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Earlier on I’d been trying to sort out a problem
Not a big one – just one I could ponder about whilst I was on the back deck.

I’d laid all the necessaries on the table and popped back indoors for my cuppa
Guess what greeted me when I came back outside
less than two minutes later 🙂

IMG_9548My problem was that I’d just finished a sleeve on this little lad’s jumper
then realised I’d knit the wrong size 😦

So rather than unravel all the knitting
I decided to undo the cast off top of the original sleeve and start knitting again.

 Sounds a bit weird – looks a bit weird
Just means I unravel as I come to the end of each row

All will go to plan – unless
I have too much uncalled for assistance from my brown coloured shadow 🙂

Right now many American bloggers are enjoying their special Thanksgiving Day
They are also writing about things they are thankful for
That also set me thinking – about my knitting.

* It definitely keeps me occupied
* It likes to travel
* It challenges me, makes me think – makes me use my math skills for one.
* It encourages me to be creative
– finding ways to use all my odd balls of wool –
how to adjust or adapt sizing and the look of a garment
* It bring colour to my life
especially when I’m trying to mix and match colours for fair isle/strand work
* It is always there when I need something familiar to do
* It keeps me company
– seems to enjoy the same music and also the same tv programmes I do –
* It doesn’t mind sitting in the background for a while now and then

I’m sure there are other reasons to be thankful for a skill I learnt as a child
these ones will keep me going for a while

Oh and I’m thankful to have my brown coloured shadow to keep my company
(and for all the others who have lived previously in our home before her)