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Recently I read an online article about decluttering that suggested that you might actually be giving up unfulfilled dreams 


It might seem that way to some but the other day I wondered if in my case it should be termed ‘giving up on unfulfilled ideas’

I have a small wicker chest that sits in the back bedroom, it became mine by default a long time ago after one of the girls moved out and left it behind.  This is going to be my Geriatric Glory Box I said, and promptly began to fill it with stuff I knew (thought) I’d be doing when I finally finished working and couldn’t afford it.  Example – Aida cloth for xstitch is not cheap so I’d buy it plus threads of all colours when they were on special.  Another idea was buying craft kits when they were discounted, often with a theme – at one time I was taken with country gardens and all things flowery.  I was sure I’d enjoy sewing them in later years.


As you can see being right next to the door (with the computer and all the associated ‘stuff’ The Golfer hoards) it tends to get used as a dumping ground. And things drop down the back!  I tried to move it the other day – Sorry not going to happen it seemed to say. Full to the brim looks like I’m going to have to empty it.  I discovered lots of things in there I’d forgotten about.  I knew there were embroidery hoops quilting hoops and tapestry frames in there but what did I have in mind when I bought all those small round plastic frames?

Piles of silk and damask, loads of different coloured felt, various forms of canvas and large, medium and really small pieces of the previously mentioned Aida cloth 🙂

Plus some unrelated bits and pieces – so that’s where my cat genetics book went to – and those paper patterns as well as the tiny bits of aida cloth just right for cards – and three Santa Hats ???

I did bag up some bits for the op shop – several xstitch kits being in the mix.

Just some of my unfulfilled ideas 🙂

How about yours – do all your ideas become fulfilled ?