Living life the way it should be………………..

First of all I have to say I don’t usually take photos of people behind their backs and when they are unaware I’m taking them but some thing caught my eye in the park this morning that just couldn’t pass by without maybe a little laugh on my part.

There is a young couple camped just down the way from us – not tent camping but in one of those trailer affairs that unfolds into a tent.  When I went outside first thing this morning I noticed the young girl setting up a table – next thing she pops a small cloth on and proceeds to set the table for breakfast.  Nothing unusual about that – things look so quiet and peaceful (and safe in the knowledge I wouldn’t be seen) I just had to snap her as she was pouring a cup of tea.  Oblivious to all the others parked around her she really was enjoying her breakfast.


As I went back inside I looked at her from another angle – and had a chuckle.  Her milk was in the most elegant milk jug – the 2litre milk carton it came in from the supermarket. :)image

I love it when others enjoy life the way they are used to living it.

(Ignore the rubbish bins – they are a necessary evil when living this way and are emptied every morning.  Also the photo is deceiving because they are nowhere near where she in sitting)

How ya going…….

To be perfectly honest I’m going very well!  We’ve spent htis past week just resting up and enjoying the quiet times here in Bowen.  AND I’m coughless!

The Golfer has spent some time each day here




– just a five minute walk from ‘home’ – on the  ‘really lovely’ course that runs along Queen’s Beach which you can see at the far end of the second photo.  Thats the beach where I walk at least once a day.  These were taken on a really cloudy day not long after we arrived.



Our ‘home’ for these seven weeks is a little fully furnished self contained cabin – bed couch table chairs linen bedding crockery cutlery cooking utensils microwave cooktop etc etc all provided.  Just bring your food and you’re ready to go lol  It’s set at the end of the row so we aren’t hemmed in and are closer to the other travellers and their ‘vans., some of whom come for few days or are on the road permanently (doing the Big Lap) but most are here for the season leaving their homes in the southern states about May and returning in September when the weather has warmed up.



image The weather is fine and sunny, a little humid but not too hot.

As they say here – beautiful one day perfect the next!

So yes I’m going good – How about you?

More days on the road….

Leaving Goondiwindi early on a rather cool morning.  Yes I laughed about the lack of clothes in my last post but really it has been chilly all the way up the road.  There was ice on the windscreenas we began another day on the road with another 650 km to get to Rockhampton.


Quiet days drive no traffic to slow us down – taking the wheel in turns – every 2- 3 hours so we had restful times


Lunch came each day courtesy of my personal chef lol.  Lots of places provide nice clean areas for travellers to pull off the road.  Much more cheaper than stopping to buy all the time.


Journey’s end – Rockhampton, the beef capital of Australia!


This morning still chilly as we left for Mackay.  It was good to know the roads were open – The  newish electronic signs really stand out now.


There must have been loads of ‘horsey events ‘ going on this past weekend as we saw loads of horses on the road.  I saw these at a big truck stop and could only get a quick shot because another very large truck was coming my way !


Leaving Mackay this is what tells me I’m nearly there –  sugar cane as far as the eye can see .  It’s cutting time!


Late Monday afternoon and it is definitely Journey’s  End.  I’ll sleep well tonight.image




Closer and closer……

So once it was obvious my very generous man had shared his germs with me all I wanted (besides curbing the coughing and associated peeing of pants – really must do something about that pelvic floor) was to lie about and do nothing.  Food was the last thing on my mind.  I was relying on The Golfer for sustenance so was glad he had sort of ‘learnt’ from my ministering ways to him the week before. Soft boiled dippy eggs with soldiers tasted so good as did the last of the chicken soup I had in the freezer.  One sunny day I sat out with Kiera in our protected spot enjoying the warmth and lunched on cheese and crackers with the mid winter luxury of cucumber and hot house tomatoes.

Over those couple of weeks I tried to read that 100yr old man book – i tried I really did – but there was just too much going on, too many words, too much jumping around in the story line.  Humorous in parts but ridiculous in others and with the storyline jumping back in forth in time I just lost interest.  You win some – lose some.  This one went back for someone else to enjoy. imageThank you all for your ‘Get Well’ wishes after my post last week, in the end my lovely GP was right on the money when he said – give it another week and you’ll be much better.  Mind you it took 2 different courses of antibiotics, a ventolin puffer and lots of rest to do the trick.  My mother warned me that the ‘Thompson Chest’ (reference to her father, Grandad Thompson) could be a problem as I got older; seems any cold virus she happened upon always ‘went to her chest’ and that’s exactly what happened to me this winter.  The Golfer was over it after a week – double that time and more for me.

So what’s getting closer and closer?

What else but the time when I can sit by the sea in the sun on this bench :)

image6.30 am tomorrow we’ll be off up the Newell Highway on a 2,500 km (four day) drive to Bowen in Far North Tropical Queensland where we’ll take it easy for several weeks.  Then do a bit of travelling to see some caves west of Cairns before turning around and coming back home, arriving at the end of September.  I’ll drop a line here and there and let you know what we’ve been up to.

Queens Beach here we come!

All I want is a beach somewhere……

Last week I mentioned The Golfer wasn’t too well.

What I didn’t mention is that he is incredibly generous :)

Because of his generosity I haven’t been around this past week

After missing his golf last Wednesday he was generous enough

to give up his Friday game – to nurse me! :(

My lovely GP says I’ll be fine in another week :)

~ ~ ~

To put it mildly – i’m getting fed up with this cold winterimageOh, wouldn’t this be loverly!

Wordless Wednesday – Seen in Cesme


, ,

In a town full of small cobblestone streetsimage

Where the old meets the new and the modern streetsweeper needs a man with a broom to assistimage

From another small street in the mid afternoon image

Came a young girl – with shopping list and escort

imageWhere was she off to?


Was it to the family run ‘markets’?

imageOr what appeared to be the only butcher in town?


Unfortunately we’ll never know :(

This ‘almost’ Wordless Wednesday was seen in:-

 Cesme Turkey (pronounced CHESH-meh) 19 October 2014

click photos to enjoy full size

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He’s a big boy now……


, , , ,

Or is he ?

My love has a red red nose
A cough and sore throat too
I gave him the chest rub in a container coloured blue
Irish Moss that makes you go ‘yuk’ as it slides down your throat
making its way to your toesimage

As well as honey and lemon along with paracetemol to drink
There are tissues beside the lip cream to use I think

To hear him last night you would think he was at ‘deaths door’
It’s a cold I told him
Rest up – keep warm – read, drink liquids,
You’ve had one before :)

Today is Monday – golf takes place on Wednesday and Friday
My love’s other name is The Golfer.

This is the weather forecast for the week – for the golf course area
A half an hour drive away and slightly cooler than where we live


Look at Wednesday – it will be 4c/40f overnight with a slight risk of frost!
(Bl** cold as far as I’m concerned)

The course is in the foothills of The Great Dividing Range surrounded by trees, they (him and his other old golfing mates) tee off before 10am.  Even tho’ it says mostly sunny and the high forecast is 13c/55f it certainly wont have warmed up by then especially with a 90% chance of rain.

Oh dear, I certainly didn’t say the right thing when I suggested he ring the others and tell them he ‘might’ not be there on Wednesay.

I thought he was a ‘Big Boy’ ‘
grown up and accepting of all things thrown in his way

From the semi tantrum I witnessed then
Maybe not lol

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Begin at the beginning…..



During the past couple of years I saw a book mentioned on so many of the ‘Book Blogs’ I occasionally read.  It sounded so bizzare yet so much fun it had me wanting to read it.  It dutifully got listed on my ‘want to read’ list and then promptly forgotten about :)

A few weeks ago I finally got round to ordering it and will sit down over the weekend to start reading a book about an old man about to turn 100 who runs away from the place he is living and the adventures he has along the way.


 Back of Book Blurb

Escaping (in his slippers) through his bedroom window, into the flower bed, Allan makes his getaway. And so begins his picaresque and unlikely journey involving a suitcase full of cash, a few thugs, a very friendly hot-dog stand operator, a few deaths, an elephant, and incompetent police. As his escapades unfold, Allan’s earlier life is revealed. A life in which – remarkably – he played a key role behind the scenes in some of the momentous events of the twentieth century.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter 1

You might think he could have made-up his mind earlier and been man enough to inform his surrounding of his decision. But Allan Karlsson had never been given to pondering things too long.

So the idea had barely taken hold in the old man’s head before he opened the window of his room on the ground floor of the Old Folk’s Home in the town of Malmkoping and stepped out – into the flower bed

This manoeuvre required a bit of effort since Allan was 100 years old, on the very day in fact.  There was less than an hour to go before his birthday party would begin in the lounge of the Old Folk’s Home. The mayor would be there.  And the local paper.  And all the other old people.  And the entire staff led by the bad-tempered Director Alice.

It was only the Birthday Boy himself who didn’t intend to turn up….

Here’s hoping the wait has been worth it.

Have any of you read it – was it as funny as advertised?

Big things in disguise…….


, , , ,

It’s been a very small effort on my part in the knitting department this week – small in size and small in number.  Certainly not small in intention tho’.  These little (minature sized) cardigans and other like sized items are destined for special gift packs given by grief counsellors assisting mothers (and their families) in the aftermath of losing a babe pre-term.  These tiny ones are part of a program designed to help those who have a loss in the first trimester. Knit in baby 3ply on size 14/2.25mm needles they measure approx. 3ins from neck to waist and 3ins across the chest and are small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. A gentle reminder of the life that was lost.


After finishing Soldier of Fortune I’m thinking about starting another ‘old’ book.  This one is really old, written in 1815 by Sir Walter Scott, the little blue book is an old copy of Guy Mannering (aka The Astrologer) complete with thin tissue like pages covered in tiny print and looking really interesting – but then on the other hand after I took the photo this morning I had a call from the library to say my ordered copied of this little beauty had arrived at the library so it looks like the 100 year old man will be my reading matter for the next week.


And as there was no way I’d let Kiera (who is still moulting her fine brown fur in preparation for a glossy winter coat) anywhere near my white knitting the little figurene of two Burmese cats got into the in the picture instead.

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Like a teenage girl…..


, ,

Do you ever have them?  Those ‘seek and yee shall find’ weeks.  That’s how last week was for me although I’m more inclined to name it a ‘Hunt and Gather” week.

One morning in the hot pool – hunting down some warmth, no way was I going in the big pool.  Way too cold.  Gathering my thoughts on the week to come as I enjoyed the gentle exercise.

Op shop volunteer morning  – very quiet, spent most of the morning gathering and sorting donations while hunting for bargains in the stock.

Charity Knitting, fireside sitting – gathering finished garments together, then hunting through patterns and looking for suitable wool for next round of knits

View Club lunch on Friday  – hunting for a seat at a table (late getting there), then gathering lots of info on a new (to me) Probus club

Chocolate shopping – one of our girls is associated with a company that manufactures chocolate.  Open day at ‘The Shop’ meant we were hunting for yummy things to buy then gathering them into a big box to take home – after paying that is :)

A little bit of gardening one day – spent time gathering all the rubbish strewn around by the wind and hunting out the small bulbs that are starting to bloom

Then on the news one evening our lovely news reader Ian Henderson or Hendo as he is sometimes called mentioned that Winter had tightened her grip….oh yes was he right.  BTW, isn’t he lovely :) ian-henderson

It certainly was a bit on the chilly side last week and there was one night when the temp went down to freezing I was hunting around and gathering up an extra doona to go on the bed.

So where does the ‘Like a Teenage Girl’ come into all this?  Well, while I was in the hot pool I was chatting to the lady who was walking back and forth beside me and she laughingly said – this winter has been like a teenage girl.  Bright and sunny some days – wet, watery (tearful) miserable – enough to make you feel down in the dumps on others.

Thankfully we shouldn’t have to wait too long for it to change for the better.  We are over the hump in the year now – the winter solstice was yesterday – yes, the days will probably be cold for a while – then they will gradually lengthen, there will be more daylight and I will feel better.   Sounds good doesn’t it :)

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I’m beginning to think I definitely need help…………


, , ,

Oh my goodness I’m beginning to wonder if Monday is a guilt trip day.  I’ve spent all weekend wondering about something that happened  last week.

Many of you know I enjoy visiting our local animal feed/fodder store – the family run one with the drive through premises, the one that has a resident rooster along with some roaming chooks who all battle for attention, as well as a lovely shop dog called Zoe who loves to come and say hello and then alerts the ‘boss’ to the fact there’s someone in the shop.  (They do know, it’s just a little game she plays lol).  It is close to home, so easy to get to, all I have to do is drive in, say hello to Zoe, open the boot and the large bags of litter are dropped in for me.  As I said – it’s so easy, so pleasant , so reassuring.

One of our girls uses the same brand of litter and mentioned a ‘large place’ had started carrying that brand and had a special I might be interested in.  Not right on my doorstep but as I was over that way the other day I had a look.  There was no parking close by, the staff weren’t exactly helpful (it’s down there pointing way down the barn), similar to this.image


I had to get a trolley, load it myself – as in heave the big bags (30L) from a pile onto the trolley then wheel it up to the counter to be scanned.  Doesn’t end there!  The place was on a higher level than the car park so I had to manouvre the flat trolley (no sides) down a ramp and then load  into the boot.  I did ask but no-one could leave the shop/barn to help me. :(


Even though I got a very good bargain by buying more than one bag at a far better price than I would have down the road (no discount) I felt really annoyed as I drove home.

Even though I’ve been a loyal customer for quite a few years I know my purchase wouldn’t have been a make or break one for the Fodder Shop.

So why do I have these feelings of guilt?   Help – I’m stuck for an answer.

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Where oh where can it be……………


, , , ,

I looked for it here and I looked for it there


But this morning it wasn’t to be found anywhere.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then I spied it – a little ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s day!

little ray of sunshine

Looking fine from the top – and great from the bottom



Only thing to do now is see what it looked like inside


 Absolutely perfect :)

Imperial mandarins are my favourite ray of sunshine during winter in Melbourne.

Did you know:-
Mandarins originated from southern China and were named after the Chinese officials of the Imperial court the “Mandarins” who used the fruit for various medicinal purposes.
Imperials are the most popular variety because they are the first to be harvested each season. They are a golden-orange mandarin, and one of a handful of popular citrus varieties that have originated in Australia.
The variety was first recognized in Sydney in 1890. Imperials are easy to peel, have very few seeds, and can be enjoyed as a perfect portable snack.
source –

Fat free, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, they are an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A

What is cheering you up on this Friday?

A Granny knits a Granny Knit…..


, , ,

Granny knits – a disparaging  term I’ve heard some younger modern knitters call the plain and simple garments often fashioned in older styles, knit in plain and simple maybe cheaper acrylic yarns.

This week I’ve been trying to do just that – finish a waistcoat for a friend’s 2 year old grandson.  Not ‘made of money’ she provided me with a couple of balls of Spotlight’s Marvel, yes an acrylic yarn.  Ooh, when I saw the colour, my first thought was, ‘not very boyish’ but then she showed me the clothes she was sending and it seemed the obvious choice.  A cable design made it a little bit more boyish.  Just have to knit the armbands and attach the buttons and it’s ready to go.


imageSo what’s the little red book on the couch that this little Granny is reading.  An old 1956 copy of Soldier of Fortune by Ernest Gann.  I’m partial to books set in the Far East and this one is a mystery/ thriller that takes place in Hong Kong during the colonial times of the 1950s.  I’ve only managed one chapter so far so am still getting to know the characters.

Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune by Ernest K Gann

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And yes I’m late for this important date
I should have posted this yesterday on Wednesday
But then it’s still Wednesday at Ginny’s so maybe I’m forgiven :)

Wordless Wednesday – seen on Southbank


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Melbourne Victoria
Southbank Promenade – 11 December 2014

 Baci Red Lips Couch

( 2011 Rob DiVirgilio)

Baci Red Lips‘Guardians’
(play the slide show 1/9 on this link)

painted/ moulded ceramic, carved marble tops, bluestone base
2000 Simon Rigg

Guardians 1

Guardians Close up

Recorded as 56 and 57 on the Mural Studio website map of mosaics in the City of Melbourne
(see below)

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The grass isn’t always greener…..



I went back to my hairdresser last week. I’ve been seeing him for quite a while now, I like J and J knows what I like.  However there have been times when I’ve wanted something different. ‘Try mine’, an acquaintance said, ‘she’s really good’.  I loved the coffee I was offered, the chair that massaged your back while you get your hair washed, the head massage, the huge mirrors on the wall and looking at hairstyles on her iPad.  So very up to date.  Trouble was she charged like a wounded bull and didn’t listen to a word I said.  Not the end of the world I told myself, it’ll grow. Weeks later when it was time for a trim (and I was too chicken to go back to my ‘man’) I heard someone at the pool raving on about a girl in another place.  She ‘rents’ a chair in one of those walk in shops, full service but no appointment needed. Well, as I just said, I certainly couldn’t go back to my ‘man’ looking the way I did so I gave her a try. Explained I wanted my fringe trimmed and could she remove some of the straggly layers at the back so I could then start the growing one length process again.  Clip, clip, clip, not a word was spoken until I heard, ‘Oh that’s looking much better’ as the cape was whisked off, the chair was swivelled round and there she was asking how I wanted to pay.   No wonder she was cheap, 10 minutes top, I felt like I’d been on a conveyor belt lol So last week I was driving past a familiar place and took a punt, opened the shop door hoping he had a spare spot without having to wait too long.  Only one client there, ‘Cathy, how are you?  Come on in, you’re lucky I just had a cancellation.  Give me five minutes.’  No questions asked, just accepted me as I was.  J often says there are many ways to cut and style a bob – he just has to find the one to suit you and your hair and stick with it.   Yes, I heard another story about J’s Italian grandfather and the barber’s chairs that line one side of the shop but best of all I look and feel a lot better :) I think the same thing happens with blogging – we know what we like and enjoy, yet often feel there is more out there just waiting to be explored.  Trouble is we take time away from what we enjoy and end up in mess.  Lets just say that some of the blogs I ‘found’ during my recent wanders didn’t really keep me engrossed that much after all.  So I will be visiting many of my previous ‘favourites’ on a much more regular basis, acknowledging my visitors and finding a way to overcome the ‘too hard to comment’ problem on some platforms. green grass

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First Five….


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June has arrived which means Winter has arrived here in Australia.
So what were the first five days like?

Monday June 1 was the first official day of winter and this year it certainly lived up to it’s name. Coldest first day for 38 years – a chilly 4c/39f at my place first thing and even tho the rain filled grey clouds moved away for a very while and the sun shone for about an hour it didn’t get above 10c/50f.   Cold wet days need soup for lunch.

Supposed to be Bacon Thyme and Parsnip soup (recipe here)  I had to take a little bit of culinary licence though, I did have the bacon but as the bag of tiny parsnips I picked up at the greengrocers wasn’t enough I added the turnip and swede that was destined for another meal later in the week.  All out of thyme so I tossed in some dried mixed herbs – well thyme is one of them isn’t it?? I also used the chicken stock made from the carcass of our last rotisserie chook and added some milk rather than cream.  Nothing like the original but very tasty if I do say myself :)image
Tuesday was also cold, maybe a smidgeon warmer than Monday but still C&A weather as my mother would call it (‘coats an ‘ats’ fondly referring to a very old department store we used to shop at years ago.  Sadly now closed in UK).  Too cold and wet (for my liking) to walk outside so to the gym I went.  So did every other senior in the eastern suburbs – it was packed with oldies!  I spent part of the afternoon playing around trying to master the new microwave – who remembers my Thursday post from last week?  Yes, something else happened lol. Not the same brand as the last one, this has different bells and whistles which means I need the manual (going to need it handy for a while I think :)

The Golfer got to wear his new pair of ‘little boy ski pyjamas’ overnight – so called because our boys always wore this style when they were little.  Much more stylish than the grandpa button up flanelette ones lol  He’s beginning to feel the cold – so different to the man who always slept in the nuddy until just a few years ago.



Little boy pyjamas

The chilly start to Wednesday fizzled out by lunchtime and the afternoon was sunny dry and warm – not summer warm obviously but warm enough for me not to grizzle about finishing the annual rose prune.  This was the last bed – not a perfect cut I know- I lost my patience with some of these ones so will have to get the saw out on another day before we go away.  Look at the early spring bulbs showing their greenery.  Oh, and I picked up two fabulous ‘silk’ scarves from the op shop in the morning.  They are an easy way to dress up a plain windcheater.

2015 June 3image
Thursday started off dry and sunny with a distinct ‘nip’ in the air.  Apart from making sure I got to the gym really early (to beat the crowd ) there was just one little job I definitely had to do and that was to spend part of the day finishing off (sewing up and placing the last of the buttons on) these small cardigans.  I managed that and had them packed and handed over to my contact who delivers to the ‘Knit one Give one’ charity. by noon.   Maybe not as many in this half yearly parcel as in previous years – I was aiming at using lots of ‘left overs’ – half or small balls of various colours for the girls cardigans…..I had oodles of 3ply and 4 ply (plain colurs and white) and as that’s not my favourite ply to knit with I combined 3ply + 4ply together or 4ply + 4ply (plain colour plus white) to knit the boys cardigans.  Same size pattern – different designs – different sizes.  I’m sure there are some little 6-12 month old babes in need and KOGO will find them.

That little nip turned into a full blown bite later when the sky clouded over and the rain came down.  It was back indoors for us both – a repeat of Jag and unplanned viewing of the ‘delights of afternoon television’ for The Golfer and the start of an old book Soldier of Fortune (Ernest Gann) for me.  Our protected deck is great in winter when the sun is shining and there is little wind – not so good when it is really cold and miserable.




It was just getting light when I got up on Friday – there was a hint of sunshine over the houses at the back which had turned into more than a promise when I looked out the front at 8am.  That was all I needed – The Golfer left to meet his ‘mates’ and (what else but) golf – and as soon as the usual ‘chores’ were done, it was on with my walking shoes and I couldn’t get out the door fast enough to…… walk.  There were so many ‘regulars’ in the park taking advantage of this break in the weather that, what with talking to the humans and their dogs as well as taking piccies of anything that looked interesting, I was out of the house for a couple of hours and, guess what, my back and legs didn’t play up once.   After an afternoon pottering around in the garden I declared it to be a glorious day :)


 This was the forecast on Friday morning for the coming week
we do need the rain – but are really happy when the sun shines
and it’s not freezing cold :)


Temperatures Celcius Farenheit

What were the first five days of June like where you live?  Sun Snow Rain Hail?

Why so glum chum??


, ,

Well that’s exactly what I asked myself when I found this photo in one of the boxes.  Who remembers the boxes – which aren’t quite as full as they were but certainly nowhere near empty lol  It was a sunny day, we were having fun in a park and then The Golfer mentioned a photo to record the day.  Looks like I certainly didn’t want that to happen.

1972 was a strange year, we had struggled to sell our house, something that needed to be done so we could finalise migration procedures.  There should have been smiles all round in this photo because we had just been to Australia House to advise them we’d jumped that last hurdle and could they set the wheels in motion, give us a ‘date’ and arrange our flights. Looking back now I think it was at that moment when reality set in and there was no going back.

1972 Early Summer Park

1972 Early Summer Park

This next one was there in the box as well.  Yes it’s another one of ‘my favourite five and me’ on another sunny day; this time on a day out with my mother, the children’s grandmother.  I might have mentioned my strained relationship with my mother, and if ever I should have been looking glum this is the photo that should have recorded it.  But no, it was laughs and giggles most of the day – from me. the kids and mum.  If I remember correctly this was the ‘now make funny faces’ for the camera one :)

1972 Late Summer Lincoln

1972 Late Summer Lincoln

The kids and I had spent most of their summer holidays in the town where mum and dad were living – a four hour drive from our place.  Once they were back at school we’d be busy packing up the house and all that went with a move like that knowing there’s be no time for an extended stay.  I think it was then on that day I finally ‘forgave’ mum for the troubled times we’d been through earlier on in my life as well as after I married (so many buttons were pushed by us both) and just went with the flow and accepted the way she was.

Yes I know – this is the sort of thing that happens when you grow older.  Wonder which photographs my children will ponder on?  Is it possible they will have memories of those two days?  Perhaps I should ask them and see what they say – what do you think?

One plus one plus two more……..


, , , , , , ,

One plus One plus One plus another = contentment


One plus one could mean a sunny day and the chance to read
Or maybe it could be knitting with company?



Put all four together and thats what I enjoyed one day last week.


A beautiful sunny morning with nothing planned meant I was able to sit out on the deck, read, knit and enjoy the sight of Kiera slumbering her day away.

Enjoying some of the late Autumn sunshine made warmer by the outside blinds – definitely welcomed by both myself and Kiera.

Knitting cotton dishcloths – special requests from several poolside acquaintances.  Means I can use up thinner ply by using two strands together and reduce my ‘stash’.   (I found mention of the Waffle pattern on one of Rhonda’s posts way back in 2008 but you can find it here.  I’m making these ones slightly larger)

Rereading ‘Chocolat by Joanne Harris’ – made easy by propping the page open with a coaster. :).  Life in a small French village changed by the arrival of a young mother who opens a chocolat shop right across the road from the local church.  It tells of her relationship with the priest and the villagers as well as their relationships with each other.


A good day indeed!

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