Yes,  just a few little things
(aka as Whys)
that crossed my mind over the weekend

Why would a couple that we have known for many years wait till one is in their late 70s and the other in their 80s to separate?  End a 50 year marriage allowing the husband to unload on to The Golfer’s shoulder all the emotional feelings that come with that act.  No going back now, solicitors are involved legal documents have been signed and the house will be on the market soon.

I saw a packet of a certain cereal not seen by me for years in my friend’s pantry during our stay last month – why did I have to go out, hunt it down and buy it when we got home?



I didn’t like it years ago and after opening one of the individually wrapped packages, looking and smelling told me I still wouldn’t like it.  Not one to give in I tried one serving – no, after all these years I still don’t enjoy chewing cardboard lol

Why after reading and enjoying 2 books in a series did I give up half way through the third and return it to the library (where I cancelled my hold on the remaining two )  I know I was getting fed up with the characters and felt the story line was becoming improbable but thats never stopped me in the past.

Why after a few weeks of sound sleep am I’m back to this old chestnut


And why do I still have that header picture from Glacier Bay there
It looks colder, greyer and more confronting each time I look at it

So there we are
some little ‘wonder whys’ that passed through my mind this past weekend

Have you come up with any Whys recently??