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So I’m at the table on the back deck putting together my latest charity knit and The Golfer brings out a cup of coffee.   All is well until I go to pick up my wool needle again – oh dear, frantic patting of the b**sum area (come on, don’t tell me you don’t pin sewing needles or safety pins on the front of your chest 😊) – not there.  Not tucked into the blanket cover or even dropped on the floor.  A quick glance in the pin box – can’t see anything but pins and pins lol

Well what do you know, there it is.  it’s a good job I was using one with a gold eye because it certainly took me a little while to see it.  Can YOU see it?  It’s tucked away in the lower right hand corner and the more I moved the pins around the harder it was to fish it out.

And here’s a little glance at what the finished jumper looks like.  It’s taken me an age to finish this relatively easy knit.  

Just a straight up and down front and back with ‘dropped’ sleeves and even though the cables look complicated they are anything but.

I’m in a nosy mood today – tell me what’s going on 😊

Have you read any good books – watched tv – seen any good films/ movies

Are you being crafty at the moment?  Is there anything on your needles – or finished even?