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Always keen for something different to put on the blog, I’ve taken to changing the header photo over the past year or two – thats the big one up at the top.  Most are local scenes close to where I live, a couple are from places I’ve enjoyed visiting and looking at them you’d be forgiven for thinking I have a liking for water as well as green grass and gum trees.  Definitely true – windy paths and benches are another favourite as well 🙂

Remember what I said the other day about the blog name ‘Still Waters’ – cool calm and collected on the surface but being different underneath? Well I’m hoping that in a way the gentle images below sort of demonstrate that visually.

These are the cropped images I’ve already used.


Glacier Bay Alaska


Queens Beach Bowen Queensland


Cape Schanck Victoria


Donnelly’s Weir Healesville Victoria


The TV masts on The Dandenongs Victoria





Local Parks and Gardens eastern suburbs Melbourne Victoria

Bet you’re wondering what is about to happen now??

Well, being New Year, a time of learning and all that, I was thinking about changing the header and discovered that the theme I use (Cheateau) has the ability to choose pictures randomly instead of using the same (chosen) one all the time.  What that means is that each page has a different photo at the top – whatever the header is when someone comes to the blog should be different to the one on the contact me page or the books read page and so on.

I was like a kid with a new toy after I clicked save – looking and checking the image on each page and discovering (most of the time) a different one to the previous one.  I even went down the sidebar clicking on recent posts to see what was there, laughing at myself for ‘being so clever’ LOL

Have a look and see what you think – click a few pages and see the difference.  Then again it’s possible nobody else but me will actually notice:).