Here in Australia the 1st of June and not the 21st marks the change of season and strangely for a non lover of cold weather I am enjoying this second week of Winter.  I could live (for a little while :)) with crisp cold nights coupled with chilly mornings that turn into cloudless dry sunny warmish days.

We had those sort of Winter days for several years during the long Millennium Drought (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000s_Australian_drought) and there’s no way anyone of us wants to revisit them  So I will live with our often very wet unpredictable Victorian Winters and be happy when we get these ‘special days’

One of the pleasures of these special days are the sunrises.  See the glow on the deck roof – this was about 7.20 am.  Yes that’s sunrise time at the moment.


A look to the left over a sleepy suburb and I realised how much that Pittosporum had grown.  It covered most of the sky making it hard to capture that beautiful sunrise.

7.25am June 14, 2016

7.25am June 14, 2016

And moving to the right you could see the sun beginning to move up into the sky from behind the back neighbour’s rooftop.

7.25am June 14, 2016

7.25am June 14, 2016

It probably sounds a bit corny but standing there I had this hymn running through my mind reminding me of school assemblies and services I attended in a small village church many years ago