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When Still Waters was over at Blogger I used to list the blogs I read down the sidebar but after a while I’d ‘gathered’ so many I began to use a reader.   That way I didn’t have to keep checking each blog to see if they’d been updated – the reader would do it for you!

When I moved over to WordPress I opened a separate page as a blog roll and listed blogs I enjoyed but didn’t necessarily read on a regular basis – the must reads were on the reader lol

i know lots of us used Google Reader, one click and the published blog feeds were there.  When GR closed I went back to an old account I had at Bloglines, which has a slightly different look about it but works in the same manner.

Then other bloggers started recommending The Old Reader and more recently Bloglovin.  So I opened accounts with them to see how they worked.

The old Still Waters blog is still open and even tho Im not actively posting there i do occasionally pop over.  Things have changed and all the blogs I used to ‘follow’ now come up on Blogger Dashboard which seems to me to be similar in a way to a reader.  And of course WordPress has it’s own reader that allows me to subscribe to blog feeds.

If you want to keep up with things readers are good – on the surface all those I’ve mentioned do the same thing.  But I’m noticing more and more that they aren’t.

The feeds on some are updated instantly – on others they can take up to 24 hrs.

With Bloglines each blog has it’s own little ‘box’ and I can see the past few entries all there together.  They are still accessible after they have been read.

Bloglovin lists blogs on the side but each update for all my subscriptions are posted as they come in one below each other so if I want to catch up with a particular blog I have to scroll down to find each entry or click on the list on the side.

The Old Reader is different again.  It only shows blog updates and yes if a blog has several they are all together but once the updates have been opened and read there is no way of locating ( well that I’ve been able to find ) the blog to reread it.

Blogger Dashboard is daily as they appear – WordPress is the same but has an even worse ( to me ) fault in that even tho’ I’ve subscribed to them they often don’t publish blogs from other platforms in the reader.  They just don’t appear at all – if it wasn’t for the fact I find the updates elsewhere (ie in one of the other readers) I wouldn’t be aware the bloggers had made new entries!

I know I’ve rambled on a bit here – haven’t really been able to organise my thoughts properly but I’d really like to know how others keep up to date with blogs they enjoy reading.