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Now that the daily half hour minimum exercise has become well and truly entrenched into my lifestyle it means that between the pool, the gym and the outdoors I have a range of ways to achieve that target.  The pool is an organised class, at the gym I can follow a tailored programme using the machines or free weights or even attend a ‘class’; the walking is self motivated and if I had to be honest at the moment I would say I definitely prefer the outdoor walking.

On the days I don’t feel like pounding the beat on the footpaths I go to our local park/reserve where the paths/trails are not on the level but up hill and down dale as they meander round the lake/duckpond/wetlands,

Yes I know I have had different ideas/attitudes on these choices over the years but ‘at the moment’ this is the exercise I’m enjoying more that the others.  Come back and ask me about it in the winter time and you’ll probably get an entirely different answer 🙂

Now there can be times during these walks (especially if it’s warm) when I’m feeling out of sorts (also referred to as being a bit puffed and out of breath:)) so I use this bench to gather my thoughts.  It’s just a simple wooden bench placed very conveniently beside one of the pathways in a park, it’s a place for me to sit and watch and wonder.  Nestled just off the path – close to a small stand of established trees and in front of what were new plantings – it is the bench I featured earlier this month in a black and white bench post.

Looking more weathered than everIf you look up at the header you will see how much they have grown in the past years.  You can also see from the photo below ‘ The ‘Friends of the Reserve’ are still working away re-greening areas.

Tucked in under the shade

 A glance to the left and I see a winding path
– Going up? Coming down?

Looking to the left

A glance to the right and there’s another winding path.
(These photos need to be enlarged for better viewing)

A place to sit and wonder

I see a glimpse of the Community House and the Bridge
And looking across the wetland – The Dandenongs

Community House and Bridge

Across the wetlands

The lake/wetlands has the usual company of ducks and other water birds so it is sort of a ‘come back again’ place because you never know what you are going to see next time

Hopefully you’ll come back again to see 🙂

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