The politicians returned to Canberra last Monday.  The House is now sitting.  It only took a hint about a Federal Election later in the year for our house phone to start ringing.

‘Could I speak to Catherine’, not ‘could I speak to Mrs So and So’,  just Catherine.

Up goes my back – call me old fashioned but it doesn’t matter who you are, I tell (or let you know in one way or another) when you can approach me informally.

She introduced herself as a volunteer from our local member’s office all nice and gooey like asking if I’m fine, am I happy with things at the moment, anything I need a hand with.  No contact with any of his constituents in the past years and then she asks do I have email, would we like kept up to date with progress, oh and would I like to tell her who I voted for in the last election!

Yes -no – and no!  It’s nobodies business but my own, I don’t tell anyone else, not even The Golfer, who I voted for!

With that it was, thank you and the line went dead.

~ ~ ~

Two nights later The Golfer gets someone asking if he’d like to help with a survey. About what? he asks.  ‘The upcoming election’. No indication of where this person was ringing from at all.  Then when The Golfer mentioned ‘how did you get this number?  We are on the do not call register’ he put the phone down.

~ ~ ~

Looks like the wheels are starting to turn (churn?)