The letter C is what it’s all about over at Mum’s today
Alphabet Blogging Challenge is on a Friday and today I chose Clouds
Which are a collection of tiny drop of water or ice crystals so light they can float in the air!

I found these clouds in Far North Queensland – in Glacier Bay Alaska –
and close to home in Victoria
Fascinating to look at – hard to capture – do you look at the land or the sky?

(photos are much easier to see if you click and enlarge)

clouds and water  Queens Beach

Clouds and Water Glacier Bay

Clouds and Land - Towers Hill Lookout Charters Towers Sept 2009

Clouds over The Dandenongs 2010

There is loads of information out there on the W.W.W.
The Cloud Appreciation Society looks interesting


There are several basic sites geared for children
with easy understandable information

As well as:

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