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Hot wet and humid
That’s been the week here and ‘they’ say theres more to come!
Good weather for slowing down and thinking about things 🙂

Like I do with lots of things around this time of the year I’ve been thinking about blogging.  Why do we do it ?  What reason would I have to spend time writing for a virtually unknown audience?  Longer post with lots of words coming up so you are at liberty to switch off it you want.

 I started at Blogger a  few years ago now, overweight and feeling down I wanted somewhere to jot things down (facts figures and feelings) so decided to blog rather than keep the paper journal I had going.   I even came up with a very catchy name – or at least I thought it was – ‘Cathys Capers’.  Then the group I was in contact with closed but I thought ‘what the heck, I’m here now’ and carried on writing.

I’m the kid at the back of the class that can’t stop talking so once the weight loss urgency had passed I began to chat about other things and it wasn’t long after that my corny blog name was changed to ‘Still Waters’ – which describes the way I am – looks cool calm and collected on the surface but below is a very different matter.

Certainly not a niche blog writing about one thing and one thing only and with certain readers in mind;  I would (and to a certain extent still do so) natter away to no one in particular with no definite audience in mind.  I started to read other blogs finding there were others who thought like me and seemed to share the same interests.  Some were good, some were bad (in my eyes) but more than likely just ‘different’.

I began to discover there were other ways to express your thoughts and display your ideas. Having the tagline ‘Live Love Laugh and Travel’ certainly meant I could cover a range of topics – which reminds me I haven’t posted an Irish joke for a while and have a post on Ephesus to finish!  Photographs began to appear then I got really clever and added videos.

Then the powers that be over at Blogger decided I couldn’t post – couldn’t even get into the blog – this went on for a while so  I moved over to WordPress.  Oh dear was that a shock to the system!  Nothing was the same!  Although I was able to import the old B Still Waters blog I did change the title a bit, – added my name so it now reads ‘Cathy @ Still Waters’ (kept the same tag line LLL&T because that’s my life and who I am ) so it’s similar and familiar but not the same.

Now you all know I’m not exactly a spring chicken (willing and able but sometimes a bit slow on the uptake) so it took a little while to find my way around, even now I’m still discovering things I can do – like embedding a google map if I so desire lol  Pages were something I added – About me, Books and Blogs – also Contact me which seems to be important because I’ve found there are quite a few readers who would rather email than comment.

And of course I had to decide on a new look – there are so many themes I nearly drove myself crazy trying them all out.  I ended up with Chateau – some might call it nice soft and safe but I like it and it seems to suit – all was well for a while, then I had the urge to change to another, wanted a bigger bolder look, and in the process lost all the little bits and pieces I’d arranged so nicely on the sidebar, got so annoyed I promptly changed back and returned to my previous look.  Bit like changing the furniture round the lounge room ‘cept that is a lot less stressful as there are no worries about widgets and sidebars 🙂

Will I continue – of course I will.  It might not be a frequently as before – I know, I know, I’ve said that before and then have come out with a spate of five posts one after the other but there’s a possibility that happened because I muddled up the scheduled dates:)  I seem to be reading (and following) more and more blogs than ever, those blogrolls on other’s sites are so tempting because you never know what you’ll find hidden away there.  I read, I write, I comment, I obviously connect because many come over to see what I have to say and then decide to stay.

And so it goes!

What about you?
What are the WWWWs of your blog?

(When Why Who What)