D is for….



D is for Dad and also for Daughter

Today I want to say Thank You to my Dad who loved his 3 daughters

From me (the oldest) all the way down to the youngest

I know that each of us in our own special way
had control of our own little corner of his heart

Happy Father’s Day Dad

From you I received a love of music and dance and laughter

Plus a never ending respect of family

We all know that without Fathers there wouldn’t be Daughters 😊


TGIF….Time for Fun



Have you ever wondered how long you are going to live?

 I know I have.

~ ~ ~ ~


Are you interested in how long a life you can expect to live?

Just for the fun of it

Have a look at this site – answer the questions- and see what’s in store for you!


I’m thinking mine might be just about spot on – see what comes up for you.

 Remember it’s Friday – the day of the week dedicated to Fun 😊😊

Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)



Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme in which words are used as a prompt – bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them.

River has been providing the words this month and this is what I made of them this week 😊

Tom and Tim 3 – Trouble follows the twin named Tim (or was it Tom)

Tom had always been a complaisant child, appearing willing to help, doing as others wanted him to do. Never grumbling, just getting on with it – sometimes just to keep the peace, like when Tim objected to doing what their parents deemed to be shared jobs on the farm. It was this trait that got him into hot water or maybe it was this trait that helped Tim get him into trouble.

Many years beforehand the nuns at school welcomed Tom and his willing nature but had always had reservations about Tim and his bouts of bedevilment.  The subversive teasing and tormenting of younger ones in the playground or on the school bus was becoming a problem which didn’t seem to slow down no matter how many times his parents met with the parish priest and the bus driver.

‘That child will be the death of me’ his mother was often heard to exclaim. ‘He’ll change’ said his father ‘It’s just high jinks, I was the same at his age’. The parish priest silently thought the father was clutching at straws if he thought that was going to happen.

Now even though the boys accepted the companionship of being twins (a ready playmate when they were younger, someone to talk to about a new horse their father may have purchased) views and attitudes changed as time went by; that closeness disappearing to be replaced by a feeling of being in competition with each other.

Not long after the B&S Ball the local council decided the hall – which had previously been the Mechanics Institute – needed a new roof.  It was the same month the rates had been struck and many of the locals were not too happy with the new costs and constantly put forward hardship requests, being unable to pay due to (real or imagined) extenuating circumstances.

‘Tell you what’ Councillor Tim said, I’ll consult with Tom and see if he’s got a mate who can fix it.  He’ll be able to get someone to give us a quote by using his computer.’  Unfortunately Tom’s mates didn’t extend to roofing contractors but that didn’t deter his brother’s need to get the roof fixed – on the cheap.  ‘You can do it Tom, didn’t you learn all that stuff at Uni about houses and roofs’  ‘Architecture is not the same thing’ replied Tom knowing in his bones he would agree to do something he didn’t really want to do.

They laughed about it later.  A little familiarity had returned to their relationship.

Tim had come up with a weird scaffolding concoction instead of a ladder to give them a sideways view of the roof.  Mr and Mrs T lived next door to the hall and unfortunately Tim hadn’t noticed Mrs Ts car was parked nearby, so when his foot slipped the plastic bag containing the meat pies and takeaway coffee which he’d picked up earlier with the intention of killing two birds with one stone (lunch and getting Tom to look at the roof) landed with a big splat right there on the roof.

Mrs Ts husband Trevor was not happy – he was cleaning out their gutters in preparation for painting the eaves below and only saw Tom looking down from the hall’s rooftop.  Tom was the one who ended up paying for the cleaning and polishing of the car – Tim had said he’d go halves but there was always some reason why the money never eventuated.  A bit like the local rate payers and their pleas of extenuating circumstances.

Wordless Wednesday- Seen from my front door.


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Spring arrives in two days time – on the first day of September

Not too sure about that – if the forecast temps and these photos are to believed

~ ~ ~ ~

 Sunday 27 August 2017 8.25 am – Freezing cold (3c/37f) Wet

 Blue skies masked by very black rain clouds.

 Monday 28 August 2017 8.25am – Freezing cold (3c/37f) Foggy

No sky to be seen!

 Oh, Spring – I’m really hoping you wrote that date on your calendar 😊

Wordless Wednesday – The day when bloggers let their photos do the talking

Our World Tuesday- The world at your fingertips

Nature Notes – The place to open your eyes to see the beauty of nature

Skywatch Friday – View the skies from around the world

Animal Vegetable Mineral


, ,

Years ago back in the 1950s (when I was very very young 😊) there was a show on BBC tv called ‘Animal Vegetable Mineral’ where experts would give one of those names to various articles presented to them.  Most of it went over my head but I do remember they didnt always agree on the classification.

In a mildly similar way Surprised Annoyed Disappointed have been on my lips this week and I can’t seem to agree with myself on which one to use in which situation.

Our Sandwich Maker went on the blink, well it was more a case of the teflon coating wearing off and things sticking to the cross beam that cuts the bread.  Because there  are so many things out in our garage that have been upgraded one of us said ‘if we get another one we won’t need this one and even though it still works it’s going in the bin’ (Not me!)  Down at the Good G’s place one of us made the decision to buy a model that didn’t cut but just marked the toasted sandwich so we could leave it as a whole slice or cut in half as we wanted (Not me!)  Discovering that no matter how much butter is put on the outside of the bread it comes out dry, over cooked and ‘flattened’ with an undercooked filling did not go well with one of us ( that’d be me) Consequently  it looks like we need to experiment’ with cooking time!

* Surprised Annoyed Or Disappointed – doesn’t matter which one I choose I’m still mourning the loss of my old one that gave me nice plump toasted sandwiches cut in two!

A few years ago I discovered a ‘new to me’ author Tracy Chevalier and wrote about this find in 2013 , since then I’ve been reading and enjoying all her books and eagerly looking forward to each new release.  I knew there was another being released some time this year so when my ordered copy arrived at the library the other day I was down there like a shot.  Note to self – keep in mind all those little snippets you read about authors.

I vaguely remembered something I read a while ago about modern authors being involved in a project where Jane Austen’s books were being ‘rewritten‘ – and it seems something similar is in progress at the moment using Shakespeare’s works.  Tracy Chevalier’s latest release is her take on Othello – a thin book of only 188 pages about a play I didn’t study at school or have any real knowledge about the storyline.

* Surprised Annoyed or Disappointed –  makes no difference because I’ll still read the book even though I would have loved it to be a ‘real’ make believe novel.

Do you remember Doug 2, the big teddy I was/I am making for the Gt Grandson – well I mentioned it to his mum when they were here and how I hoped he’d love it.  I knew all about her recent problems but didn’t expect her reply.  ‘Grandma, he’s not really into soft toys and I don’t have anywhere to put it.  Might be better to give it on his second birthday’  I just smiled and said OK.

* Surprised Annoyed or Disappointed – no matter what, Doug will be made.  Perhaps a little more leisurely because there’ll be more time to do so; more time to think about the little lad who will receive it.  Much more love put into it 😊😊

Well, it’s Monday, can’t sit around musing all morning.  Bed to be made, dishes to be done, washing put on  Oh heck I lie, I’m going to have a lazy day reading a new book with possibly a nice cheese and ham toasted sandwich for lunch and maybe do a bit more sewing on Doug this afternoon.  His head needs fixing so he can think more easily 😊😊

How’s ‘your‘ Monday going?

Are you reflecting on anything that happened recently?

~ ~ ~

MicroBlog Monday is found at Mel’s blog



It’s back….



After a bit of a break it’s back.

 Definitely not as frequent or in the numbers that was arriving weeks ago but it’s definitely back.  

Reading about the amount other bloggers receive I will be the first to admit mine is minimal.  

Never the less it’s back!

Does this look familiar to anyone?

I took this screen shot last week – unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be as clear here as in ‘real life’

They’ve upped the ante since then and there’s loads more now.


 Who are they – Why do they do it – What do they get out of it?

Thank goodness it goes in the spam folder 

Click at your peril I think!



Learn to stand on their own two feet….



So the baby came to visit.

The 6 month old baby that quickly turned us into gibberish speaking fools 😊

The baby that wormed his way into the heart of the man who once asked me

‘Why do people treat babies and children like new toys’

This hard hearted at times but biggest softie most of the time man rightly or wrongly holds the opinion that children won’t get anywhere in life if they don’t learn to stand on their own two feet!

So once he had succumbed to the charms of his first Great Grandson it appeared he felt Bentley needed a bit of early help in learning that skill.

Educational play he called it lol

Looks like he taught him well 😊








The sad thing is that this little lad might need that skill much earlier than most do because his mum and dad have decided to go their own ways.  Luckily they have lots of family and friend support in their own city as well as the baby talking eejits down here in Melbourne 😊😊

Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)



Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme where words are provided as prompts – bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them.

This month River is providing the words.  Here is my effort for this week

Tom and Tim 2 – More Time with the Twins

Tom was in a very pensive mood that evening. It was near dusk – that time of the day when it is neither day nor dark – and as he looked out of the window his mind slipped back many years to another dusky evening. His mother and Tim featured in his thoughts as well as Vera.

Vera, who later was to become the love of his life, had first appeared on Tim’s arm at the B&S Ball in the country town where they were living at the time.

Their father had been thrown from a horse and being unable to work meant their mother had to turn her hand to all sorts of things to pay the bills. Her love of knitting enabled her to spin from the fleece of their own sheep and sell the hand knits on market day. She was also a talented seamstress having the knack of being able to look at a picture in a magazine, take some measurements, agree on a day, and at the allocated time hand over a perfectly fitting finished garment

Reflecting on their turbulent upbringing trying to cope with an angry invalid father Tom remembered that however slapdash and indifferent his mother to them she was well known for her love of unusual fabrics as well as her desire to give her customers ‘perfection to die for’. That was her slogan – unfortunately perfection, unusual fabrics along with curiosity would cause havoc on the night of the ball.

The twin’s mother had made most of the dresses the local girls wore but not Vera’s.  So when, just as the light was failing at dusk on a warm summer’s evening, this vision of loveliness dressed in the most exquisite amethyst coloured silk gown made from fabric so fine it resembled gossamer floated into the hall on Tim’s arm there was gasp from all the local girls.

Right there and then Tom had a funny feeling something was going to happen – and sure enough it did.

Tim introduced Vera to all and sundry knowing his mother was over in the kitchen and would be itching to find out what was happening. The committee had decided pork roasts were to be cooked for supper and she, as well as chatting away with the other kitchen helpers, was supervising some youngsters who were slicing apples to make the accompanying sauce.

Making their way round the room they had stopped by the kitchen door to talk with old Trevor about the security that had been arranged for all the utes (and dogs) out in the paddock serving as a car park when Vera let out a scream.

Tom rushed over to find that Mother, fortified by a couple of port and lemons drunk earlier with the other ladies, had lifted the hem of Vera’s exquisite dress to examine the fine gossamer like material just as Mrs T walking past with a roasting pan slipped on some of the apple sauce dropped by one of youngsters and deposited one rather large pork roast onto the back of the dress by way of bouncing off the top of Vera’s very modern back combed beehive hairdo!

Oh it was perfect! Mother Vera and Mrs T cried in unison.

What was perfect? cried Tom

The dress – cried Mother.

My hair – cried Vera.

The roast – cried Mrs T

Why don’t you make your way over to River’s and see what other have contributed.

Wordless Wednesday – A man and his likes



Seen on the foreshore of Batumi, Georgia

13 October 2014

A man who knows what he likes

Taken by the one he loves 😊

Seen in a restaurant Melbourne Victoria

20 August 2017

A Gt Grandad who knows what he likes

Taken by the one who loves them both ❤️❤️

Today is Wednesday- guess where The Golfer is 😊

(and it’s not with me or the baby!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wordless Wednesday

The day when bloggers post photos that speak for themselves.


Definitions of Concentration….


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Definitions of Concentration

* The act or process of concentrating especially the fixing of close undivided attention

* Intense mental application: complete attention.

* http://www.thefreedictionary.com/concentration

Can you do several things at once or are you a one thing at a time person?

Are you able to concentrate with loads of things going on around you or do you need peace and quiet to hear yourself think?

I need quiet to do bookwork and certain crafts yet if I’m in the car I need the window open to hear the other traffic so I can concentrate on the road and know what’s going on around me.

If only the person driving two cars behind me had remembered that definition* the other day as we were approaching a red light – before giving me the fright of my life by slamming into the back of the car between them and me.  Quick thinking by the driver of the middle car meant he swerved slightly and missed me by a whisker!

It’s Monday and I’m still muttering about it!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cross stitch is a craft that needs my undivided attention – otherwise I end up miscounting  I should learn from experience it is hard to concentrate when The Golfer is nearby and in a ‘silly mood’ 😊

Come the winter Kiera concentates on giving the fire her undivided attention 😊

Isn’t childhood concentration a joy to behold.  Here’s one of our sons aged about 3 lining up cars and blocks completely oblivious to all about him.

Microblog Monday is found at Mel’s blog

Food on a Friday – It’s that time of the year again.


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Aunty Pam’s recipe comes out for its annual airing

complete with her ticks from years gone by

These are easier to cook at this time of the year  – no hot kitchen 😊

Greaseproof tops and bottoms cut, calico covers ready,

Bowls waiting to be filled then steamed

Several small ones this year – no need for large when only two eat it

They can be kept in the fridge or even the freezer

An ‘instant’ pudding when fancied during the year.

Delicious hot with custard – or cold with ice cream 😊

All ready for steaming – small basins only need 4hrs 😊


The photos below were taken as a record a few years ago – voilà

Aunty Pam’s Christmas Pudding – good enough to eat 😊


Have you cooked anything extra special recently?


Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)



Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme where words are provided and bloggers make what they can of them.

This month River is providing the words.  This is my effort 😊

Tom and Tim 1 – Time with the Twins

Tom was puffing so much when he got to the top of the hill he really thought he was about to pass out. He once again told himself he must lose some weight especially now Tim had suggested a few days away together would be a good thing for them both.

These past few days as he readied himself for his morning shave he had stood there looking at himself in the mirror, frowning as he noticed how much further back his hairline had receded.

His brother Tim had confused him by talking about a fishing  trip in The Territory when he was under the impression they were going to South Australia. Seems the fish were bigger and better up there and you could catch something almost every time you put your rod in the water.

Once upon a time Tim had been the Supreme Champion in the fly fishing club but had conceded defeat after the terrible goings on at last year’s championship event.

Each fisher was supposed to make their own flies but because the arthritis in his fingers had become a problem he had done a despicable deed and got a youngster to make them (under my tutorage he protested when the truth came out)

Oh well, thought Tom, maybe this trip will do us both good. We both deserve a treat. Being twins meant they’d shared so much during their lives, another birthday together wasn’t going to harm them.

He thought of the fun they’d had on the last one his mother had organised for them with a banner over the door and candles on each of their cakes. That had been eight years ago – maybe he’d better put some flowers on her grave before they went away.

Why don’t you pop over to River’s and see what other bloggers have contributed

It’s The Real Thing….


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I think I’ve mentioned a few times over the years how much I like lighthouses.  There are some that are tall and ‘graceful’ – others are short and aquat – and even more  that fall in between.  All flashing their lights in a regular fashion, playing their part in keeping those on the sea safe.  If we’re anywhere near the coast with a lighthouse to be seen it’s a sure bet there’ll usually be a picture or two coming home on my camera with me 😊

This one is down on the south west coast of Victoria at Port Fairy – just a short walk from town, sitting there facing the Southern Ocean complete with a bench to take in the view.

The one below is on Stone Island at Bowen Queensland.  There is a great carnival atmosphere in town the day of the lowest tide for the year because that’s the day The Walk to the Lighthouse takes place.  Click on the photo to see the line walking over on the exposed sandbar – we certainly had lots of fun!
Coincidentally they both have a football team (albeit different codes) called The Seagulls 😊

Tucked away on the south coast of the Canadian province of Labrador (which is across the Strait of Belle Isle off the north west coast of Newfoundland) you’ll find the Point Armour Lighthouse.

According to  this website as well as this one, at 33m/109ft it is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada and the second tallest in all of Canada.  It was on our list of ‘things to see’ during our 2013 Canadian trip.  As we drove up the gravel drive we mentioned to each other that it didn’t really look all that tall. But once we’d clambered out of the car into the gale force wind and struggled to reach the original keepers house we’d changed our mind.  It was enormous !

Point Armour (near L’Anse Armour) Labrador

I’ve just finished rereading The Light between Oceans – a tale about a young lighthouser keeper and his wife stationed on a light just after the First World War.  It was situated on an island quite a distance from the coast of Western Australia and these are some of her thoughts about the waters the lighthouse ‘guards’


Here the Indian Ocean washed into the Great Southern Ocean and together they stretched like an edgeless carpet below the cliffs.  On days like this it seemed so solid she had the impression she could walk to Madagascar in a journey of blue upon blue

Reading that reminded me of the seas at Point Armour.  They also seemed to stretch on and on forever.  Unfortunately the wind was so strong (and cold) that day I only took a couple of photos outside and for some reason I didn’t take any from the top of the building – there was so much to concentrate on (climbing over a hundred steps to the top for one thing) I was worried I’d drop my camera.

As I said reading Isabel’s description of her seas looking like a carpet of blue stretching out into the distance reminded me of the the waters below this lighthouse.  They just went on and on – not to Madascar – but north to the Atlantic and south to the Gulf of St Lawrence (and all ports in between 😊)


It was a bit like reading the book and seeing the film.  Similar but not the same.  Somehow I think ‘the real thing’ is going to stay there in my memory long after the words in the book!

As usual click photos for a different view.


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I have often wondered…..


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I heard a song on the radio the other day that brought back a memory – something I remember being said about a family member.

‘She died from a broken heart’

These are some of my Mum’s family taken about 1940 during WW2.  An aunt, a brother in uniform, some cousins and their children  All hoping things will change and they can go on living the way they used to.  Of course we all know it was quite a few years before that happened.


Mum’s cousin on the right (known to me as Aunty Lena) was married to a naval officer who was on submarines.  When he and all aboard were lost at sea in 1942 she became a young widow with a young child and did as all widows at that time had to do – put on a brave face and get on with it.  She died in 1951 aged 44.

Even though I was only 9 at the time I can clearly remember family saying:-

‘Never mind what the death certificate says, we all know she died from a broken heart’

As an aside, you occasionally hear of people dying not long after traumatic events (the loss of husbands/wives/partners or other family) and I have often wondered and maybe you have also if that could actually be true – not the dying but the broken heart bit 😊

Well, it seems there could be some truth in the saying after all.

This article popped up on a website I subscribe to – it and others I’ve discovered suggest it is possible in some cases to Die from a Broken Heart.  Fairly close to the trauma that is but it didn’t say it couldn’t happen or wasn’t possible 9yrs later.

It would be sentimentaly nice to think Aunty Lena died of a broken heart and not from complications after a bout of pneumonia.

What Musical Memories do you have on this Monday ?

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Just look what happens……


Now this is for your eyes only

Don’t you tell anyone I showed you 😊

Can you see what happens when I take my eye off the ball for a few days

 Yes, a change comes over the ‘usually’ tidy house

Certainly not a good look 😒

No wonder I can’t find room to cook lol

We had some sunshine outside and who wants to do housework??

Certainly not me 😎

Don’t worry I’ll get round to it

 Sometime 😊😊

A round of golf anyone?


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It’s Friday and we’ve done a lot of living, loving and travelling recently.  Maybe it’s time for some fun and laughter.  Yes – No.  What do you think?

Inbox jokes, no matter how old come in handy

This one is for all the Golfers out there 🙂

50 Shades of Golf

Four friends, long time mates, had been going on the same golfing trip for many years.

A couple of days before the group was to leave Jack’s wife puts her foot down and tells him he is not going.

Jack’s buddies are very upset that he can’t go, but what can they do?

Two days later the three get to St. Andrews only to find Jack sitting at the bar with four drinks set up!

‘Wow, Jack, how long you been here, and how did you talk your old lady into letting you go?’

‘I’ve been here since last night!

Yesterday I was sitting in my living room chair and the wife comes up behind me, puts her hands over my eyes and says ‘Guess who?’

I pulled her hands off and there she was wearing nothing but a see-through nightie.

She took my hand and pulled me into our bedroom.

There were candles and rose petals all over the place.

Well turns out she had been reading 50 Shades of Grey and lying there on the bed were handcuffs, a blindfold, and ropes!

She told me to put the blindfold on her, then tie her up and cuff her to the bed.

So I did.

Then she said ‘Do whatever you want.’

So…..here I am!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have to admit The Golfer has been on my mind this past few weeks – he is fine and well now and yes, back on the golf course.😊

It was a case of men and their (very topical) internal physical problems.  So all you fellas out there don’t ignore unusual symptoms- get things checked out.

Thank you for all the comments and email messages you’ve been leaving – not only have I been lax in replying to many of them but I have also been very lax in visiting you.  I certainly hope to get back on top of it very soon.
Bye for now

Trying a new blogging app….


, ,

Lately (when using my iPad) I’ve been having minor problems with the wordpress site as well as their app and even contemplated moving back to Blogger/blogspot until I remembered Blogger discontinued their ‘free’ app – and being the tight a*** that I am I refuse to buy it.

Anyway I’ve discovered one that might possibly be useful when the other is playing up.  It’s a freebie called BlogPad Pro.

I’m not looking for anything elaborate just something where I can start, save and then come back and edit, maybe add a piccie or two and not go through too many hoops to do so.  One thing that appeals to me is that it seems I can draft posts off line, then when I have internet access move them to ‘Live’ before publishing.  Would/Will be handy when travelling.

Playing with it is a learning curve – simple but not simple. Let see how it goes 😊



A Lingering look at Windows on Fogo Island……



Fogo island – a small island off the northern coast of Newfoundland


One of the places we visited on our last trip (2013) to see The Golfer’s extended family in the Maritimes. We took a quick walk up the street from our B&B in Fogo and disovered this beautiful old house full of windows and turrets.

We stood there for a while trying to capture each and every aspect of this wonderful house

Side views showed a change in colour – weathering no doubt from years of sun, snow, storms and sea air.

Windows in every conceivable place – long cold winters mean less daylight

   The decorative gables, shaped shingles in the upstairs attic area and finials on the turrets and roof gave it a gingerbread house look.

   We would have liked to have seen the other end (on the right hand side) but the curtains twitched and we knew we might overstay our welcome.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dawn (The Day After) highlights the beauty of wiindows in her monthly meme

A lingering look at Windows

She posts on the first Thursday of each month but participants are welcome at any time.


What is it about mens shirts?…..


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I’ve a feeling this is going to be another of my ‘hodgepodge’ posts where I know what I’m trying to say but can’t find the right words to describe it.

Before I married The Golfer we joked about things we’d do as a married couple and laughed at the things we felt we shouldn’t be doing.  When I said in all seriousness ‘I won’t be ironing shirts’ he just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.  It didn’t seem to bother him, he was in the air force and used to doing his own ironing.  If the truth be told I was a bit worried about not doing it correctly – I’d never had to iron a man’s shirt before and as he’d mentioned in passing how his mother had never seemed to iron the collars properly I decided (rightly or wrongly) it wasn’t going to be my responsibility.

Anyway circumstances had it that for all of his working life (in several professions) he wore a clean business type shirt each day and except for the odd occasion when he was extremely busy I laundered and he would iron them. Much much more professionally than I ever did – no questions asked 😊

I saw a tv programme only just a few years ago – one of those where young couples openly air their grievances while discussing problems within their marriages.  One newly wed young man complained his wife refused to wash and iron his shirts!  Her explanation was ‘I don’t wear them so why should I wash and iron them.  He’s big enough to do them himself.  It’s not my fault his mother did them before we married.’  For the life of me I cannot remember what advice was given to the young couple on how to settle their differences.

These days when the mood takes me I watch a supposedly serious but quite funny dating show on SBS called ‘If You Are the One’. Made in China with subtitles it involves 24 women ‘interviewing and interrogating’ men in the hope of finding a Mr Right.   Some of the questions seem quite strange but there’s usually a reason behind them.

One young girl asked if the young man ‘would wash her undies’.  ‘If I had to I suppose, he said. They’d go in the machine with everything else’  ‘And, she said, would I have to do your washing, your shirts and other things’   ‘Well if you were busy I suppose I could do them myself’

After a little digging (gentle questioning) by the host, it emerged that in a previous relationship this young girl’s partner had insisted (to the point of being violent) she do all the household work including his washing and ironing as he sat around doing nothing, even though they both held jobs with status.


Yes, here it is Monday (the traditional wash day) and I’m just wondering

Why it is that even in these days of so called shared responsibilities laundry is still regarded as women’s work?

What have we done to our sons to make them think this way?

Is it too much of this?


Having daughters help in the home


Maybe not enough of this?!

And what is it about men’s shirts that causes such mixed feelings in households 😊😊

Do you have any thoughts at all on this issue?

Laundry – Shared Housekeeping – Parenting – (Family Violence)

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A Winter Walk…….


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A couple of days ago I mentioned how cool it had been during the week – I’m writing this on Saturday and it looks like the weather man agreed with me.

After my trip to the pool on Tuesday I was determined to keep the body moving so on a very cool cold foggy Wednesday morning it was on with coat wooly hat and gloves and out i went – up the road to my favourite reserve.  Kiera decided on a spot near the fire to wait for my return 😊

As I said it was a very foggy, looks like the sky was falling down, low light morning – even on the low light feature my photos look dull – I haven’t altered them because I want to remember the morning as it was.  Clicking will enlarge

Not another silly bugger soul in sight as I looked up past the pond and began to think the resident ducks had migrated to warmer places,  then turned back and saw they’d all come out of hiding.

Some were keeping their feet dry – while others were looking for lunch!


And here’s a group of Purple Swamphens – this is not their usual behaviour.  I’ve never seen them rush up from their wetland waterhole – like ducks looking for something toeat – they potter around feeding on the grassy slopes, and tend to stay clear of people.  I think this winter must have been hard on them.Oh dear what a miserable looking waterhole this is  – not very interesting is it.  Can’t see a thing on the horizon except grey skies.

Look below and admire the view of the nearby Dandenong Ranges we get from that spot on a sunny day  Yes, those are the infamous tv masts that sit on The hilltops visible for miles around.  No matter where we’re coming from once I can see them in the distance I know I’m nearly home 😊

So it was up the hill past the old school oval which is now an off lead dog park – couldn’t see or hear anyone.  Nobody around but me.  And looky here – there’s my resting spot.  If you compare this photo with the one of the masthead you can see how much growth has taken place in not very many years.  It’s a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by on a warm dry day.  Not today tho’!

Down the hill and back to the bridge, heard a flapping of wings as I went over.


A big black and white bird was perched on the railing.  I’d no idea what it was.

It just sat there for ages looking around not in the least bit bothered by me snapping away.







That’s better!

If you stand up straight I can look you up in my bird book when I get home

I cheated and checked the reserve’s website to see what birds frequent the area then looked it up in my bird book 😊

It’s a Little Pied Cormorant !

(or Little Shag)



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You learn something new every day…..



He first came into my life at the end of June 2011 and I wrote about my feelings at that time, the time of our first meeting.


I named him Lance (2) just like his predecessor and we have travelled many many kilometres together in all sorts of weather- mostly good but also some that could be classed as bad.

However this past Tuesday morning was the first time he showed how much he cared for me (and my safety) and made me laugh when he did so 😊

Just as an aside last week (not this one just gone but the one before)  was a rotter of a week.  No details really needed ‘cept to say The Golfer fancied a ride in an ambulance at 2am  on the Tuesday morning, spent most of the day in A&E at Maroondah then was transferred to Box Hill. There were several days when Lance and I shared time constantly driving up and down Whitehorse Road to Box Hill Hospital so I could say ‘Hello and how are you today’.  Exhausting for all us!

I didn’t really notice the weather (that’s a first for me!) until this Tuesday when I decided it was time to freshen up and get the body back into gear again by spending some time at the pool.  It was about 7.30am and a bit on the chilly side when I climbed into Lance and turned the key – up pops a little symbol on the dashboard suggesting the roads might be icy!  What was that – I’d never seen that warning before.

The temp on the dashboard said 3c, ok, ‘they’ had suggested 5c for our neighbourhood, obviously ‘they’ were out by a degree or two, can’t get it right all the time can ‘they’ lol  Not an icy road to be seen anywhere tho’  The same thing happened when I got back in to drive home.

So I dug around the glovebox, found the handbook and there it was on the right hand side, at the top of page 55 in Instruments and controls.

The very same little symbol!

Well well – would you look at that.  The cause of that little warning coming on is because the outside temp is 3c/37f or lower.  Looks like Lance 2 decided to use it for the first time – only took him 6 years to find out where the switch was 😊😊

Yes, whether you want to or not, you could learn something new each day!

The Blonde and the….


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I’ve been back on the family history trail again this past week.  Delving into census can be really interesting because as well as giving an idea of family size and circumstances it also provides information on occupations.

I was talking about this with a friend and for some reason the talk turned to our first jobs and how all the things related to those jobs that had sounded so easy were in the beginning so hard to grasp.  (You have to remember this was quite a while ago when the office junior was given what girls these days might think were menial things to do). Anyway one of her duties was to make tea/coffee for ‘the bosses’ and she had me in stitches as she recalled that simple task and all the mistakes she made.  ‘You’d have thought I was a dumb blonde (her words) instead of someone with high marks in all my secretarial studies’ she said!

And all this leads up to a couple of Blonde Jokes I came across the other day 😊

The Blonde and the Census Taker

The census taker rang the doorbell and was greeted by an attractive blonde woman.  He explained he was from the Census Bureau and wanted to know how many people were in the family.

Let me see, she said, twirling a strand of her hair in her fingers, there’s me, my husband and our children Beth, Steven, Aaron, Janice, Caroline, Will…

We’re not interested in names, the census taker interrupted, numbers will be sufficient.

Oh no, we don’t use numbers, the blonde replied, we haven’t run out of names yet!

The Blonde and the Coffee Thermos

A young blonde had just started her first job and was very eager to please.  One of her first jobs was to go out for coffee so she walked to a nearby coffee shop carrying a large thermos flask.

When the barista finally noticed her she held up the thermos and asked ‘Is this big enough to hold 6 cups of coffee’

The barista looked at the flask, hesitated for a few seconds, then finally said, ‘Yeah it looks like about 6 cups to me’

‘Good’ she said,

‘Give me two regular, two black, and two decaf’


I love Blonde Jokes – they help with Monday Mutters and Moans

For a good part of a former life I was a Blonde and I was always muttering on a Monday – about how I wished it was Fun Friday 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Black or White? Sugar? #weekendcoffeeshare


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Gosh it’s been a while hasn’t it – since we – as in – you, me and everyone else, got together for coffee and cake

If we were sitting there enjoying each other’s company I’d be able to tell you the past couple of weeks have been entertaining to say the least 😊😊

The day after Dunkirk was released here The Golfer and I managed to get to a local showing.  I went along so we’d get full use of a Christmas gift card (being dated 12 months unless there are films that interest us it’s a case of ‘use it or lose it’) and had thought I’d have a snooze in the comfy reclining seats during any ‘blood and gore’ scenes.  I knew the background to that event in WW2 but what I thought was going to be another war film turned out to be anything but. Great entertainment- Go and see it if you can.  Some of you may remember me telling you a couple of years ago about a tiny cafe we’d discovered in Healesville – https://cranethie.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/word-of-mouth-advertising/ – well just by chance I was looking for a spot for to meet another friend and found they have opened a new ‘branch’ not too far from us in Kilsyth. Very trendy, good light Italian styled food., good coffee, no pressure to order again even though we must have sat there ‘chatting’ for about an hour.  There are so many coffee shops come cafes opening up in the eastern suburbs it’s hard to know how they manage to stay in business.  Must be the ever growing number of retirees looking for new ones to try each month lol. The elderly residents at the nursing home never fail to entertain me.  The Musical Memories activity I help organise weekly is on hold for the time being while we have school children come in to form a ‘shared choir’ with the residents.  Such great fun for them all helping each other with words and actions then followed by a small morning tea.  Problem is it starts at 10am …. the time the ‘tea trolley’ usually begins to make its way round resident’s rooms …. and seeing cups, saucers and goodies laid out on the table (to be enjoyed later) was just too much for one lady who certainly didn’t want to miss out.  The activities ‘lady’ asked if they knew what a warm up was and quick as a wink she calls out ‘Yes, that’s what happens to me when I have my morning cuppa’. No way was she singing until she’d had her cup of tea so she went back to her room to take it from the trolley, then happy as Larry turned up half an hour later to join in with everyone else – AND then had another cup at the end 😊 😊And here’s something that still has me laughing even though I still can’t get over the cheek of it.  One of my loves is singing and I joined a second choir at the beginning of this year. Under the banner of that university of the third age it wasn’t quite as formal as my other one; it was a fun couple of hours each week which I was enjoying.  I mentioned I’d be away cruising all of April, that’s fine.  Came home crook and took quite a few weeks to recover, that’s fine.  Now nearly mid year and looking forward to the next six months.  Imagine my surprise when I get an email last week telling me I’ve been unenrolled because of lack of attendance – honestly if it wasn’t so ridiculous it would be funny.

That’s Entertainment I suppose

Top of the bill one week – Sweeping the floor the next 😊

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I have one in white….


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It’s not what you have but how they do the job!

Words of wisdom from my father about kitchen gadgets and appliances.

Take potato peelers for example- he didn’t believe in them.  Wash the potatoes, scrub them if need be, then cook.  He believed a lot of the goodness was in the skins.  For any other vegetables that did need peeling he had his trusty knife.  It wasn’t anything special, just an old kitchen knife he regularly sharpened on a concrete step.  Very sharp – mum wouldn’t go near it – even as adults we weren’t allowed to touch it!

It’s funny to think of it now but there were ‘words’ in the house on the subject of peeling potatoes resulting in Mum buying one of these.  Hook it up to the cold tap and away you go. Mum loved it!

Each time I saw it in action it made enough noise to wake the dead so as I’d married an Englishman (one who had always been used to peeled potatoes) not an Irishman like dad 😊 I used a knife and have memories of various thicknesses of peelings and from what I remember Lumpy Potatoes.   No way could I master the art of thin peelings and smooth potatoes with rounded edges lol.

Fast forward to arriving in Australia, children now old enough for real kitchen duties so after a few nicks in fingers and ‘losing’ several knives in the peelings (courtesy of children learning to peel spuds) I decided we needed to try a peeler.  Posh ones aren’t cheap are they!  After a couple went walkabout we discovered these.

Nothing special about them.  Some friends call it cheap and nasty.  Cheap maybe – nasty never.  It’s simple design is perfect.  Available in those $2 shops, in supermarkets, even on the web.  They do the job – peel like a dream – for more years than I can remember now I have had smooth round potatoes 😊

Mind you they ‘have’ been known to hide in peelings so that’s why mine is white.  I can see it at a glance amongst those brown peelings.  ‘White tatties’ from the supermarket are clean washed ones so I don’t need to peel them 😊😊

BTW The Golfer uses a little knife – just like his Mum 😊