Now and again I’ve been known to need a Ventolin puffer – late onset Asthma my GP calls my condition. Many older Australians are coming down with it – even those who (like me) have never smoked or put a cigarette near their mouth.

My little brown shadow aka Kiera (she whose life at the moment consists of basking in front of the fire when it’s on and grizzling quite loudly when it’s not) is getting older – Christmas Eve this year she will be 18!  Yes, she’s quite an oldie and recently was diagnosed with Asthma.  Feline Asthma !.  It wasn’t hairballs that was causing the coughing after all 🙂

Anyway, because she isn’t the most co-operative ‘person’ when it comes to medicating (try opening her mouth to drop a pill in – if you dare!!) the vet suggested a puffer – how the h’ll do I get her open her mouth and take a big deep breath in I said.  Oh, she said (the vet that was) we now have spacers and mouthpieces small enough for cats.

So home I come with one of the above (at an atrocious cost I might add) hoping to be able to coax little Miss Madame to sit still long enough to inhale the steroids that will bring relief.  Look on the web I got told, there is lots of information there on the whys and wherefores of these devices also some really good training videos.  Training I wondered – who that was for – me or Kiera?

You must watch this one – fun all the way.  And going about things the way that was suggested worked.  Well, nothing is perfect but it works on most days.

Are you talking about me??