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Yes, I most certainly did – here’s me normally being so good and controlled

Having learnt my lesson many years ago – these days I am so so careful

‘Cept yesterday I slipped up

Resulting in a very nice chat with a ‘very young’ gentleman of authority

and taking home one of these 😦

infringement notice

 $295 fine and a loss of 3 demerit points
for driving over 40kmh in a school zone.

Not good at all – in fact quite embarrassing.

There is a set of traffic lights at an intersection (not just a school crossing) right in the middle of the zone – not far from that roundabout I wrote about last week.  I saw the school zone light flashing so checked my speed, traffic lights changed so I stopped at the lights, watched traffic come and go, got the green and totally forgot the time.

Not 4pm so the speed on the other side was still 40kmh 😦

I had moved off and was going on my merry way at 56kmh – so the nice policeman who was standing further down the road said – which was under the usual limit of 60kmh for that place.

What was funny (to me anyway) was that I was on my home from a lovely lunch and unlike some of my lady friends who like to lunch had stuck with water because I was driving.  Even so I was shaking in my shoes when the other ‘very young’ man breathalyzed me lol

 I’ll certainly remember the next time I drive that way again!

Same as I can remember the spots the only ever 2 times I was pinged before
In 1997 and 2000 lol