I have an anonymous commenter and as I don’t like those that don’t give their name you won’t be seeing what this one says.

However this time I will answer his/her question and tell you the reason why I posted two ‘photos’ that have been doing the rounds on fb.

The first one struck a chord after an argumentative day with ‘you know who’ which had me feeling low


The second one I smiled at because as the result of my cockiness in thinking I didn’t need to leave myself a reminder note somewhere visible – famous last words ‘I’ll remember’ – meant I nearly missed the opportunity to wish a granddaughter ‘Happy Birthday’ on her once in a lifetime 18th birthday.

 Sunny dry and warm here in the Far North – and guess what – I’ve got my reading mojo back. Have devoured five books since we’ve been her.  I’ll tell you about them next time .