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When it comes to Christmas and Birthday gifts we’ve received some strange ones over the years. We still laugh at the years when gardening tools and wheelbarrows were my favourites followed by gift vouchers to the big green shed (B’unnings Australia’s largest hardware and gardening chain) so as one of the givers politely said ‘I could buy my own s….’  This was after I mentioned if anyone was passing stables I wouldn’t mind a trailer load of manure as a gift.

The kids have banded together and gifted stage show tickets and overnight hotel accomodation as well as Best Restaurant vouchers and Gold Class cinema tickets which have all been very well received. A couple of years ago i opened a package that had a IOU in with along the words – ‘when the time is right’. It meant that we’d be given a lot of Euros to use on our Mediterranean holiday – to be purchased and gifted when the exchange rate was right 🙂

Some theatre tickets for the Neil Diamond concert here in Melbourne this coming October (birthday treat for both of us) got a big tick of approval last Christmas as did a certificate for Afternoon Tea and a tour of the garden out at Coombe Cottage near Coldstream.  Coombe Cottage used to be the home of Dame Nelly Melba and the family have just opened the gardens to the public.

Then there was this  ‘sensible but fun’ gift was given to us recently from one family:




I’m no stranger to frequenting cash and carry type warehouses and buying in bulk but from what I’d read and been told about shopping at this brand new chain that had just opened a few warehouses here in Australia was….this is a different game altogether…… Starting with the trolley.  A giant sized trolley that I could barely see over let along drive  steer.  (Quick photo from the web of someone else whose face  is blurred but you get the picture.)


First of all we had to have our photo taken – it is on our membership card which is flashed shown when you walk into the barn and handed over when you go to pay.  That was an unknown so there was a lot of hair fluffing going on while The Golfer had his taken.  Once that was done we were off and running – well we couldn’t actually run because I was lagging behind trying to drive the chariot in a straight line 🙂

Did we need an enormous curved tv – no – thats a shame because there seemed to be truck loads of them there all at what seemed like rock bottom prices.  Good if you have the room because they are supersize ones – as is just about everything we saw.  This first visit was more of a look see – I have to say I was a bit dissapointed as things (food products) didn’t seem that much (if at all ) cheaper than my usual place.  We did end up using the trolley but not filled to the brim like some I saw – one person even had two on the go with a rather bedraggled looking ‘husband/partner’ pushing the other with two children penned inside it!

I think it’s a bit like when Aldi opened and there was all that hype and shoppers having to get used to different brands because I saw an awful lot of imported goods on the pallets.  I noticed the customers I saw were mainly what I would call middle aged to younger people, lots of families and not many older shoppers.  In fact in I began to feel like Granny Grey, certainly not out of my depth but a bit out of touch.

There were trolleys loaded with so much food and stuff that even tho’ (as I said earlier) I’ve always bought bulk/ tried to save on cost whenever I could especially as our family grew older and wanted to eat us out of house and home…..



…..I began to wonder what on earth was I doing there contemplating buying up this big when there was only the two of us now??  The other shoppers certainly seemed to be wanting it all and us wanting/needing nothing.

Anyway there was a lot of note taking going on so I can do a bit of price/weight comparison next time I’m in my local and even if we don’t take full advantage there is always someone else I know who will.

And another thing I thought of was even if we don’t actually buy a lot during the year we could always pop in and use the wharehouse as a keep fit centre – I’m sure it’s big enough to get in a couple of kms just walking round and round he displays LOL

As we were leaving The Golfer asked me if I’d enjoyed the Co’stco experience.

My answer: Well it was fun…..I think 🙂