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Alphabet Blogging time with Mum again and this week’s letter is P

In our house P will always stand for Pleasure 
Pleasure:- A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment
The state or feeling of being pleased or gratified

We always used to laugh at my Dad when he’d talk about soaking his feet
Last year I told you how he called it ‘one of his life’s little pleasures’
I’m not sure if he ever realised how much pleasure it gave us to hear him sing

Singing DadWhen she was tiny he’d sing this song to my little sister Patsy
who I’m sure didn’t realise it was about a boy lol

And this one that had us all in fits of laughter

This past few weeks I’ve started to pick my way through those boxes of photos and place them in albums.  And oh how I’m glad I did so as I was finally able to find these ones taken one Christmas not that long ago.
Lots of fun and smiles that day – a day that brought pleasure to us all

~ ~ Merry Christmas Grandma  2003 ~ ~

~ ~ Merry Christmas Grandma 2003 ~ ~

And also a day that proved a simple $5 toy could bring such a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment aka PLEASURE to all the grandkids there that day 🙂

~ ~ Wait for it ~ ~

~ ~ Wait for it ~ ~

~ ~ Where'd it go?? ~ ~

~ ~ Where’d it go?? ~ ~

What sort of things give you pleasure?
Do you get pleasure from the little things in life?

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