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So it’s been a couple of weeks since I came by to say hello – two sort of blah nothing weeks.  Really they were just 14 of the usual run of the mill days I have sometimes but somehow I didn’t want to share them so I thought if I changed the blog to private I could go on my merry (unrecorded) way until things bucked up a bit.

Well, you wouldn’t believe what happened.  I received some emails via wordpress from readers asking for access to the blog.  What the?? Was my reaction lol. I realise now, because I was still logged on I didn’t actually see what appeared on the screen, that was, an invitation to do just that 🙂

Anyway all should be back to normal now – it’s Friday and we know what that means. Fun – Fun – Fun.  Irish Fun at that !  All my ancestors were Irish so I’m well aware (and have no hesitation at laughing at) how daft things can get at times 🙂





Here’s hoping your Friday has some funny moments you can laugh about.