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This is for Tessa who likes posts with big photos 🙂

Several times during the year Kiera has a spring clean – well I should say every couple of months after her beauty treatment (shush don’t tell her it’s flea prevention) all her bedding has a good wash and brush up.  Being the last of a long line of cats in our home (pets and breeders) she has seems to have plenty of beds and bedding – during the time of the Black Saturday bush fires I donated loads to the Animal Aid – yet look indoors, on the deck, in the outside run and in the garage and you’ll find somewhere she sleeps with bedding that needs laundered.

So find a good sunny blowy day, grab it and away we go

Clean beds for Kiera

Pegging it all on the line a couple of weeks ago  I could hear chattering   noises along with the odd squawk in next door’s oak tree and looking way way up (to the red dots) saw these two looking down at me.

1 cockies in the tree


Yes, a couple of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos from the noisy flock that hangs around the neighbourhood had decided to spend the day up there and not to move on when ever the rest of them had flown off earlier that morning..

There are times when no one’s around you’ll find some of them checking out the grass on the nature strip looking for things to nibble on.

cockies on the nature strip

They love pottering around on next door’s roof and seem to find all sorts on there to amuse themselves with

cockies on the roof

They have a penchant for hanging on the power lines much to this neighbours annoyance

cockies surveying the neighbourhood

Because this is what they usually end up doing
Shades of ‘Tarzan’ or maybe they fancy themselves doing a high wire act in a circus lol

cockies on the power lines

Then there are the ones who will take a fancy to whatever might be in the other next door neighbour’s bins

cocky on the lookout

Cockies in the bin

Look at most of these photos and you’ll see the one on look out duty
just sitting to one side looking around.
Did you find them – the ones on the tv aerial looked like they wanted to get in on the action as well lol

Even if they are noisy they are fun to see around.  Yes, they are fun to see but in some areas can be a pest.  Just ask farmers out in the bush.




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