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Changes – big ones and little ones – they seem to happen all the time.
Luckily there haven’t been any major ones in my life recently but I have noticed some little ones – some I don’t mind – others I dislike.

You’ll notice I’ve changed back to my original theme.
Least said about the ‘new one’ I tried the better!

Our local bank premises (one of the big four with the colour blue featuring prominently in its branding) has been given a makeover.  There is a ‘take a ticket’ system with couches to wait on, however all the tellers are side by side along a counter with no dividing panels separating them.  Very different and a bit confronting withdrawing large amounts of cash (as I do on occasion) in full view of everyone else 😦

~ ~ ~ ~

There are changes in radio / tv programmes – minor in the whole scheme of things except for those who do not like them lol

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Most of Australia ‘fell back’ when our clocks changed this past weekend (so we are back to Australian Eastern Standard Time –  AEST) the east coast is now 10 hours in front of Greenwich Mean Time or Zulu Time or UTC. – but of course because of time changes in other countries we are less than that in actual time – if you follow my meaning lol

I know they’ve always been there but when did we change and start using all those other names in everyday speech??

The ‘extra hour’ we ‘gained’ on Sunday changed meant I was rested and wide awake to see daylight about 6am today, – but according to this study our body clocks don’t change that quickly.

~ ~ ~ ~

A sharp reminder of the season change was when I stopped the car outside the Montrose library and glanced at the hills and saw the yellow colour of this tree staring me in the face.

~ ~ Hills from Montrose - March 2014 ~ ~

~ ~ Hills from Montrose – March 2014 ~ ~


Which means there will be seasonal changes in the garden – some are evident now.
I can see the Cuban Lilly – Scilla peruviana – has new shoots pushing their heads up out of the ground.
They will be blooming about September/October time.

~ ~ Cuban Lilly - new shoots - April 2014 ~ ~

~ ~ Cuban Lilly – new shoots – April 2014 ~ ~




~ ~ Cuban Lillies tucked into a corner of a rose bed.  October 2013 ~ ~

~ ~ Cuban Lillies tucked into a corner of a rose bed. October 2013 ~ ~

Those are last years dead oak leaves by the way. Next door’s tree will supply me with plenty – very soon!!

~  Next doors Oak Tree Oct. 2013~ Cuban Lillies to right ~

~ Next doors Oak Tree Oct. 2013~ Cuban Lillies to right ~

How do you go with changes?
Seasonal or otherwise?

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