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Looking at her antics today there are times when I think our Kiera has an attitude problem. Here’s what happened.

As you can see below wet and wild was what we woke to this morning.  Now we shouldn’t grumble because the weather man did tell us more was coming but there are times when, well, there are times when he doesn’t quite get it right.  Hence the surprise when he does lol


After breakfast I looked out over the back garden and it didn’t seem to be too bad.  The sun had broken through but the rain was still coming down.

I must explain to you that those two pens you can see there are from when I used to breed Burmese kittens – as they were house raised once they were running around I needed safe places for them to spend time outside  So some days I’d pop a litter in them along with their ‘mum’ to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine then bring them back indoors later in the day.

We now use one as a ‘shed’ and Kiera (as well as in the past previous feline friends now departed) has the use of one further down the garden  If I’m going out, rather than leave her indoors all the time or trust whe doesn’t wander from the deck whilst I’m away, pop her in there and I know she’s safe. A room with a view full of home comforts, several comfy beds plus a big box bed for if it’s windy, litter tray food water and even power (for electric blankets) so she really can’t grumble can she?!


Would you like to see our little madam’s reaction to the suggestion she spend a little time outside.  Now I’m not a mind reader but this looks to me like she’s saying:-

You want me to do what?  You want me to go where?


Thank you very much for asking but I’d rather stay here!


Now clear off while I get some shut eye 🙂


It’s nearly lunchtime and the rain continues to fall.  In an on again – off again pattern.  Blue skies for a while then dark ones for a while.  What will be will be seems the order of the day I suppose 🙂

How’s your Saturday going?