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This time of the year I tend to be a bit quieter than usual
It’s about this time 12 years ago I became an orphan.
It was funny but that was the first thing I thought about when I heard the news of my mother’s death.

February 2003 Mum decided she’d had enough and
in her words spoken the week before she died
‘wanted to see what Dad had been up to since she last saw him’

They’d been apart for nearly 13 years
and this is the little graveyard on the hill where the meeting took place

Mum and my sisters chose wisely all those years beforehand
knowing there was room for the two of them in the plot

Church Graveyard

She also wanted to know what he thought about them placing him on the hill that overlooked the pub.
The white building on the right of the photo is the pub πŸ™‚

Church graveyard and PubThey were known for enjoying a little drink together now and again.
If the truth be told they enjoyed a little drink far more than now and again πŸ™‚

Mum Dad Happy Pub

Being Irish they loved to sing and loved to dance
Dad did have quiet seriousness about him at times so
My sisters chose the haunting melody of Crimond for Dad’s funeral.

(Please be patient with this video – it’s one that needs to be listened to – with eyes closed – rather than watched)

Β And this rollicking number for Mum’s

After leaving home at 18, I met and married The Golfer
and with him being in the armed forces never ever lived near to them at all.

It was the way things were and I accepted that
Yet, it’s funny
but the older I get the more I miss them

Headstone Mum Dad

(The first two photos look much better when enlarged)