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There was a time when I could have done it

in fact I’ve done it several times before in various forms

however this time I just wasn’t up to it 😦

Mage has been blogging every day this month and I was going to do the same but it all came to a crashing halt towards the end of last week.  First there was the headaches and the sore itchy eyes, I began to think I had a case of this



 But then the  fatigue set in as well as – well you name it I felt it lol.

Feeling really out of sorts all I craved were quiet days minus anything remotely like thinking of subjects to blog about so I went into hibernation.  Minimal screen time!  And even though (just now and again) I did take very quick sneak peaks at various places  I didn’t think about Still Waters once over that time.  That certainly doesn’t sound like a dedicated blogger does it lol

My GP is of the old fashioned sort – he sent a swab from my eye to the lab.  Nothing unusual so suggested rinsing in warm salt water which does seem to be helping.  I’ll stay away from here for the rest of the week and come back with an every other day routine unless there’s something I ‘just have to’ show or talk about 🙂

As for today – feeling lots better


 Bye for now