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think and wonder

Spring arrives here on September 1st – some say that’s a odd date but it’s always been that way.  For many years after we came to Australia in 1972 I would wonder why then and not on the equinox like many other countries, I learnt we have the troops from the time of early settlement in NSW to thank – seemingly they used that easily remembered date to change from their heavy winter uniforms to lighter weight ones to cope with the hot days as well as using March 1st to re-issue the heavy weight ones for the colder season.

However it’s also linked to Meteorological seasons as opposed to Astronomical seasons

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Like lots of ABC viewers I’ve been watching Anzac Girls on a Sunday evening – following the stories of Australian and New Zealand nurses during WW1.

Anzac Girls

My maternal grandfather was a career soldier in the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corp) and spent time in Gallipoli (he was mentioned in dispatches for bravery during the evacuation)

Grandad Thompson and   Gt Uncle Phillip Doyle

He and Gt Uncle Phillip (above left and right) never spoke of what they saw and had to do during that time but I often wonder about it.  Seeing these things dramatised on tv (as opposed to film) never actually brings the events to life to me , it all seems too gung ho, too rosy and cheerful – I realise that’s how fear was covered up but maybe we should just wonder.

Also after watching the very snooty British nurses and their matron and seeing their ‘things must be just so’ attitude I wondered if Grandad drilled that into my mother and why she always said ‘the opening at the end of the pillow slip must face away from the door’.  Obviously my mother must have done a good job on me as well because even now I always turn them so the opening is not visible 🙂

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While others are telling of the beautiful display of daffodils they are having in their gardens this spring I’m wondering what happened to mine.  Some of the neighbours have been doing the same thing and wondering as well – lots of long green healthy looking leaves and very few flowers.  Maybe the really wet winter is to blame.  Think we’ll find out in a years time.

Having moved on loads of unnecessary stuff that had been hanging around for a while I did wonder if any of the family could have used it – too late I cried.  It turned out the other day there was something I do still have they could use – my gumboots lol  A call from one of the grandaughters saw me lending them to her for a rafting trip on the Murray River later in the month.  Just bring them home I told her – no way I want them to end up floating all the way downstream to Adelaide!

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And now I’m wondering if it’s too early for my ‘Try before you Fly’ Day.  That’s the day I take out the clothes I might take away and try them on.  That’s the day I make up little outfits that look great in the bedroom but not quite so in real life.  That’s the day I try on all the shoes that will good with the outfits and then realise theres no way I can get all those pairs in my case as well as the clothes I need.  Thats the day I realise that my efforts at the gym may not have produced the end result I envisaged.

Well I’d best be off – I thought I might go for a quick walk but even though there are blue skies I am wondering if the build up of clouds out the back is a sign that I should find something else to do instead.