Sunday Afternoon- Bruce Bingham

It was one of those afternoons.

One where we had nothing arranged or even a desire to arrange anything.

What to do – what shall I do ?

i could start pinning Doug together.    As you pin you have to tuck the long fur inside the two pieces so it doesn’t get caught up in the seam.  A bit time consuming but a necessary evil needed to be done  before I begin to sew the pieces together.

I could knit – except I’m ‘between garments’ (meaning I’ve finished everything I had on the go so have nothing on my needles) and if I cast on something else I’ll just carry on with it and not get round to Doug.

I thought I might read – that’s always good to pass the time away.  After all it was a cold winters Sunday afternoon and an hour on the couch with Kiera and a book would be good.  I’d had loads of fun during the first six month of this year and read books like crazy.  So I updated my ‘Books read in 2017page (see up on the header) and then looked over what I’ve got sitting here.  A couple from my Alphabet challenge and one a ‘pick a book – any book’ off the shelf.

Nope didn’t fancy any of them – I do have another on the go so best I finish it. It’s about a strange (in a nice way) family so I might get a post out of it.

And it looks like Doug’s big legs won in the end. I had some news yesterday that means I’m going to be seeing a lot more of Doug in the next few weeks.  I’ll tell you about it another time 🙂

And how about you- what did you do this past Sunday afternoon?