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Once again we are planning our trip up north to Bowen (on the Whitsunday coast) for when the winter cold arrives in Melbourne and these signs (taken from the car last time we were up there) are a reminder of the 4 long days of driving ahead of us to get to where we are going.  Close to Rockhampton on day 3 these fun signs pop up on the roadside.  There are usually big smiles each time we see them 🙂 2 1 3

And of course with the long distances to be travelled there are signs like these to make you aware of what could happen.


 so these are there to get the brain working

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 Then of course there are the important ones you don’t want to miss This is one of the wizz bang new digital road information signs we saw when driving south from Tully. Bowen is 2 hours north of Mackay and 2 hours south of Townsville


Whether they are new or old style When you are out in the back of beyond these are important


and even more important if the wording changes to alert you to what could be problems on the road ahead.

IMG_4536click and enlarge for a better view

There are all sorts of signs to be seen at Lesley’s blog Signs Signs