I went back to my hairdresser last week. I’ve been seeing him for quite a while now, I like J and J knows what I like.  However there have been times when I’ve wanted something different. ‘Try mine’, an acquaintance said, ‘she’s really good’.  I loved the coffee I was offered, the chair that massaged your back while you get your hair washed, the head massage, the huge mirrors on the wall and looking at hairstyles on her iPad.  So very up to date.  Trouble was she charged like a wounded bull and didn’t listen to a word I said.  Not the end of the world I told myself, it’ll grow. Weeks later when it was time for a trim (and I was too chicken to go back to my ‘man’) I heard someone at the pool raving on about a girl in another place.  She ‘rents’ a chair in one of those walk in shops, full service but no appointment needed. Well, as I just said, I certainly couldn’t go back to my ‘man’ looking the way I did so I gave her a try. Explained I wanted my fringe trimmed and could she remove some of the straggly layers at the back so I could then start the growing one length process again.  Clip, clip, clip, not a word was spoken until I heard, ‘Oh that’s looking much better’ as the cape was whisked off, the chair was swivelled round and there she was asking how I wanted to pay.   No wonder she was cheap, 10 minutes top, I felt like I’d been on a conveyor belt lol So last week I was driving past a familiar place and took a punt, opened the shop door hoping he had a spare spot without having to wait too long.  Only one client there, ‘Cathy, how are you?  Come on in, you’re lucky I just had a cancellation.  Give me five minutes.’  No questions asked, just accepted me as I was.  J often says there are many ways to cut and style a bob – he just has to find the one to suit you and your hair and stick with it.   Yes, I heard another story about J’s Italian grandfather and the barber’s chairs that line one side of the shop but best of all I look and feel a lot better 🙂 I think the same thing happens with blogging – we know what we like and enjoy, yet often feel there is more out there just waiting to be explored.  Trouble is we take time away from what we enjoy and end up in mess.  Lets just say that some of the blogs I ‘found’ during my recent wanders didn’t really keep me engrossed that much after all.  So I will be visiting many of my previous ‘favourites’ on a much more regular basis, acknowledging my visitors and finding a way to overcome the ‘too hard to comment’ problem on some platforms. green grass

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