It’s been a while since our lazy summer days where I seemed to devour any book I got my hands on.  January, February and March saw me reading 28 books but since then things have definitely slowed down.  Slowed down to a crawl!  Well if the truth be told with only 2 books read since then slowed almost to a full stop !

However this will be partially rectified very soon because my friend has pointed me in the direction of another challenge similar to the one we undertook in January.

I know it sounds basic but this one’s an either/or – easy/hard challenge
Easy follow the As or the Bs – 6 books, no mix and match
Hard follow both A & B – 12 books in all
Also include some Australian authors

Also (as was suggested by another soon to be unfriended friend) I’m not naive and do realise I shouldn’t need challenges to encourage me to read but this way rather than choose willy nilly off the library shelves I get to look through the catalogue chasing something to fit the bill.

To begin with, my choices will be Bs, starting with an author I’ve never read before...

Delia Falconer – The Service of Clouds.

“It is 1907 and the Blue Mountains are filled with the grand dreams of elsewhere.  Eureka Jones, a young pharmcist’s assistant with historical eyes, falls in love with Harry Kitchings, a man who takes pictures of clouds and succumbs to the ‘madness of photography’. Their love turns the mountains blue “

And as winter began last week (June 1st). I’d best make a start 😊

So what’s been on your bookshelves recently. Maybe you could recommend some titles that would be a good fit for some of the Bs?