I don’t know about you but as I’ve got older I just want things to flow along smoothly.  No unexpected changes or surprises.  That doesn’t mean I don’t instigate changes myself, just don’t like having them ‘forced’ on me

For more years than I can remember we have been associated with two phone providers. There is the national carrier T who provides the landline to the house and who we use for local calls and there’s the other carrier O who we use for long distance which on the bill are just termed as National and International. The old terms of STD (subscriber trunk dialling) and ISD (international subscriber dialling) that first appeared when subscribers could place their own calls without going through the operator seemed to have gone by the wayside now.



We split from T many years ago when the new carrier came on the scene and ‘special rates’ for long distance calls first appeared – at one time we used to makes lots of interstate and international calls and ‘these rates’ were much better than what we were paying.  These days because of other ways of keeping in touch those calls vary month to month – there are still some we know without internet and others who don’t like emails and would run a mile rather than talk on skpe lol

So we receive two sets of accounts, line rental and local calls from one and another from the other company for everything else. Yes, we do have mobiles but we don’t feel about them the way so many do these days. We use the internet at home, mine is prepaid and The Golfer is on a very old low cost plan. It was a very good arrangement that as far as I was concerned suited us – until recently.

Fast forward to last month and we get a very nice note from the national carrier advising of a(nother) rise in the line rental.  A necessary evil because we need it for our internet provider (another company unrelated to the other two)

So I start investigating other options and you’d never believe what I found.

Right under my nose as well  🙂

For less than the cost of the new monthly line rental I can now get (from T) a plan  covering said rental plus unlimited local calls and lots of other low cost call charges and because we are pensioners (shush, we don’t always admit to that) there is a monthly allowance that will definitely cover those national and international calls we make using O plus various other extras.  So we’ll basically be paying line rental and everything else will be free

How good is that  🙂

How daft (and pleased) did I feel when I realised that by returning to a full service with the national carrier I would be getting a bargain and saving myself some money as well.

Now I realise all businesses welcome new clients with open arms these days but I left the ‘shop’ feeling very content after the ‘very young girl – ‘almost a child’ – I spoke with to arrange this change looked me in the eye and came out with a variation of a very old expression

‘Welcome back to the fold’