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Cooler weather – later sunrise and earlier sunset – extra blanket on bed – knowing the clocks and the seasons will be changing very soon and my fingers and toes will get cold!Smiley gloves

Torrential rain that caused kitchen skylight to drip copious amounts on the floor – grrr, why didn’t a certain person get up and check it last time it happened!wet smiley

Not being able to find my camera that is in the house somewhere – I used it the other day so where on earth is it.  Think of the cost of replacing it!camera smiley

Hearing from Terry’s brother again and reliving his death – it will fade with time I’m surecrying smiley

Receiving some very nasty comments on the blog from several different people – no idea why and thank goodness wordpress has ‘first comment authorisation’ so nobody but me sees them.annoyed smiley

All of that has meant I’ve been in a slump all week

In the big scheme of life these are such minor minor irritablilties – but they are ones that affect me.  I know I should toughen up and take it all in my stride but sometimes I fold and buckle and retreat.

Big talk with myself last night over this pity party so I’ll see you soon – with a smile on my face 🙂smileys galore