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There’s going to be another division of the spare parts dept in our household opening soon.

The trial period is over and the verdict is – I’ll take one (or even two) !!

As I said I have had one on trial for the past week and discovered my neighbours to the left of us have a couple of budgies and more birds spend time in our trees and bushes than I realised.  It’s amazing what a difference a little thing stuck behind your ear can make 🙂

Yes, after having the eyes renewed a couple of years ago it’s now time to bring the ears in line.  No need to shout, it’s the pesky high sounds that I’m losing – a nice lady at Australian Hearing called it High Frequency Hearing Loss.  She’s been monitoring this very slow decline in both ears for a few years now and suggested a trial run of a loan tailored to my requirements so I could actually see hear the difference.

So come the New Year (because I can get a better health benefit payout) I shall be the proud new owner of two tiny little things that will mean I make less mistakes in thinking I heard something when it was actually something else that was said 🙂

How I get on with this remains to be seen because mentioning it to friends has brought forth lots of horror stories about things whistling in the dark (as well as in the ear), hearing being worse than before and ‘Uncle Joe” still not being able to hear at the pub so I’m taking them all with a grain of salt.

Over the past few years my sisters have both had new hips – several friends acquired new knees – many friends have had new stes of teeth – yet nobody has admitted to having new ears.  What is about deafness (no matter have slight) that we are loathe to admit to?

How will I cope with these new appliances?  I don’t know. We shall see what happens when the time comes. 🙂

How do you view ageing and the decline of body parts?

Everything old is new again – a trip to the spare parts dept!

Does it bother you or are you glad there are ‘things’ out there to lessen the burden

What thoughts are roaming round your head this Monday?