It’s Monday morning, there’s another pile of books on a table and you’d think I had nothing of importance to do because I’m sitting here, cup of coffee in hand, deep in thought, musing over which I should begin to read first 🙂

I’ve mentioned a couple of times how I’m trying to work my way alphabetically through titles and authors.  So far so good – after a look around for suggestions I drafted a couple of lists of sorts on Goodreads which worked well for a while until I got sidetracked by thinking about state based books.  You know, read a couple from each Australian state and territory over the 12 months and how about have them written by Australian authors.  So another look around the net for inspiration and another list was born. 🙂 🙂

Of course there is a catch to all this – I don’t buy books these days so they have to be available at the library or happen to come into my hands some other way for Free!

Even with all that I’d probably have been finished if we hadn’t been away all of April – on a cruise ship.  I had lots on my iPad- none of which were on my lists :(. There was also what the cruise line calls a paperback exchange but which I call a drop and swap cupboard, You read the book/s you brought along but don’t want to take home with you, You drop it off for someone else to read, You swap it for another book in the cupboard. And you leave that behind as well.  I’ll admit to making some adjustments to my lists when I got home- swapped some authors names and titles to fit.  Not cheating – i did actually read the books, just not the ones I’d had in mind at the beginning of the year 🙂

So how am I doing with this little challenge I’ve set myself?

Well, if I stick to my lists I have 4 titles and 9 authors whose books I have planned to read – oh and 6 state based ones as well. Of those 19 left to read 4 are on the table in front of me and my big decision of the day is :-

Which one do I pick first?