A while ago I mentioned the granddaughter who blossomed as she got older


Well 18 months on this is another ‘look at me now’ post.

She doesn’t have a slim build like a lot of her ‘trendy’ friends but what she does have is enthusiasm for a new pastime and that happy look that comes from a new found confidence.  Her beautiful red hair is dark at the moment but that is because she likes the look rather than hiding behind the colour.

My mother and father were very keen dancers of all styles and watching at this inter dance school competition I wished they could have been there to see her.  Sadly not possible as they have been gone for many a year now but how great is it that the same passion has emerged in another generation.

Not very often I do a bragging Grandma’ post so I do hope you enjoy these short videos I took from the sidelines.  It seems she has found a style she enjoys and is comfortable with –  ‘New Vogue’ – similar in ways to Old Time.