Dry days bring out the shoppers who walk their dogs.  And of course they have to wait outside the shops. I watched these two for a while the other day – while I was waiting for a friend – their owner had just tied them up as I arrived and left them with kisses and reassuring pats.  ‘I’ll only be a couple of minutes she said, You’ll be ok.’


Somehow I don’t think the ‘big’ one believed her

Where the h*** is she?  A couple of minutes she said!  I’m sure we’ve been here that time already, She’s nowhere in sight!  She knows I like my lunch dead on time.

All this from the ‘big’ one – the older one just sat there, looking on patiently, knowing she’d be along sometime or another and he’d get fed when they got home 🙂


Unfortunately I had to leave – feeling a bit disappointed I wouldn’t get to see the reception on her return!

And here’s another dog playing the waiting game.  The resident Lab at a coffee shop we go to in Proserpine waited so patiently for The Golfer to give him a piece of his cake.  No luck though – we had been warned.  ‘No feeding please, no matter how long and hard he looks at you with those pleading eyes!’


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