Saturday was a Walk to the School and say Hello to your Neighbours Day’

Because Victoria had a state election on Saturday

We ended up with a change of government

The previous one being outed after just one term (4 years)
(1955 was the last time that happened)

There’s an old saying about ‘being careful what you wish for’

I’m not saying which party I voted for


We have seen many promises by many previous governments never delivered

Here’s hoping Victoria was careful that what they wished for
is actually going to happen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Locally to me polling booths are in schools
For us who live closeby
‘Walk to School and say Hello to Neighbours’ is what happens on any voting day
No one takes their car for the short distance
no one seems to walk at other times
So it is a chance to catch up with all those neighbours you never see
(or haven’t seen for years)

Oh and 300 steps is all it took to take me to the school gate 🙂