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Oh my goodness I’m beginning to wonder if Monday is a guilt trip day.  I’ve spent all weekend wondering about something that happened  last week.

Many of you know I enjoy visiting our local animal feed/fodder store – the family run one with the drive through premises, the one that has a resident rooster along with some roaming chooks who all battle for attention, as well as a lovely shop dog called Zoe who loves to come and say hello and then alerts the ‘boss’ to the fact there’s someone in the shop.  (They do know, it’s just a little game she plays lol).  It is close to home, so easy to get to, all I have to do is drive in, say hello to Zoe, open the boot and the large bags of litter are dropped in for me.  As I said – it’s so easy, so pleasant , so reassuring.

One of our girls uses the same brand of litter and mentioned a ‘large place’ had started carrying that brand and had a special I might be interested in.  Not right on my doorstep but as I was over that way the other day I had a look.  There was no parking close by, the staff weren’t exactly helpful (it’s down there pointing way down the barn), similar to this.image


I had to get a trolley, load it myself – as in heave the big bags (30L) from a pile onto the trolley then wheel it up to the counter to be scanned.  Doesn’t end there!  The place was on a higher level than the car park so I had to manouvre the flat trolley (no sides) down a ramp and then load  into the boot.  I did ask but no-one could leave the shop/barn to help me. 😦


Even though I got a very good bargain by buying more than one bag at a far better price than I would have down the road (no discount) I felt really annoyed as I drove home.

Even though I’ve been a loyal customer for quite a few years I know my purchase wouldn’t have been a make or break one for the Fodder Shop.

So why do I have these feelings of guilt?   Help – I’m stuck for an answer.

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