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Do you remember school outings – those day trips that were supposed to be educational but often (mainly due to the attitude of the ‘teacher’ supervising) turned into a giggle fest for the girls or rowdy knockabouts for the boys.  Getting on the bus armed with the ‘info’ sheets full of facts as well as questions to be answered.

I only remember one from my senior school days – a trip to Immingham for the Form 5 girls (girls only school)and have absolutely no idea why we went there.

As she stood on the stage each morning at assembly our head would remind us –  ‘girls, you are the ladies of tomorrow, please behave in a ladylike manner’  Yes she really did speak that way.  Anyway I’m sure she would have had a fit if she’s seen these 17yr old ‘girls’ eyeing up the young seamen/fishermen on the wharves in Immingham on that day in 1959 lol

These students having their photo taken at Ephesus look about the same age as I was (well maybe a touch older)  – will the day they sat on the steps of the Celcus Library stick in their mind?

2014 Ephesus library school

I’m sure they will remember the grandeur of this building better than I can the docks we visited lol

2014 Ephesus library

Now these youngsters are much younger than I was at that time but I wonder if they will remember the day they sat on the rocky ground amongst the buildings and the crowds on the Acropolis in Athens?

2014 Acropolis hill school

They were there with what looked like a teacher and possible a mother sitting close to the Erechtheum and not too far from the people filing in through the Propylaea.  Most looked tired, some of the boys definitely had a bored look about them except for the boy at the front who kept looking around as if he was trying to take it all in.

The ErechtheumThe Propylaia

It is right on their doorstep and if they visit again as adults I wonder if it will feel the same as when they came on the school outing with their teacher??

How about you –
what memories do you have of school day trips educational or otherwise?