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Thank you Thank you Thank you – that’s all I seemed to say last week

Thank you Deb my lovely chiropractor. Without you I would still be ‘jumping up and down’. Your handy dandy little machine works wonders putting everything back where it should be. Will try your suggestion of Turmeric tablets as a natural anti inflammatory.

Thank you Bill my lovely podiatrist. Without you I would be wearing slippers to go down the street. A bit like the sciatica that struck without warning a couple of weeks ago a corn ‘grew’ again in a spot it had been excised from many months ago.

I’ve been seeing both of them for a few years now – we are like old friends and memories came flooding back when I found this very old post in the archives.

(I’ve imported it from a previous blog – my old blogspot ‘Still Waters’)

 Feet – 2010

Thank you to the crew at the car dealers who service Lance 2 and keep him full of vigour and vim.
Who is Lance 2 I hear you say – read here for the answer.


They waved their magic wands doing whatever it is that car mechanics do at various times in a car’s life which means I can feel safe while I tootle round the streets, aided and abetted by smooth running Lance. It’s amazing what a grease and oil change can do -a bit like having a cut and blo*w wave I bet.

There was a definite Thank You voiced when I saw the very clean Lance that was waiting to be picked up.  For many years (during that long 10 year drought)  the courtesy car wash was not available but now it seems to have been reinstated.  All the recent heavy rain has not been kind to the white coloured Lance – he was a bit grubby (and muddy) when I dropped him off – not so any more.  Positively gleaming he is – until the rain comes back again lol

So here we are at the beginning of a new week – one where I can walk properly with pain   🙂

Also one where I have to nip down to an automobile ‘shop’ to get some ‘cut and polish’ stuff for The Golfer to have a go at the scratches left on Lance’s passenger side.  I choose parking spots ‘miles away’ from others, almost in open country side (or so The Golfer says) with countless bays on either side of me.  Yet someone still managed to park right next to me and open their driver’s door without looking   😦


Bye for now

Cathy x