There is nothing most little children like better than something cuddly and warm – and there is nothing Gt Grandmas like better than to be able to give those little ones something cuddly and warm.

So with that in mind I went rummaging through the cupboard in the hope I’d find some books and papers from a few years ago.  Insert triumphant look here when I emerged clutching this.


A long time ago I used to ‘dabble’ in the art of  teddy making.  That was back in the 1990s and early 2000s.  Everyone I knew at the time was at it, friends were churning them out quickly so I thought ‘can’t be that hard can it?   Oh my goodness – I was so stressed at every stage of making my first one – but I was   The fact my friends were sewing them on a machine and I was hand sewing didn’t deter me.  I enjoyed seeing them evolve from a piece of fur to something like Doug (in the picture below.  20 inches from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.  Almost like a new born babe 🙂 )

Doug now resides at our house – his 21yr old owner is busy with her life and can’t care for him 🙂

So here I am again about to tackle another one.  Fur – check!  Pattern check!


90 minutes later – because it’s not quite as simple as it looks – Doug 2 is cut out and ready to go.

Looks like my knitting will be going on the back burner for a while 🙂


Doug is a bear designed by Wendy Bergamin who Bears no more but Beads

The pattern was made available in a copy of Dolls, Bears and Collectables.