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I’ve a feeling this is going to be another of my ‘hodgepodge’ posts where I know what I’m trying to say but can’t find the right words to describe it.

Before I married The Golfer we joked about things we’d do as a married couple and laughed at the things we felt we shouldn’t be doing.  When I said in all seriousness ‘I won’t be ironing shirts’ he just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.  It didn’t seem to bother him, he was in the air force and used to doing his own ironing.  If the truth be told I was a bit worried about not doing it correctly – I’d never had to iron a man’s shirt before and as he’d mentioned in passing how his mother had never seemed to iron the collars properly I decided (rightly or wrongly) it wasn’t going to be my responsibility.

Anyway circumstances had it that for all of his working life (in several professions) he wore a clean business type shirt each day and except for the odd occasion when he was extremely busy I laundered and he would iron them. Much much more professionally than I ever did – no questions asked 😊

I saw a tv programme only just a few years ago – one of those where young couples openly air their grievances while discussing problems within their marriages.  One newly wed young man complained his wife refused to wash and iron his shirts!  Her explanation was ‘I don’t wear them so why should I wash and iron them.  He’s big enough to do them himself.  It’s not my fault his mother did them before we married.’  For the life of me I cannot remember what advice was given to the young couple on how to settle their differences.

These days when the mood takes me I watch a supposedly serious but quite funny dating show on SBS called ‘If You Are the One’. Made in China with subtitles it involves 24 women ‘interviewing and interrogating’ men in the hope of finding a Mr Right.   Some of the questions seem quite strange but there’s usually a reason behind them.

One young girl asked if the young man ‘would wash her undies’.  ‘If I had to I suppose, he said. They’d go in the machine with everything else’  ‘And, she said, would I have to do your washing, your shirts and other things’   ‘Well if you were busy I suppose I could do them myself’

After a little digging (gentle questioning) by the host, it emerged that in a previous relationship this young girl’s partner had insisted (to the point of being violent) she do all the household work including his washing and ironing as he sat around doing nothing, even though they both held jobs with status.


Yes, here it is Monday (the traditional wash day) and I’m just wondering

Why it is that even in these days of so called shared responsibilities laundry is still regarded as women’s work?

What have we done to our sons to make them think this way?

Is it too much of this?


Having daughters help in the home


Maybe not enough of this?!

And what is it about men’s shirts that causes such mixed feelings in households 😊😊

Do you have any thoughts at all on this issue?

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