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Working backwards we have arrived at the letter L in Mum’s Alphabet Challenge
And knowing me it could only stand for…..
Live Love and Laugh

This has been my mantra for quite a few years now


A long time ago I was having one of those ‘down’ days I am prone to
and saw this quote
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

That sort of made realise I was not going anywhere living the way I was
So a change in attitude was needed and now I strive to:-

Live each day to the full
Love as much as I can – in any way I can
Laugh everyday

Doesn’t always work but I try:)

So how have I gone this week
Well a break in the wet weather has allowed me to get outside
To live in the fresh air for a while – to clear my head
To look at my surroundings and I love it.

I’m loving the water exercise classes at the Leisure Centre

~ ~ Not my class, but very similar ~ ~

~ ~ Not my class, but very similar ~ ~

Thinking I was getting in a rut I changed my day
Different instructor – different range of people
(not just ‘older’ ladies)
Learning different actions and routines
Loving every minute with new ‘more friendly friends’

Listening to the bouncy music needed to keep us on the go
(Well known songs – singing along in my head)
Looking at all the children (tiny tots and toddlers)
taking their ‘Aquatic Education Classes’

I burst out laughing
when all of a sudden I heard all these voices in the water around me
shouting out the chorus to this

Seems they feel it’s ‘their song’ as the instructor does just that!

Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me
Long as you love me
It’s all right
Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me
You got the power to turn on the light

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