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What on earth are you doing there?

Just trying something out!

Will you be long – I’d like to use the big computer!

Just finished – here you go!

What on earth ????

 Look, he says.  It’s great fun.

You can have this on there and that on the other one.


Oh look two Still Waters 🙂


 How on earth?

But how do I…..

Easy just click/hold your cursor on the tab at the top, drag it to the far edge
of the screen and it will appear on the other one.

Move your cursor over to the left edge and it also will appear on that screen.

What if……

Easy, just drag it back over.


The Golfer does have his reasons for setting this up this way

And yes it is fun – once you get used to it 🙂 🙂

BUT I’m sure that at times he does these things to try me lol