Are you up for a challenge? asked my friend V – Depends, says I!

One you’ll enjoy, she says – Tell me all about it, say I!

And that was how the conversation went when I saw her on one of the last days of last year (2017).  Seems Goodreads Aussie Readers group had a fairly ‘simple’ Challenge planned for January.  Of course at the mention of books my ears pricked up and interest was shown 😊

For a long time I just used to go the ‘pick from the shelf’ routine at the library, see what I fancied in the op shop or hunt out recommended books but for my reading last year I had some casual personal challenges I’d sort of worked out for myself.  Click on the Read in 2017 tab above and you’ll see the result – anyway I had no idea what to do for this year apart from A – Z  author surnames so after V had piqued my curiosity with her suggestive words I had a look at the Goodreads page and decided it was a goer.

It doesn’t have to be just Australian authors – The literature Map works for lots of nationalities and can be found HERE

The top AUSSIE books can be found HERE

The top INTERNATIONAL books can be found HERE

And in case you’re wondering what I came up with

1. Safe Harbour by Helene Young AA

2. The Woman Next Door by Liz Byrski AA

3. An easeful death by Felicity Young AA

4. Spring Bride by Annie Gracie AA

5. Tracking North by Kerry McGinnis AA

Yes I know there’s only four books on the table – one went back to the library yesterday along with two others I’d finished.  Well, I did tell you the other day hot days = reading days.  Tomorrow is forecast for 40c/104f so I won’t be going far (or washing windows either lol)

Four books on the table – each one promising happiness

Four books on the table – which one will the table bless……..

Why don’t you join me in this January challenge