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This is about ladies who like to lunch and who also like to read 🙂

For years when I was working I often thought about joining a book club – being able to meet others and chat about what you were reading appealed to me. Then as I grew older and actually had the time to spare I had reservations about getting together with others I may not know, having to source particular books (some of which I may not like the sound of) and then be expected to read a certain amount in a month and give an opinion that amounted to more than ‘I liked/didn’t like it’.

A bit like an older friend who was envious of her friends who could lunch together, because through circumstances she had to work till retirement and couldn’t go with them.  Come the big day for her and she realised that moment had passed because due to ‘health issues’ there were restrictions on what they could eat. ‘ Fat Sugar Salt Carbohydrates ‘ – the menu had to be ok’d so they could all find a dish that worked for them.

What I really wanted was a casual group who met socially in the day time and talked about what they (each individual) had read, could be by putting forward just be a basic comment or going into more detail, it didn’t matter as long as it wasn’t too highbrow.  That way I could read my own choice during the month (knowing I would need some pointers to talk about) rather than be stuck with a book I  did not like yet ‘had to read ‘.

They say all things come to those who wait and out of the blue my idea of what I wanted in my book club actually materialised 🙂

 I know a  group of ladies who like to lunch – and who also like to read – and months ago at our monthly gathering someone (not me) made the ‘casual morning tea book club, reading your own book’ suggestion.  Oh Joy I thought –  Then of course we went away for the winter!

They went ahead and met each month while I was away so my first time was this morning.  Talk about being a bit apprehensive about discussing my book.  Maestro by Peter Golding – about a boy (growing up in Darwin during the 1960’s) and his piano teacher.  No one had heard of it let alone read it lol. The other lovely ladies told us how they felt about their book/s and it was how I imagined it would be.  Coffee Cakes Books Fun Friendship Laughter 🙂


Can’t wait for next month – just have to find something good to read 🙂