Just a little addition to yesterday’s post

So meanwhile in the eastern suburbs on a wet and very windy Tuesday morning some woke to nothing.
Well not really ‘nothing’ – just ‘sort of’ nothing
Listen while I explain

After a sleepless Monday night what with all the wind and rain and wondering if I’d dreamt hearing motors out in the street I woke quite early on Tuesday.  Looked out the window to see cars parked outside as well as trucks.  Now there are units being built down the street from us so I thought ‘cheeky so and so’s of builders have parked their cars up here but had no idea abbout the trucks.  Maybe they had had early deliveries of some sort – bricks or something else – and were having a smoko.

So I tootle off to the kitchen put the kettle on – no water.

Had another look at the trucks outside and notice Yarra Valley Water on the door.  Oh what now – so out I go in the rain in dressing gown plus umbrella to chat up a very nice young man who didn’t seem impressed at being grilled about why there was no water when we had not had notiification.

Seems there was a burst water main that was running right through next doors garage – those cars I heard in the street during the night were theirs – being moved so they could see what was happening.  Water off till, ‘well we don’t really know when, maybe a couple of hours’ he said.  ‘But I haven’t had a cup of tea yet I moaned’ – ‘might be a stand pipe erected down the street in about half an hour’ he said!

You can imagine how I felt about that lol

Never fear I told The Golfer who had no idea what was going on I’ve just remembered I had some 600 ml bottles in the fridge I could use – it would give us tea to go with breakfast anyway.  I’m sure it’ll be back on later.

I then realised I needed to go you know where!

So here we are at 7.30am bursting to go to the toot, filling a bucket with water from the garden tank in the pouring rain – so I could ‘flush’ when I’d finished!  The Golfer went to fill it a second time just in case we needed to go again lol

Pool time was getting close, so on goes the bathers and off I go feeling ‘not quite right’ after having to boil the kettle so I could have just a little wash to ‘get the sleep out of my eyes’ as my Mum used to say.   Home mid morning to see half the street dug up in the quest to find the burst pipe, gales blowing, rain pouring and me needing a pee as soon as I walk in the house.  Thankfully The Golfer had done his job and the bucket was there lol

At least I can get warm by the fire I thought 🙂

Our heating is gas which is great but the actual heater needs electricity to run the fan. Water back on, bathed and hair washed and sitting all nice and warm and comfy and the electricity goes off!  Located little battery powered walkman to listen to talkback radio callers naming all the different suburbs that had no power – ours included.

Luckily it wasn’t off for too long, unlike some of the poor buggers who are still waiting for the linesmen to visit their street.  It’s Wednesday evening now, 24 hours since I mentioned that winter had arrived and it’s awfully cold and wet out there.

What’s the weather like at your house?
No sob stories about heatwaves please lol