Even though this looks very much like her, this is not our Kiera.   It’s not the sort of activities our very mature 15yr Brown Burmese gets up to nowadays however a much younger Kiera was known for performing tricks just like this 🙂

imageNo tangled knitting wool here at the moment but I do seem to have spent the past few days untangling lots of other little niggly things that have been going on around here.
Such as:-

I’m still having problems commenting on blogger blogs.  some of the WVerification seems to hate me – I write a comment, go through the WV hoop, press publish and my words disappear.  So if anyone wonders why they don’t hear from me – thats most likely the reason why.

Our internet seems to have been ‘fixed’ – more peak and off peak for less cash, not sure how that happens but The Golfer assures me it will.  Hopefully I will be able to visit others more often and also publish more ‘photo’ posts.

Monday I ‘updated’ my mobile phone handset from a little Samsung flip type to one of those new fangled Android type thingys.  It is great for texting because it has a ‘proper’ keyboard and I’m not spending time picking out the letters on a tiny key pad (that has letters and numbers combined) one at a time and then getting the numbers mixed up with the letters and having trouble with capitals even tho’ I know no-one uses capitals in texts lol

The Golfer had a ‘little play’ with it last night – seeing if it would connect to our home wifi.  Bad move because even tho’ he turned things off when he finished, from then on I kept losing money from my balance.  Still happened even when turned off overnight so off to the Telstra shop I go today.  Seems there was one more setting that should have been turned to off.  Hopefully all is untangled now.

There is no oomph in this post is there – lets hope things are more satisfying from now on – and I don’t have anything to grizzle about