Well, after my lunch on Sunday that involved the ‘tell all’ interlude in the ladies (and which thankfully the friend who was the centre of attention wasn’t at) l feel a bit of light relief is in order.
So here are a few of my Smiles from the past few days

smileys galore

After reading about the horror and misery caused by the earthquake in Nepal it was news of the old and the new that made me Smile.

There was the story of Funchu Tamang 101 years old being found alive with just a minor leg injury.  It would appear his daughter in law dug him out of his destroyed home and he took shelter outside in the garden.  ‘I work in the field and walk every day’ he said – maybe we should do likewise.



Then there were Smiles when the news arrived that a little 4 month old baby boy  (Sonit Awal) had been found alive and well.  Let’s hope that is the most trauma he has to suffer in his life.



Watching a programme on SBS last night I Smiled when I saw a segment that concluded that time spent outdoors in the sunshine had the effect of lowering blood pressure.  Not brand new news as this series of ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’ was first shown in the UK last year and highlighted studies that had been going on for a while.

Sun worshippers outlive sun avoiders — but don’t forget the sunblock


And of course another baby featured in the news this week.

This new-born baby now has a name – Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge – Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  Most of us Smile at newborns 🙂



Thank you for all your thoughtful comments on the overheard conversation – the two offenders are not ‘real friends’ but members of a group I belong to.  I’d Nod and say Hello to them but not really have much in common so consequently didn’t talk to them much.  Don’t think it’s worth the effort to disclose what I heard but will be sure ‘to watch my back’ where they are concerned!!

Smile and the world smiles with you – cry and you cry alone.  Unknown

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love — Mother Teresa

Have you had much to smile about this week?