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Here we are on the first Monday of the New Year – 2015.

I wonder what the year will bring to us all – how will we accept and how will cope with any changes that may happen during this year?

I’ve decided there will be no actual open declarations aka resolutions for me this year – none of this, I am going to do this or I am going to do that.  This time last year I actually published a resolution (to sort loads of photographs and rehouse them into albums) and will admit I failed miserably with that one 😦

So no more open admission into my mind lol

I might choose to alter habits or even develop new ones but they won’t be set in stone at the beginning of the year.  They might possibly start with thoughts that might lead to changes in lifestyle or even thoughts that might lead to a change in attitude.

About this time I’ve been known to talk about classes I’d like to take – new skills I’d like to learn – reviewing my gym membership to get the best options available – reviewing our budget so we ‘pay the bills on time’ and are able to live comfortably and be able to travel – you know all the things that seem to be upermost in my mind.  (Family and Friends come under another area of our life)

The Golfer and I sometimes have (heated) discussions following on from a night of poor sleep where we toss and turn most of the night.  We laugh at the excuses we make – hot bed – too much food – too much drink close to bed time – too much computer time – on and on it goes.  It’s only now and again we admit it could have been because we went to bed too late with minds that were still working in overdrive.

So following along with our usual New Years thoughts about learning, loving, living a healthy lifestyle we laughed when I came out with the quote/proverb my mother often said when we kids were being ‘fractious’ (right little horrors) and needed more sleep.

Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a man Healthy Wealthy and Wise

It seems so simple doesn’t it – maybe an earlier bedtime would solve all the little things going on in our life at the moment ?

I’m not saying that’s what I’m going to do….. “I will go to bed at an earlier time than I have been doing” – because that would almost be like a New Year Resolution

And I’m not making any of those this year 🙂