leaving The Golfer asked me if I’d enjoyed the Co’stco experience.

My answer: Well it was fun…..I think :)

January has been……


, , , , ,

This January has been a month of this and that

There’s been none of this

On the beach by Dorothy May Braund

On the beach by Dorothy May Braund

Or that

Platja de la Fragata by Bruce Bingham

Platja de la Fragata by Bruce Bingham

A fair bit of this

Reading by David Hettinger

Reading by David Hettinger

And a little bit of that

Sunday Afternoon by Bruce Bingham

Sunday Afternoon by Bruce Bingham

Had a go at this

Pot Party by Cheryl Bannisterer

Pot Party by Cheryl Bannisterer

So i could have a go at that

Gardening by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Gardening by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Had a good long think about this


And thought long and hard about that



Did a bit of this

Knitting by Elizabeth  Osborne

Knitting by Elizabeth Osborne

While we watched a lot of that

Cricket on the Green by James Youlden

Cricket on the Green by James Youlden

And now it’s a lot of watching the channel that shows this :)

The Tennis Party by Charles March Gere

The Tennis Party by Charles March Gere

 The month hasn’t finished yet

Wonder what will be next??

All suggestions in a sealed envelope please :)

Blogging 101 – Try a new posting style

Food Friday – Do or die day………


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A review of the contents of the veg drawer in the fridge showed half a butternut pumpkin and some green beans that wouldn’t pass the cut on a dinner plate so it was do (in another form) or die day for them.

After a bit of rummaging in the spice and pulses dept I discovered all the ingredients for a meatless meal were actually in house.  No running up the street to the supermarket at the last minute – what you’ve never done that before:)

Does this image from the book looks a bit out of focus to you?  That or I need my eyes tested again.  The full recipe is scanned and then I took a snap but that one only looks slightly better – apart from the publication not having a good photo I’m wondering if our scanner screen needs cleaning??

Pumpkin Potato Lentil Hotpot

Pumpkin Potato Lentil Hotpot


No better!

No better!


























Voila – my version

My Hotpot!

My Hotpot!

When (for once) I actually used all the tabled ingredients (weighed and measured properly as well) I’m at a loss as to why my hotpot has a ‘redder’ look than the one in the book.  Maybe the tomatoes in my tin were riper than hers lol

I possibly could have chopped the veg a bit smaller – it had a rustic look on the plate; with some crusty rolls on the side to mop up the sauce, the taste was ‘Not Bad, Not Bad at all’ The Golfer said when he put his spoon and fork down and laid hsi hands on his rather full belly:)

I think this one might be a keeper! 
Have you had any surprises in the kitchen recently?

Work from home……



‘They’ are saying it’s much better for your health to work from home if it is at all possible.
Seen on a busy street in Corinto Nicaragua - December 13 2012

Self employed – be visible
Catch passing trade
Keep in touch with your local clientel
Low overheads – no high airconditioning bills


Work close to home
Secure parking
No parking fees to worry about


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